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Happy New Year Spock


Enjoy a re-post


Bones lowered his tricorder. “You’re physically exhausted. Mentally too for that matter.”

Jim sighed. “Tell me something I don’t know.”

“That zap you got down on the planet didn’t do any permanent damage, but I’d say it has contributed to the exhaustion.” Bones grimaced. “I’m confining you to quarters, Jim.”

Jim got up from the edge of the bed and pulled his black undershirt back on over his head. “The New Year’s Eve party is tonight.”

“I don’t care. Right now, I want you to lie down and take a nap. When you wake up, I want you to order baked chicken and steamed vegetables. You can do reports, but no parties, no bridge. Stay here.”

“The crew will be disappointed.”

“I’ll tell them it was my orders. You spent Christmas with them. They’ll get over it.”

Jim yawned and then smiled. “I think I’m too tired to argue with you.”

“For once. That tells me how bad off you are if you aren’t bitching at me.” Bones pushed him down on the bed. “Sleep. I’ll check on you in the morning.”

“Thanks, Bones.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


Spock had learned from Dr. McCoy that his captain would not be at the New Year’s Eve gathering. As first officer it should have fallen on him to take his captain’s place but Spock had no desire to spend the evening in mindless revelry celebrating the beginning of a new year that seemed little changed from the year before. Especially without his captain there.

So, he had left the duty of attending the party to Nyota, Mr. Scott, Dr. McCoy and the others. No doubt they would have a more enjoyable time without Spock’s watchful eye anyway. Nyota had mentioned more than once he tended to show his disapproval to the crew without realizing it. He intended to check on the welfare of the captain instead of attending the party.

Spock had not been on the landing party earlier that day when the captain had, but Spock had learned he had been given a shock when he had touched an obelisk and been thrown to the ground. He had requested to be in the landing party as he had noticed the last six missions Jim had returned with some sort of injury. Fortunately only one of them had been serious. Spock could still picture the blood that had been smeared all over his captain as they had beamed back aboard the Enterprise. Due to the captain’s ability to find trouble wherever he went, Spock had wished to be there in the hopes of preventing it. Jim had just stared at him with those blue eyes of his, cool and commanding, and denied Spock’s request.

Spock had been given a report by Dr. McCoy who had declared that other than exhaustion, the captain was fine. He intended to find out for himself.

“Enter,” Jim said, when Spock announced his presence.

Jim sat behind his desk, working on his terminal. Next to him was an empty plate and cup. His captain smiled. “Hey, Spock.”

Noting the dark circles under his captain’s eyes, Spock said, “Perhaps you should still be resting, Captain.”

“I am resting. Or sort of. I did manage to get an hour or so of sleep.”

Spock shook his head. “That is not enough. You look fatigued.”

The captain grinned. “Is that your not so subtle way of saying I look like shit?”

“You are as aesthetically pleasing as always, but there are clear signs of fatigue.”

“Wait, did you just say I’m attractive?”


The captain frowned. “But you said—”

“What is it you are doing now, Captain?”

“Huh? Oh. Reports.”

“If they cannot wait, I will do them for you.”

“Spock, I’m fine.”

“You were injured less than five hours ago. An injury you would not have sustained had I accompanied you.”

The captain raised both brows. “You can’t know that.”

“It is more certain than when I do not accompany you.”

“It wasn’t much of an injury anyway. Just a little shock. I have had worse.”

“That does not comfort me. You should try to sleep for additional hours.”


He arched a brow. “Captain.”

Jim sighed. “Well, just for a few hours, I guess. I do feel tired.”

The captain rose from behind his desk and padded bare foot to the bunk. He sat down on the edge and then grinned up at Spock. He slapped the spot next to him. “Sit.”


“Sit. Just for a moment. It’s an order.”

Spock reluctantly sat on the bed next to Jim. Whenever he was this close to Jim he felt unsettled, alive in ways he had not felt before. It was not an unpleasant feeling but it was something he was not used to with anyone else. And whenever he moved away, Spock yearned for more.

“You didn’t want to go to the New Year’s party with the others?”

“No, I did not.”

Jim tilted his head. “Why not?”

He hesitated, unsure of how much to say, to admit, then said, “I would rather spend the evening with you.”

“Oh.” Jim smiled. “Oh.” And then, his smile grew brighter. His gaze flicked to the digital clock on the wall. “You know what time it is?”

“Of course.”

The captain laughed. “Of course. Well, you know it is Earth tradition, when it’s midnight of the New Year to share a kiss with the person next to you.”


And then Jim leaned toward him, very close to Spock’s face. For a moment Spock thought Jim might just kiss his cheek, but then his lips—lips that had always seemed so illogically appealing—hovered less than an inch from Spock’s. Jim’s hot breath fanned over Spock’s lips with just a touch of the scent of spiced Vulcan tea.

Blue eyes stared intently into his eyes and then lashes lowered, hiding those cerulean eyes, and Jim’s lips covered his in perhaps the warmest, sweetest, hungriest kiss Spock had ever had. All too soon, Jim pulled away.

“Happy New Year, Mr. Spock.”

“Happy New Year, Captain.”

And before he could tell himself this was all completely illogical and far too emotionally charged, Spock grabbed a fist full of Jim’s shirt and pulled him closer, smashing his lips hard over Jim’s. There was a slight surprised gasp from Jim’s mouth but then he was kissing Spock back with a  desperation Spock very much appreciated.

When they broke apart, Jim’s eyes were dilated, as he breathed, “Spock?”


“Don’t you think you should call me Jim if you’re going to fuck me?”

Spock kissed him again, nibbling his lips until they were plump and swollen. “Do you think sexual congress is wise under the circumstances?”

“Hell, yeah. What circumstances?”

“Your exhaustion.”

“It’ll help me sleep.”


“Come on, Spock. Seriously? You can’t come in here declare your love for me and kiss me and then not fuck me.”

Spock frowned. “I did not declare my regard for you.” That was something he would recall if he had done so.

Jim sighed against Spock’s lips. “Pretty much. You said you wanted to spend the evening with me. Spock, we both know that’s as good as a declaration from a Vulcan.”

He opened his mouth to argue the point, but then realized Jim was right. Why should he fight it? What he should do was get them both out of their clothes.

“Mm. What did you say?” Jim asked.

“Clothes. Off.”

“Oh. Yeah. Fuck. God.”

Spock arched a brow. “You seem unable to form complete sentences.”

“You started it.” Jim pulled back from him just enough to yank his black undershirt over his head. He tossed it across the room toward the desk. Then he slid his fingers under Spock’s tunic and undershirt, brushing his fingers over Spock’s bare skin.

Spock growled, there was no other term for it, and pulled off his shirts impatiently. He pushed Jim under him and started tearing at the fastening of Jim’s uniform pants. Which really were too tight. Spock did not care for the way Jim displayed his body.

“Hey, hey,” Jim said with a laugh. “You’re getting all cave man on me. You’re going to rip those.”

He found he did not care, but thought it might be improper to say so. He got the pants undone and yanked them down off Jim’s tight round ass and to his knees before he gave up and let Jim shed them the rest of the way. Off went the regulation briefs too, leaving Jim naked. Gloriously naked. Aesthetically pleasing indeed.

Jim licked his lips, his pupils blown wide. “Now you. Your pants.”

Spock stood and took off the rest of his own clothes with as much efficiency as he could manage given his hands were shaking and his hard cock was pulsing with a need to be inside Jim.

But before he rejoined Jim, he asked, “Lubricant?”

Jim licked his lips and nodded. “Yeah. Um, here.” He turned over onto his stomach and scooted toward the small cabinet next to his bunk. He pulled out a bottle of lubricant and handed it to Spock.

Spock frowned, unable to stop himself from thinking about who else Jim had been with. He did not like feeling jealousy but he seemed unable to stop the feelings where Jim was concerned.

Jim reached for his hand, and closed his fingers over Spock’s palm. “Hey. Stop thinking. Forget about that. It’s just us now. Just you. Just me. Together. Okay?”

“Affirmative.” He lay on Jim and crushed their mouths together, shoving his tongue past Jim’s lips, invading the warm, moistness inside. He had not realized this was what he wanted. This was what he’d wanted for a long time. Perhaps from the beginning when he’d first laid eyes on James Kirk at the Kobayashi Muru test. But he had not allowed himself to think about it. Think about Jim. Nyota had known. She had ended things with Spock because of his fascination for Jim. She’d called it an obsession. Maybe it was. There had to be a reason Spock had to be near Jim. Had to keep him safe. Which only became worse after Jim had died.

Spock’s hands covered, slaked over every inch of Jim’s naked, golden skin. Where his fingers caressed, his tongue followed, leaving a trail all over the warm human skin.

Jim gasped under him, his body writhing under Spock, whimpers spilling from his lips. “Spock, please. Spock. God. Please.”

He squirted lubricant from the bottle and reached for Jim’s legs to spread them. One leg Spock placed on his shoulder and the other Jim bent at the knee. Spock pushed a slicked finger in Jim’s tight passage.

“Yes. Damn,” Jim hissed.

“Does it hurt?” Spock asked.

“No, no. Not really. It’s just…it’s been awhile.”

“You have abstained from sexual congress?”

Jim’s laugh was breathless. “Yes. Okay. But, you know, now is not the time to get into a long conversation, Spock. I’m dying here.”

“If you are dying—”

“I swear to God I’m going to fucking kill you if you don’t get on with it.”

Spock felt his lips twitch into a smile and he added a second finger. This time Jim only groaned and spread his legs farther apart. By the time he inserted a third, Jim was panting.

“Please, fuck me already.”

Spock slicked his erection with more lube and then poised himself at Jim’s entrance. With careful precision, Spock pushed the head of his cock into Jim’s ass.

“Spock, please, I’m not fragile. Fuck me. And hard.”

He decided he didn’t need any further permission and he slid in balls deep. Jim gave a contented sigh even as his own hand wrapped around his cock and stroked as Spock thrust into him over and over.

The pace was hard, fast, brutal, and deep. They both matched each other eagerly. Jim rising to meet each thrust that Spock pounded into him. Spock had always found sexual congress pleasing, but this…this was different. More intense, more all-consuming. And it was like coming home.

Even as Jim’s breaths shuttered and he gasped out his orgasm, splattering cum across both of them, Spock felt his own release tingling up the base of his spine and with several deep thrusts, he emptied into Jim’s passage.


Jim woke later in the night, unsure really what time it was. Or if it was night. Spock still lay in his bed. In fact Spock pretty much lay on Jim and his arms were wrapped snugly around Jim’s waist.

Blankets were wrapped around them too and Jim wasn’t sure how that happened, but he guessed he’d slept through Spock taking care of him. He smiled and laid his head on Spock’s chest and then he felt Spock’s fingers combing through his hair.

“Hey, you’re awake.”


“Since when?”

“A while. I found it pleasant to hold you while you slept.”

“That was—”


“That too. But amazing. Can we do it again?”

“If you wish.”

Jim snorted. “I always wish.”


“Yes?” Jim started to worry when he felt Spock tense up.

“Vulcans, and especially me, do not do casual relationships.”

“I know that, Spock. Is that what you think this is?”

“I do not wish it to be.”

Jim smiled and kissed the bare chest under his head. “Are you saying you want to marry me or something?”


He sat up and stared at Spock, but the Vulcan’s dark eyes were intense and serious.

“Spock, I was kidding.”

“I am not.”

“You-you do?”

“That would please me more than anything. As you have already guessed, I cherish thee.”

Happiness threatened to make him giddy. Jim tried to control it, but it bubbled over into a  laugh. “Yeah? I pretty much cherish you, too.” He lay back down and snuggled close. “So are we really going to get married?”

“In the Vulcan way, yes. Also in the human way, if you would like. Whatever will please you, Jim.”

“You, Spock. You please me. Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year, Ashayam.”

Follow up story is Memories of You, if interested.



Something Different, Flash Fics

I completed both holiday stories and they are posted on AO3. Now I get to happily bid 2017 goodbye.

This week, I am posting various flash fics involving sick/injured Spirk. They’ve been in circulation for a while but sometimes it’s fun to revisit them.



“Spock—” Whatever Jim was about to say was interrupted by another bout of horrendous, chest deep coughing.

Spock could not help feeling alarmed. To him, Jim’s cough was not improving. “I am going to comm Dr. McCoy.”

“No, Spock.” Jim rubbed his chest. “He already said the cough lingers the longest. It’s fine.”

“You are sounding worse.”

“I’m not worse. He checked me just a few hours ago,” Jim said hoarsely. “It’ll be gone soon enough. I’m going to sleep in my own quarters tonight and you sleep in yours.”


“Because I kept you awake all last night.”

“Vulcans need less sleep.”

“Yeah, but they don’t need no sleep, Spock. It’s just for a night or two. You couldn’t even meditate.”

Spock did not point out that he could not sleep or meditate because he was concerned over Jim’s health. Since they had become romantically involved they had spent every night together and it was not something Spock wished to change.

Jim smiled, but it was strained and his eyes were watery and tired looking. Spock wanted Jim with him more than ever, since he wanted to keep an eye on him. He was beginning to doubt Dr. McCoy’s abilities.

“It’s going to be okay, Spock. It’s just for maybe three nights.”

His alarm increased. “Less than one minute ago it was a night or two and now it has become three nights.”

“Well, whatever. It probably won’t be that long. I’m just tired.”

Spock wanted to argue but Jim’s expression had changed to his official ‘captain’ look instead of Spock’s lover. He nodded. “Very well. But if you change your mind and decide you desire company after all I will be amenable.”

“Okay, deal. Love you.”

“And I love you.”

Spock went to his own quarters without Jim with no little reluctance. He wasn’t certain he could relax enough to sleep or meditate with his concern over Jim, so when he reached his quarters, he commed Dr. McCoy.

“Yes, Spock?” Dr. McCoy asked wearily.

“It is about the captain.”

“He’s fine.”

“Are you certain—?”

“I’ve checked him three times. The worst of the flu that spread through the ship is over. The cough lingers.”

“It sounds deep in his chest.”

“I know, but it’s breaking up. Do you really think I would be casual about Jim’s health, Spock?”

The doctor had a point though Spock did not intend to admit it to him. “Very well. Spock out.”

He undressed and put on his sleeping robe and got into his own bed, by himself. The bed smelled of Jim now since he spent so much time there. They preferred Spock’s quarters for the most part because Spock liked it warm and Jim liked the layout of Spock’s quarters better. Spock suspected Jim just wanted to make Spock happy.

He attempted to sleep for one hour and ten minutes. He gave up and went to his meditation mat. He tried that for another hour, but he could not concentrate.

Spock exhaled and decided he had to ignore his captain’s orders. He entered their shared bathroom and heard Jim coughing. He walked into the quarters and realized it was cold. He stepped over to the bed.

Jim peered up at him. “Spock, what are you—”

“I cannot sleep alone,” Spock said.

Jim sighed. “Stubborn Vulcan.” He lifted the covers. “Come in then. Don’t say I didn’t try to spare you.”

Spock got into bed next to Jim and pulled him close. “I will not.”

Jim shook his head. “Crazy Vulcan. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, ashayam.”

In Sickness 2

Jim carried the tray precariously as he approached Spock’s quarters. He’d almost dropped the contents five times, but somehow it had remained upright. But he was carrying the tray with two hands so now he was going to have to do it one handed.

He bit his lip. Should be voice override anyway. Jim juggled the tray on his shoulder and keyed in his entry code. He winced when a little more soup spilled out.

The door swooshed open and Jim entered. The lights were dimmed low but he could see the Vulcan laying in the bed on his back, blankets pulled up to his chin.

Jim carried the tray over and set it on the table next to the bed. He peered down at Spock and saw his eyes were open and he was looking up at Jim.


“Jim,” Spock rasped.

He smiled and knelt next to Spock. He brushed his fingers over Spock’s forehead, pushing away the matted hair. “How do you feel?”

“I am cold.”

“You want more blankets, sweetheart?”

Spock nodded.

“Okay.” Jim kissed his forehead and then stood. “I brought you Plomeek soup. There’s even some left I didn’t spill.”

“Thank you.”

“You want to sit up so you can eat?”

Spock nodded again, so Jim helped him to sit up and tucked pillows behind his back and head.  He brought Spock his soup and then went in search of more blankets. When be brought two more, Spock nodded his approval.

Jim sat on the edge of the bed and watched Spock eat. “I’m sorry you’re sick.”

“I did not expect to be affected by the Dafordian Flu.”

“I know. Vulcan physiology usually means nothing affects you. This time it doesn’t affect humans.”

“I am gratified. I did not want to see you ill with this.”

“Bones said it should only last a day or two longer and you’ll feel a lot better.”

“I am glad.”

Jim smiled and reached for Spock’s hand. “Want me to leave you alone?”

“Do you have to go back to the bridge?”

“No, I’m off the next eight hours.”

“You require rest. You look tired.”

“Spock, don’t worry about me.”

“I always will.”

Jim shook his head. “Want me to stay or go?”

Spock threaded his fingers with Jim’s. “Please stay. If it will not make you uncomfortable.”

“It won’t.” Jim stood up, took Spock’s empty soup bowl away, and pulled off his shirt and pants and crawled onto the bed in just his underwear.

“It is not too warm for you?”

“A little. But it’s okay. Computer, lights off.”

“Good night, Spock.” He touched his fingers to Spock’s in a Vulcan kiss.

“Good night, Jim.”


“Bones…” the captain protested as Dr. M’Benga pulled the doctor from his arms the moment they beamed on board the Enterprise.

“I’ve got him, Captain,” M’Benga assured him and the doctor was placed on a gurney.

Dr. McCoy was very white except for blotches of skin that had already begun to bruise and the red streaks covering the doctor’s torn shirt.

Kirk followed after the gurney as they wheeled him away and Spock followed after Kirk.

When they reached the medbay, Kirk made to follow them into the surgical room.

“Wait out here, Captain,” M’Benga told him.

They disappeared through the door and Kirk stepped forward as though to go in anyway. Spock stopped him with a grasp of his shoulder.

“Get off me, Commander,” Kirk snapped and Spock removed his hand immediately. The captain did turn from his intent, however, and began to pace the area in front of the door.

“Captain, there was nothing you could have done to prevent injury to the doctor,” Spock said after a few minutes of watching his captain pace.



“Bull. Shit. It should have been me.”

“Negative. The Naisrants wanted you to choose between myself and Dr. McCoy. No positive outcome could result from that.”

“I should have just told them to choose me.”

“Then you would have been injured.”

“Better me than Bones.”

Spock did not agree. Not that he wished harm to come to the doctor. He did not. “Dr. M’Benga will see that the doctor fully recovers, Captain.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Kirk asked, eyes flashing fire.

“Then Dr. McCoy will have given his life in duty to prevent your death, Captain.”

“You know, Spock, you are my favorite person…Vulcan…being…whatever. But right now? Do me a favor and shut the fuck up.”

Spock straightened. “If my presence is unwelcome I will exit the medbay.”

Kirk sighed, rubbed his eyes. “It’s not unwelcome. I know this whole…whatever…is new between us, I get that. But the way to comfort me is not to tell me my best friend died giving his life for me, okay?”

“Dr. McCoy is still alive.”

“I know that, Spock. “

Spock remained quiet for a moment, and then asked, “What is the best way to comfort you?”

“Just…be here with me, okay?”

“Very well.”

After twenty minutes of his captain pacing, Spock intervened again and found two chairs. He placed them by the door of the surgery room.


Kirk looked at the chairs. “I don’t know if I can.”

“Sit,” Spock said, his voice firmer. He was gratified when the captain sat. He replicated two cups of tea and handed one to his captain before taking his seat in the other chair.

The captain took a sip of tea and sighed. “Thanks.”

“I am offering comfort more appropriately?” Spock queried.

Kirk smiled a little. “Yeah, yeah you are.”

Three hours later when Dr. M’Benga came out of the room, Spock woke his captain, who was leaning on Spock’s shoulder, snoring softly.

Kirk straightened, blinked, and then stood. He swayed a little and Spock steadied him with a hand on his captain’s back. “Bones?”

M’Benga smiled. “He’ll be fine, Captain. He’s in recovery and later we’ll move him to a bed.”

The captain grinned. “Great. That’s great. Thank you.”

M’Benga nodded and went back inside.

“You should get some rest,” Spock murmured.

“A shower would be in order, too,” Kirk agreed. He tilted his neck and then cracked it. “My neck’s a little stiff.”

“From leaning over on your chair.”

He nodded. “You make a good pillow, Mr. Spock.”

“I am, of course, pleased to assist you in any way I can.”

His captain smiled. “I’ll so remind you of that later.” He yawned. “God, I hated that place.”

“It was not my favorite mission either.”

Kirk laughed at that and it was a laugh that wrapped around Spock most pleasantly. “You have such a gift for understatement, Commander.”

Spock arched a brow. “I will be on the bridge, Captain.”

“I’ll see you there later.” They walked out of the medbay and the captain held up his two fingers as Spock had taught him. Spock met them and then they parted, walking in the opposite direction in the corridor.

The Flu

Jim accessed Spock’s quarters and entered into a blast furnace. He winced. He swore he almost started sweating immediately.


“Here, Captain.” The raspy, barely there voice sounded like Spock. Kind of.

Jim approached the bed where Spock lay under what could only be described as a mountain of blankets and sheets. In fact he was covered by so many Jim suspected he’d absconded with those from Jim’s quarters and perhaps several other crewmembers.

He looked down at the very pale Vulcan.

“Hey, sweetheart. Bones told me you have the Norvarian flu.”

Spock nodded. His brown eyes were glazed and his hair stood on end.

Jim sat on the edge of the bed and touched his forehead. “You’re burning up. How hot do you have it in here?”

“95 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“That’s—that’s hot.”

“If you would like me to lower it—”

“No, Spock. I want you to have what you need. Are you cold?”


“Damn. I’m sorry you got sick. I’m gonna ream Bones a new one for not figuring this out before you got infected. What happened to Vulcans being immune to everything?”

“That is a fallacy. And I am half-human.”

Jim leaned down and kissed Spock’s feverish brow. “What do you need? What can I do for you?”

“I do not wish to inconvenience you,” Spock said with obvious reluctance.

“I’m on a break right now. Scotty’s on the bridge. I’m yours for the next four hours.”

Spock was quiet and simply stared at Jim.

“What?” Jim asked, stroking Spock’s hair. “What do you want, sweetheart?”

“I am told body heat is a good way of keeping warm,” Spock said, his soft voice straining. “I do not wish to infect you.”

“You won’t. I was inoculated against the Norvarian flu when I was on Tarsus. It was one of the few good things from those days.” Jim did not look forward to roasting to death under the covers with Spock but he also would do just about anything for his still secret lover.

Jim removed his shirts and then reached to yank off his boots.

“Are you certain?” Spock whispered. “I do not wish to make you unhappy.”

“You make me happy. Everything else doesn’t matter.”

“Computer, lower temperature twenty degrees,” Spock ordered.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Jim stood to remove his pants and boxers.

“With you in bed beside me I will not need it.”

Jim smiled and slipped under the covers. Spock immediately pulled Jim to him and plastered him against him, his arms looping around Jim’s middle. Spock gave a contented sigh and Jim decided his discomfort was worth it to make Spock happy.

Jim woke up to the sound of someone entering Spock’s quarters. He blinked his eyes blearily, trying to struggle up from the Vulcan who had decided to make Jim his bed. Spock was too heavy and would not budge.

“Okay, Spock, this should make you feel a lot better,” Bones declared from right next to the bed.


Spock stirred and began to move off Jim. “Doctor?”

“Yeah, I—Jim!” Bones had lifted the blankets that covered them.

Jim smiled sheepishly even as Spock tried to cover Jim from Bones’ gaze.

“Doctor, please let go of the blankets,” Spock said. “You are exposing the captain.”

“I can see that!” Bones said, dropping the blankets and covering his eyes.

Spock tucked the blankets around Jim. “Why are you here?”

“To give you a shot! You’re supposed to be sick.”

“And I am. The captain was keeping me warm.”


Jim laughed. “I think you might be making it worse, Spock.”

“Jesus, Jim. Spock? Spock is your lover?”

“That is not your business, doctor.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “I think the cat’s out of the bag now, Spock.”

“The cat, doctor?”

“Never mind.” Bones stabbed Spock in the neck with a hypospray. “This should make you feel a lot better. Almost as good as new.”

“Looks like you lost that wager, Bones,” Jim said with a huge grin.

“Well, how was I supposed to know you’d lost your damn mind?”

“To what do you refer, doctor?”

Bones snorted. “I can tell he’s feeling better already. I’m going. And I just have to say, no details.”


“Shut up, Spock. Though, I gotta know, when? How?”

“One month and two and a half weeks ago,” Spock replied. “If you desire hours and minutes as well as seconds—”

“I don’t,” Bones interrupted.

“And as for how,” Jim said. “That’s easy. Spock was upset I got hurt during a landing party and when you released me he attacked me and fuc—”

“La, la, la,” Bones said loudly, plugging his ears. “Forget I asked. In fact, forget I was here. In fact, I never was.”

They both watched as Bones practically ran out of Spock’s quarters.

“I believe I have won the wager, Captain.”

Jim shook his head and then frowned up at Spock. “What?”

“I placed an anonymous wager.”

“You-you did? But Spock, that’s-that’s cheating.”

“Is it?”

“Yes, because you had inside knowledge.”

Spock nodded. “I see. I suppose I must forfeit my winnings. I am not used to gambling.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah, I know. How do you feel?”

“I am greatly improved.”

“Good. I think I’m due back on the bridge soon. I’d like to get a shower.”

“Do you desire company?”

Jim’s eyes widened. “Do you feel that much better?”


Jim licked his lips. “Hot damn. Then, yeah. Hell, yeah. If you’re sure.”

“I am sure.” Spock leaned down to kiss him, pressing him into the mattress.

Jim groaned. “Maybe the shower can wait.”

McCoy’s Worst Day 

McCoy had a duty to perform but that didn’t mean he had to like it. No, in fact, he couldn’t imagine anything he wanted to do less than this particular duty. He had an ache in his chest that wouldn’t go away. Wasn’t sure it would ever go away.

“Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer’s log, Stardate 2341.2.” McCoy paused. Swallowed the lump. Pinched his nose to stop the tears, at least temporarily. “After the Shuttlecraft, Gamma 3, crashed and exploded on the planet, Janys VI, Captain James-James T. Kirk and first officer, Commander Spock, are presumed dead. A scan for life forms revealed no survivors. Rescue operations found wreckage too complete to find any remains.”

How everything could have gone so wrong, McCoy didn’t know. He’d had breakfast with his two best friends that very morning.  An ordinary day, an ordinary mission.

Jim had been pretty cheerful and Spock had been…Spock.

“What’s that you’re eating?” McCoy asked as Jim joined him at the table. Spock was close behind with tea and a bowl of fruit. Lately Jim and Spock were always together. Joined at the hip, McCoy would say.

“Oatmeal,” Jim declared with an easy grin. “I figured you’d approve.”

“I do.” He narrowed his eyes at them. “You two are awful chummy.”

“Meaning?” Jim asked, sipping from his coffee.

McCoy shrugged. “I left you last night, you were together. I see you first thing this morning, you’re together. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think—” He closed his mouth, staring at them as Spock arched a brow.

Jim smiled. “You’d think?”

He cleared his throat. “Uh, never mind.”

“A wise choice, doctor.”

And now? Damn it, he’d give anything to hear Spock call him “doctor” in that just above disdainful voice. He’d give anything to hear Jim’s laugh. This was so fucking unfair. He didn’t want to serve with anyone but them.

McCoy reached for his stash of bourbon. He needed to get drunk to forget this was the worse damn day of his life.


“Scott to Dr. McCoy.”

McCoy lifted his head from his desk. Next to him was the still largely untouched glass of bourbon he’d poured. “McCoy here.”

“Doctor—we-we just got word.” Scotty’s voice broke.

Ah, hell what now.

“Scotty, what is it?”

“It’s Captain Kirk.”

His heart stopped. “Did they find his remains?” Tears pricked at his eyes.

“No! Doctor, he’s alive.”

McCoy got up from his seat so fast his chair fell over. “What? Jim? Where?”

“He just contacted us. We’re beaming him and Mr. Spock up. Meet them in the transporter room.”

He was already running for the transporter. His heart was practically in his mouth. He had no idea what condition they were in. But they were alive. “M’Benga to the transporter room.”

Scotty was behind the controls himself when McCoy entered the transporter room. He shook his head. “Don’t know the details. Something about being held prisoner. They are injured. Sulu went down to get them.”

Dr. M’Benga rushed through the doors, followed quickly by medics with gurneys.

“Sulu to Enterprise. Beam us up.”

Scotty pulled the lever and Sulu, Jim, and Spock appeared on the pads. Sulu and Jim were both bracing Spock. Jim had a large bleeding gash across his forehead and blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. Spock was unconscious.

“What the hell happened?” McCoy asked, moving forward. He was elated. Jim was alive. And looked like he would be just fine. But Spock—

“The shuttlecraft was tampered with. Just before the crash, Spock and I were beamed to some prison,” Jim explained. “We were both beaten, tortured. They were gonna kill me, but Spock protected me.” He stopped, took a deep breath, and then continued, “We escaped, but then Spock collapsed. Bones, please.”

McCoy knew exactly what his best friend was asking. They got Spock on a gurney and off to medbay. Jim followed them, anxiously waiting on the side.

“What about you, Jim? I need to check your injuries,” McCoy said as he and M’Benga began to check Spock over.

“Not now, Bones. I’m okay. Just-Just make sure Spock is okay.”

McCoy grimaced but concentrated on examining Spock.

“He’s in the Vulcan healing trance,” M’Benga declared a few minutes later.  “He should be all right when he comes out of it.”

“Great,” McCoy said, feeling a great deal of relief. He’d gone from thinking his best friends were dead to having them both alive. He turned to Jim, with a smile. “Now let’s see how you are.”

“Bones, don’t worry.” Jim smiled, but it was very strained. “I got hit in the head and…and my stomach…it really hurts, but I’ll be—”

McCoy watched Jim sink to the floor. “Jim! Nurse, M’Benga!”


McCoy was running his tricorder over Spock when suddenly Spock’s hand grabbed his wrist. “Spock?”

Spock blinked. “Doctor.”

“How do you feel?”

“I am well. The captain?”

McCoy grimaced. “Spock.”

“Where  is the captain?” Spock sat up.

“You should rest.”

“I am fine. I wish to know where the captain is.”

McCoy sighed. “Let go of my wrist. He’s in the bed next to you.”

Spock glanced toward the other bed and saw Jim laying there unconscious. McCoy watched Spock’s expression change to one of anguish. “Is he—”

“It was touch and go. Internal bleeding. He wouldn’t let us treat him until we knew you were going to be all right. We caught it just in time, Spock. He’s going to be fine.”

Spock stood up and McCoy instantly tried to push him back down onto the biobed but Spock was far too strong and determined. “As I have stated twice before, I am fine. Allow me to see the captain.”

With a sigh, he relented and watched as Spock made it to Jim’s biobed. Spock reached for Jim’s hand, held it in his.

Jim opened his eyes. “Spock?”

“Yes, Ashayam.”

“You’re all right?”

Spock brought Jim’s hand to his lips and as McCoy watched, a little startled, he kissed Jim’s fingers. “Now that you are, yes.”

Jim smiled. “Tired.”

“Rest, my Jim.” And then Spock leaned down to place a brief kiss on Jim’s lips. He released Jim’s hand and then turned back to McCoy with an arched brow. “Doctor?”

McCoy shook his head. “Nothing, Spock.” He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. “I’m really glad-I’m really glad you’re both here.”

“As are we, doctor. Thank you.”

CBH, Chapter 7



Beginning NSFW

Chapter 7

“T’hy’la?” Spock called out as he stepped into the frigid cold December day. It was just a couple of days until Christmas. And as Leonard and Nyota were busy bathing Oliver, Spock had noticed that Jim was nowhere to be seen.

“Here, Spock.”

He found Jim standing near the back porch, hands shoved into the pockets of his heavy coat, woolen hat pulled low over his ears. Snow flurries rained down on them.

“Are you ruminating?”

Jim laughed. “You got that from Bones.”

“Perhaps.” He stepped up behind Jim and wrapped his arms around his middle and pulled him close. “Is something amiss, Jim?”

“No, no. I just…wanted some air. Oliver’s cute, yeah?”

“Indeed. Though at times he smells.”

Jim’s laugh was a low, pleasing rumble. “I’m glad for him. Bones, I mean. He’s so excited and happy. I’ll miss them when they go back to Georgia.”

Spock nodded. “As will I. You have already purchased Oliver enough that the doctor will require another suitcase when he leaves.”

“I know. I got him one for Christmas.” Jim sighed. “Ever think about us, Spock?”


“Having a child. We could get a surrogate or whatever.”

“I did not think you wished for children.”

“Well. I don’t know. Not now. I mean, I waited forever to be with you, and yeah I know we’ve been together for a while now, but I want longer. Just you and me.” Jim fell silent for a moment. “Is that selfish?”

“Negative. And I feel the same. I want to be with you to the exclusion of others.” Spock closed his eyes and cuddled Jim closer.

“Mm. That’s nice. Are you sorry we invited Bones and Uhura?”

“Sorry is not exactly the word I would use,” Spock admitted. “Though if it were just us I would not be disappointed.”

“The holidays are supposed to be about spending time with family and friends.”

“I do not celebrate the holidays.”

Jim chuckled. “I know.”

Spock smiled slightly. “It is pleasing to see our friends. And I acknowledge I cannot keep you to myself at all times.”

“Nice thought though,” Jim said softly. “Maybe some day, down the line, we might consider getting a surrogate. I wouldn’t mind a little baby with pointed ears.”

“Or stunning blue eyes.”

“Both maybe. But not yet.”

“There is plenty of time, T’hy’la, should we wish to pursue the idea.” Spock nuzzled the side of Jim’s face. “Jim?”

“Yeah, honey?”

“Why did you choose the frigid outdoors to ruminate?”

His mate laughed again, a hearty, warm laugh that had Spock thinking wicked things even though it was not that long ago since he had moved within Jim’s body. Jim turned in his arms to face him and flung his arms around Spock’s next, kissing him, with snowflakes upon both their cheeks.

“God, I love you so much,” Jim exclaimed against Spock’s lips, most illogically.

“I return the sentiment though I am not entirely certain why I warranted such an enthusiastic declaration of your love.”

“You’re just the cutest Vulcan ever is all.”

“Could we not at least move onto the enclosed back porch?”

Jim grabbed his hand and they made their way up the steps and Jim opened the door to the enclosed porch and the stepped inside.

It was warmer.


Spock pulled Jim over to a chair and he sat, pulling Jim down onto his lap.

“Mm. This is nice. We can ruminate together.”

“It is still cold.”

“We won’t stay out here long,” Jim promised. He bit his lip. “But, um, do I feel you becoming aroused?”

Spock blushed. “Perhaps. You are very tempting like this.”

“Like what?”


He was rewarded with Jim’s richest, warmest laugh yet and Spock felt it all the way to his toes. He was in awe when Jim was like this. There was no other word for it. Spock could not suppress his feelings for this human no matter how he might try. And he did not even wish to do so.

“We can’t do it out here,” Jim said.

Spock arched a brow. “Can we not? We have before.”

“Bones and Uhura could come out here at any moment. And as you pointed out, it’s cold.”

“We will keep most of our clothes on.” Spock reached over to the chair beside Jim. “And we can have this blanket over us to help both with warmth and in case they come out to check on us.”

“Spock, are you actually suggesting we copulate right here on the back porch in his chair?”

Spock’s lips twitched. “Affirmative. You will have to remove more of your clothing, so we will cover you with the blanket.”

“Damn horny Vulcan.” But he was grinning.  Spock knew Jim was just as eager as he was despite his protests.

They removed Jim’s boots and then his pants as well as pulling Spock’s hard cock out from within the opening of his slacks, and then Jim straddled him. Spock pushed in slow and deep as he pulled the blanket around his mate to cover him.

Perhaps he should make it fast and hurried, given they might get caught by their guests at any time, but Spock did not, instead choosing to thrust slow and rather calmly up into Jim, as Jim leaned down to kiss him.

Spock kept on hand on Jim’s sharp hipbone to hold him there and the other he used to cradle Jim’s jaw as he moved up into him over and over.

Jim was breathtaking like this, Spock mused, as he watched Jim’s face. Just watching Jim was enough to make Spock lose control. He brought their foreheads together, touching there, getting his mates thoughts, feelings, physical reactions. He never could get enough of being connected to Jim this way. Every way he could be and then some.

“Spock,” Jim panted out, blue eyes meeting brown ones.

Spock arched up into Jim as he wrapped his fingers around Jim’s erection, jerking him quickly now, no longer interested in going slow.

They came together, their minds and bodies so in tune they could do nothing else, and the tremors afterward as they came down from their release wracked them for several minutes as Spock ran his hands on and down Jim’s back, soothingly.

“Is it wrong to feel such lust for one’s mate?” Spock whispered, actually wondering if it was. If there was some part of him who could not be Vulcan no matter what. But then what if this part came from his Vulcan side?

“Wrong? How could it be wrong?” Jim kissed him, fingers to fingers, soothing him in the way only Jim seemed able to do. “You’re my husband.”

“I do not have control with you,” Spock admitted.

Jim’s smile was the soft, amazing one he had only for Spock. “You don’t need to have control with me, ashayam.”

Spock closed his eyes, letting the Vulcan word wash over him. Though Jim rarely spoke in Vulcan to him, Spock found it very pleasing when he did. His pronunciation was perfection.

“Taluhk nash-veh k’dular, S’chn T’gai Spock.”

It was like a gift and Spock tightened his hold on Jim.

But after a while they both began to squirm as the cold air began to affect them even within the closed in porch and so Jim lifted off Spock with a kiss to his nose and began to re-clothe himself.

Spock rather lazily redid the fastenings on his pants and pulled down his sweater.

“We should invest in anti-bacterial wipes or something,” Jim joked.

Just then they both turned at the sound of an arriving hover car. Spock, without even really thinking about it, immediately pushed Jim behind him, though Jim squawked in protest.

But as they exited the enclosed porch they immediately saw it was friends.

“Hikaru, Ben…Jaylah?” Jim exclaimed. The Sulus little girl, who was not so little anymore at about eleven, got out next.

“Uncle Jim,” Demora exclaimed, running toward him and throwing her arms around his thick jacket.

Good thing we were done.

I had the same thoughts.

“Hey pumpkin pie.” He looked at the adults. “What are you doing here?”

“Sorry, Captain,” Sulu said. “When we heard about Leonard’s son, well, we couldn’t resist.”

“We came to see the baby!” Demora said excitedly.

Jim eyed Jaylah. “You too?”

“Does that surprise you, James T?”

“A little,” Jim admitted. “Everyone come on inside. It’s freezing out here.”

Jim led them inside and Spock let them all precede him as they entered the warmth of the farmhouse.

He had absolutely no idea where they would put them all. The farmhouse was decent sized but it was not a boarding house by any means and though Spock supposed it was a tiny bit illogical he began to resent all this merriment. He liked having Jim to himself.

The holidays are all about friends and family, Spock.

I know, Adun.

Soft Christmas music was playing and as Hikaru and Ben and their daughter descended on the doctor, demanding turns to hold Oliver, Jaylah stood back, watching carefully, until Jim caught her attention and she began to speak with him.

Nyota joined Spock, smiling.  “A little overwhelming for you?”

Spock hesitated. “I know that it makes Jim happy. And the rest of you as well.”

“But it does overwhelm you?”


She rested her hand on his arm. “I’ll try to make sure you get alone time with Jim, don’t worry.”

Spock watched as Jim gestured widely and laughed as he talked to their newest visitors. “He misses them.”

“You had to know he’d miss command. It’s in his blood.”

“Illogical,” Spock murmured.

“Yes.” She laughed. “The question is, where are we going to put them all? Jaylah and Demora can room with me I guess. Ben and Hikaru with Leonard and Oliver?”

Spock blew out a breath. “We will figure it out. It is only for a few days more.” Spock hoped.

She leaned up and kissed his cheek. “It’ll be okay, Spock.”

Nyota moved off to fuss over the baby with everyone else. Spock watched as Sulu pulled out box after box of brightly wrapped presents which Jaylah kept putting under their tree.

And Jim…he moved toward Spock and Spock had to admit, he needed his T’hy’la’s presence just then.

“Uh, sorry,” Jim said, putting his arm around Spock’s waist.

“For what do you apologize?”

“Well. All of this. I know you didn’t want any of this and now—”

“It is not really that different than when we were on the Enterprise,” Spock admitted. “We did not get a lot of time to ourselves then either. Of course Oliver is new.”

“He is. And so damn cute I want to eat him up.”

Spock shook his head. Humans.

“And it’s great having Demora too. She’s so excited to be here. I’ve never had Christmas with kids before.”

“Nor have I.”

Jim laughed. “Well, you never had Christmas before. I mean not much anyway. Before I forced you into it.”

“You did not force me. I would participate in anything that pleases you.”

Jim laughed and it was way too sexy. “I know that, honey.” He spoke low and winked and Spock found himself blushing.

Ben game around holding a bottle of champagne and glasses and offering them up as he poured them and Jim and Spock both took one. They all did.

Demora came to Jim again and shyly asked Jim to come sit with her. Spock remembered Sulu saying his daughter wanted to be in command in Starfleet someday and was a little enamored of Jim. Spock could understand that.

Jim went with her willingly and they sat on the couch while she showed him her PADD and he looked at everything she showed him and commented a lot about it too. She was glowing.

Leonard came next to Spock, holding Oliver. “You okay, Spock?”

“Yes, doctor. May I?”

Leonard smiled and handed him the six month old, who immediately smiled and reached for Spock’s ears. “He likes you. A lot.”

“He has good taste.” Spock allowed himself to smile back at the boy. “Hello, Oliver. You are a lucky boy. You are surrounded by a family that will love you more than you ever thought possible. You are a child of two worlds. And I know something about that.”

He caught Jim’s gaze who winked and Spock felt warm with love. And contentment.

Perhaps Vulcans did not feel happy, but Spock…did.

“Happy Holidays everyone,” Sulu called out.

And they drank from their champagne.

“Little one,” Spock said softly to Oliver. This time Oliver got a hold of Spock’s ears and pulled with rather a lot of glee which made his papa laugh.

Spock did not mind.

CMH Chapter 6


Chapter 6

First part of chapter is nsfw

“Stop, Mister Grabby.” Jim swatted Spock’s hands away with a laugh. “If you start that, we’ll never get back downstairs.”

Spock gave him a sly look. “Would that be so terrible, T’hy’la?”

“Well, not to me, honey, but we do have guests. Whom we both invited. It might be rude to spend the whole time pawing at each other up here.”

Spock drew him near, back plastered to Spock’s chest. He leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Jim’s shoulder where he had just recently sucked a mark. “It is your fault for being so enticing.”

Jim chuckled. “And yours for being such a horny Vulcan.”

“You were not complaining a short time ago,” Spock reminded him.

“Oh, baby, I never would. I’ll never tire of making love with you.”

“When we are both one hundred and fifty we will still be all over each other,” Spock whispered in his ear.

“Now that’s a beautiful thought.”

Spock turned Jim’s face toward him and ran kisses along his jaw. “You are not yet clothed, it would take no time at all to copulate one more time before going down.”

Jim gasped as Spock’s hands slipped down to his briefs covered ass. “Well I—”

Spock yanked them down to Jim’s knees. Jim closed his eyes, leaning back against Spock as he heard Spock lower the zipper of the pants he’s already dressed in.

“Are you sure?” he moaned out. “You might soil your slacks.”

“I will change them,” Spock assured him. He rubbed his erection along the crease of Jim’s ass.

“Ah, fuck.”

He was impaled on Spock’s slicked cock, Spock sliding in easily after their recent activities.

It was a slow, steady joining, Spock thrusting in carefully like they had all the time in the world. He held Jim easily to him with one hand on his hip and the other wrapped around Jim’s now aching cock. His mouth and teeth latched onto the pulse point of Jim’s throat, no doubt marking him further, but neither of them cared. Spock liked marking Jim as his and Jim liked being marked.

Jim kept his own noises to just heavy pants this time so as not to make quite as much of a spectacle of themselves, but it was hard, because Spock was expertly nailing his prostate and stroking his dick until Jim could barely contain his mewling, shuddering self.

“Adun,” Spock groaned as his pumps began to speed up. His grasp on Jim’s erection tightened, jerking Jim frantically until Jim couldn’t take it anymore. He cried out as he came with a burst of cum splattering the wooden floor in front of him. Only moments later, Spock filled him with his own release.

Jim sagged against him. “Do we have to take another shower?”

“No, my Jim, we will simply…wash off.”

“Your sex drive, man.” He shook his head and straightened up and away from his Vulcan. “How did I survive Pon Farr?”

“Very well indeed,” Spock replied with some amusement. He was eying Jim with undisguised admiration.

“I’m cleaning up and getting dressed in the bathroom,” Jim announced as he rolled his eyes. “Sheesh.”

“Perhaps that would be wise.”


They made it down the stairs, both of them, twenty minutes later. Bones and Uhura were still in the kitchen working on baking. Freshly baked cinnamon rolls were laid out on the dining room table and they had, apparently, moved on to sugar cookies.

Jim smiled and approached Bones. “Love the flour in your hair.”

“Oh bug off.”

Jim laughed. “Smells good.” He went to refill his coffee mug from before.

The doorbell rang.

“What the hell? We’re all here so—”

He set the mug down on the counter and headed for the front door. Spock was right behind him. He opened the door to a stranger.

“Got the wrong house?” Jim guessed.

The man, an older white haired man, frowned. “I am looking for Leonard McCoy. My information is that he’s staying here.”

Bones suddenly appeared behind Jim. “I’m Leonard McCoy. ”

The man nodded. “AJ Sorenson. I have news of your wife—”


“Hm. Anyway, as I was saying there was an accident. An explosion and Jaidou was killed.”

Bones sucked in a breath.

Jim stepped close and put his hand on Bones’ shoulder. “Bones.”

AJ Sorenson continued, now holding up a PADD. “Your wife provided in your will that you were to receive full custody of the child arising from—”

Bones made a strangled sound. “Excuse me. What?”

Sorenson turned around and spoke to someone. “Bring the child.”

A woman, an Orion herself stepped forward, holding a bundled infant. She handed the infant to Sorenson who held it toward Bones.

“This is your son with Jaidou.”

Bones stared at the baby, who was about six months old and lightly green. “But…she never…what?”

Sorenson shrugged. “Apparently because of the demise of your marriage she didn’t alert you to her condition. Her Orion family will not care for the child in any event, so you, as his next of kin, are responsible now.” He placed the baby into Bones’ arms who held him like he might break.

Jim moved close. “Oh, my God. He’s so cute.”

Bones’ eyes filled with tears. “What’s his name?”

“Oliver,” Sorenson said. “Oliver McCoy. If you will excuse us, we would like to be on our way, before the snowstorm starts.”

Bones only had eyes for the baby. He just nodded. The woman handed Jim a bag.

“These are his things. There is a PADD that has all his legal information,” she said, then followed after Sorenson.

“Holy smokes,” Jim breathed.

Bones was rapidly blinking his eyes. “I-I have a son. A baby son.”

“He is beautiful, Leonard,” Spock said softly.

Jim glanced at Spock and smiled, then back to the infant. “Talk about life changing.”

“Yeah,” Bones said. He gave a watery laugh. “I can’t believe I didn’t know.”

Jim leaned in and touched his finger to the baby’s tiny little hand. Oliver. He stared at Jim in wonder. “Hi little guy. I’m your Uncle Jim.”

“Wow,” Uhura said, coming over from the kitchen. “He is so cute! Oh, Leonard. What a wonderful gift. But it sure seems like Jaidou had more secrets than even you knew.”


“Perhaps it would be wise to close the front door and bring Oliver into the warmth of the house,” Spock said as he went over to close the still open front door.

Jim went to him and put his arm around Spock’s waist, drawing him near. “Well, now this is shaping up to be quite the grand celebration. Wouldn’t you say?”


“I’ll have to get more things for him,” Bones said as they all moved out of the hallway toward the delicious smelling, warm kitchen.

“That’s going to be one spoiled boy,” Uhura said with a grin. “We can all go shopping tomorrow.”

Bones was transfixed as his son grabbed onto his finger and smiled toothlessly at him. “Coochie coochie coo.”

Spock frowned. “Coochie coochie coo, Jim?”

“Um, yeah, honey. It’s, um, sort of baby talk.”

“Baby talk?”

“Never mind. Weird human stuff.”

Spock arched a brow and then nodded, moving off to make himself tea.

Flash Fic Friday (Celebrate Me Home), November 24, 2017


Please, celebrate me home,
Give me a number,
Please, celebrate me home
Play me one more song,
That I’ll always remember,
And I can recall,
Whenever I find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home.

“Where are we going?” Bones asked as he followed Jim down the dirt road.

Jim glanced Bones’ way and smiled at his bundled up friend. The woolen cap on his head made him look especially endearing. It was bitterly cold, sure, but Bones had bundled up like they were on Delta Vega. Not that Jim cared to remember that experience.

“To the market for a last few things for Thanksgiving.”

“Spock didn’t want to come?”

“Well.” Jim shrugged. “He hates the cold. You know that. And anyway he’s video conferencing with Nyota.”

Bones shot him a look. “So it wasn’t because he figured I’d open up more to you if he wasn’t around?”

“Will you?”

“Hmm.” Bones scuffed his boot against the brown. “How’s that going really? Spock, the bond.”

“Like heaven.” Jim smiled.


He nodded. “I can’t say I didn’t have my doubts when first got together.”

Bones snorted. “Don’t I know it?”

Jim shoved him a little. “But he really does love me as much as he says he does.”

“Will wonders never cease.”


“You actually admit the great Captain Kirk can be wrong. It’s about time you figured it out.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Former Captain Kirk. And I would think after three years with this bond, I would figure it out.”

“You were worried though. When it was going to be just the two of you. He’d decide you weren’t as great as he thought you were.”

Jim blushed. “Well. I guess he still thinks I’m great.”

Bones nudged him with a shoulder. “You are great. And hell, I know Spock thinks so. I can tell by the way he screams your name.”

He laughed. “Bones.”

“I never pegged him for a screamer.”

“Oh trust me. And damn he’s insatiable.”

“He matches you well then.”

Jim shook his head. “So.”

Bones sighed. “So.”

“Are you—”

“Yes, I’m okay, Jim. I promise.”

He blew out a breath. “I hate her.”

“Nah, don’t. Some things just don’t work out. Not for everyone. Not everyone gets the fairytale like you and the hobgoblin.”

Jim grimaced as the main part of the town came into view. “Did she cheat on you?”


“I hate her.”

“Jim. She’s not a bad person. We just…it didn’t work out. She wasn’t who I thought she was. And I guess I wasn’t who she thought I was.”

Jim made a face. She was still a bitch and he still hated her, but he’d keep his mouth shut for Bones. He gestured to the little street that would take them to the small neighborhood market.

“What are we getting anyway?”

“Eggnog to go with the brandy I bought when I found out you were coming. And some more vegetables for my husband.”

“You love calling him that, don’t you?”

“I love that he is my husband, yeah.” He stopped at the door. “God, Bones, sometimes I think I’m so damn lucky it scares the shit out of me.”

“Because you’re a dummy,” Bones cracked. “You have nothing to worry about. Spock is devoted to you.” They walked into the store. “Does he drink eggnog?”

“Nope. More for us.”

“Just ease up on it. That stuff’s bad for you.”

“Yes, doctor. And the brandy isn’t?”

“Well…that’s medicinal.”

“Of course it is.” Jim stopped and gave a startled Bones a hug. “I love you.”

“Come on, Jim, we’re in public.”

Jim laughed and shoved him away. “I swear. Let’s get this stuff and go back where my hugs are appreciated.”


“Brr.” Jim stomped on the welcome mat outside the front door of his house. “It’s fucking cold.”

“Well, whose dumb idea was it to walk anyway?” Bones grumbled as he opened the door and stepped inside. “And it’s started raining. I’m surprised it’s not snowing.”

“It will be soon enough.” Jim took his wet and muddy boots off and left them just inside the door as he stripped out of his jacket and scarf. “Spock? Honey, you here?”

“Yes, Ashaya.”

Jim followed Spock’s voice into the kitchen. He held out a steaming cup of coffee for Jim.

“All right, that’s it,” Jim said as he scooped it up. “I’m marrying you.”

“If you marry everyone who gives you coffee I am in trouble,” Spock replied. He handed a cup to Bones, too. “I anticipated you two would need heated refreshment.”

“This tastes great, Spock.” Bones drank greedily from the coffee. “I’m freezing and wet too.”

Jim gave him an apologetic look. “Sorry, Bones. I’ll put this stuff away. Why don’t you go take yourself a shower? I’ll put on the turkey and everything.”

“Are you sure? You don’t need my help?”

“Nope, I have my handsome Vulcan helper with me.”

“Just don’t get up to any hanky panky over the turkey.”

Spock arched his brow.

Bones rolled his eyes and headed up stairs.

Jim pushed himself against Spock. “Ignore him. We can totally get up to hanky panky.”

Spock scooted his hands under Jim’s shirt but his gaze looked hesitant and frankly…worried.

Jim pulled back to study him more closely. “Hey, what’s wrong? We don’t have to have sex. I was kidding.”

“No, Ashaya. I am always pleased to indulge us both.”

“What is it then? Something wrong with Nyota?” The slight blush to his cheeks told Jim it definitely had something to do with her. “Come on, spit it out.”

“I may-I may have invited Nyota to come here for Christmas.”

Jim stared at him. “What? Without asking me?”

“You-yourself invited Leonard without checking with me.”

“I did.” Jim nodded. “So, this is what? Revenge inviting?”

A tiny furrow appeared between his eyes. “No. Jim, I—”

He burst out laughing. “I’m totally kidding.”


“Honey, it’s fine that you asked her. When is she coming?”

Spock blinked at him. “Next week. She has agreed to spend December with us. She had nowhere else to go and she seemed…sad.”


“I apologize if—”

“No problem, Spock. We have room. It’s fine.”

“You do not have an issue with Nyota staying with us?” Spock looked skeptical. Vulcan skeptical. But skeptical.

Jim smiled and kissed his husband. “That was the old me. The new me knows you are totally and completely mine.”

Spock him close. “Yes, you have me wrapped around your finger.”

“But I guess this sort of does make us even. I invited Bones and you invited Nyota. We need to communicate better.”

“Indeed. And if you and the doctor intend to eat that turkey today, you had better get it in the oven.”

“Okay. Yeah.” Jim sighed. “I hope you have extra, by the way.”


Jim smirked. “Earplugs.” He winked. “She’s going to need them.”


“Wine, Bones?”


Jim brought two glasses and a wine bottle to the table set with a small roasted turkey, that had been sliced by Jim. There were bowls of stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, acorn squash, yams, and risotto with broccoli. And later, the apple pie Spock had made, all the while declaring there was far too much food for the three of them.

When Jim pointed out that was tradition, Spock had mumbled something about his “illogical mate”.

“Wine, honey?”

Spock shrugged a little. “A small amount. In keeping with the celebration.”

Jim poured all three of them wine and they sat down at the table. Jim between his Spock and Bones. He held onto both their hands for a moment.

“I’ve never been a man of prayer or anything. I certainly won’t start now. But the tradition of Thanksgiving was to prepare a feast and share how thankful you were for what you have. Throughout that year and in life, I think. And yeah, sometimes life deals you a lot of crap, and it’s hard to find something to be thankful for.” He squeezed Bones’ hand. “But you once said to me to ‘Here’s to good hair and perfect eyesight’. I guess what I’m saying is there’s always a silver lining.”

Bones snorted. “And your lining is getting more silver all the time.”

Jim laughed. “Shut up. We’ve come a long way since then. So I guess what I’m trying to say—”

“I did wonder.”

“Can it, McCoy. What I’m thankful for is my beautiful, wonderful bondmate and husband.” Jim brought Spock’s fingers to his mouth and kissed them. “And Bones. The best brother anybody could ever ask for in a million years. And a damn good doctor too.”

“A damn good doctor,” Bones agreed.

Jim held his glass if wine up. “To family.”

Bones clinked his glass to his and then Spock’s. “To family.”

They all drank.

Jim put his glass down, released their hands and then rubbed his together excitedly. “Hand me that turkey leg.”

Ramblings of the Week, November 20, 2017

Hello Friends

This is a super short week for me work wise. As I am only working today! WOO HOO. Got the rest of the week off. I wanted the whole week but with my cruise taking up forty hours of my PTO it just wasn’t doable. Next year!

Happily the rest of the week is mine. I can’t wait until Friday when I can begin to decorate for Christmas. Sunday the 26th is our annual decorate the family’s house for them. I’m bringing wine! But we are getting an early start that day at 8AM.

I drove in this morning, of course, so at least I don’t have to wait to go home for someone else!

Tomorrow night we will finally be seeing Thor.

So, my friend, Appreciative One wrote a story on AO3, that was her fantasy as she was growing up where she was an officer on the Enterprise who ended up stranded with Spock on a remote planet, and they mated, had a baby, and lived happily ever after.

This was her fantasy until she realized there was Spirk. After writing her fantasy and having me express repeatedly how bad I felt for Jim, she decided to fix it with a story from Jim’s point of view. This story is called Life is But a Dream. I thought I was “helping” her write it but after the first two chapters which we did indeed co-write, she asked me to write the rest of the story, where I found a way for Jim and Spock to be together. After all they are T’hy’la.

So I am doing my best. Trying to get it done this week too because I already have a lot to write as it is. It’s The Original Series and is incredibly sad and angsty and has M/F elements, so you are warned if you check it out.

I’ll also be working on the third chapter of Celebrate Me Home.  I won’t deny it will feel good to work on that story with a very happy and in love Kirk and Spock after the angst of the other one.

Anything else? I don’t know.

I did put up the first chapter of my Regency Pinto tale last week. That one will be fun to work on as I go along.

Since it’s Thanksgiving Week I have specific movies I will be indulging in before the big day. Home for the Holidays which is about a very dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving. I can’t even tell you how much I love Charles Durning and Robert Downey Jr in this movie. Two of my favorite performances ever. Charles Durning was a character actor, chubby with white hair as far as back as I can remember. I’ve loved him in many things but there’s just such a poignant charm about him in this movie. And Robert Downey Jr as the gay brother. I just love love love him.

The other is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A silly, silly movie with John Candy and Steve Martin, and yet there’s also such a sweet poignancy about it as Candy tries to get Martin home for Thanksgiving.

Oh and there’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, too.

That’s about it for me. For my US friends (and I think that’s most of you) Happy Thanksgiving.


Flash Fic Friday, November 17, 2017



Chapter 2

Spock was sitting at his terminal working on a missive to his father when Leonard suddenly appeared in the doorway. His hair was still damp from his recent shower.

“You changed your hair.”

“Yes,” Spock acknowledged. “It was Jim’s idea. He said I should adopt a more casual look.”

“It looks good and all but I gotta say it’s hard to get used to. I’ve only ever known you with that Vulcan cut you all have.”

Spock nodded. “When we get to New Vulcan, I will return to that look.”

“That’s still on, huh?”


“A year here and then a year there.”

“Yes.” Spock leaned back in his chair and observed the doctor. He looked tired and sad. From seeing him only a few months ago, there were new lines upon his face. Perhaps Jim had been wise to invite him. Even if it meant giving up their precious alone time. “Do you have an objection?”

“No.” Leonard entered the room which Jim had declared was their office/game room. Apparently it had been Sam’s old bedroom. “I’ll have to send hypos with Jim, though. For breathing.”

“Naturally. I will make sure with you that he has enough before our departure and I will administer them as needed.”

Leonard glanced around. “What is this room exactly?”

“Jim calls it an office-game room.”

“Games?” He shook his head and then walked over to the replica of the Captain’s chair from the Enterprise Jim had ordered. “What game does he use this for?”

Spock blushed and looked away.

“Oh, geez. Sorry I asked. God, he’s incorrigible.”

“I suspect you have known that all along, doctor.”

“Where is the infant anyway?”

Spock resisted a smile. “He went for a walk.”

Leonard walked over to the window and looked out at the growing darkness with a frown. “Looks cold and dark. Surprised you let him go alone.”

Spock hit send on the message to his father. “There is little danger on our own property.”

“That sounds like something he said.”

“It is,” Spock agreed. He steepled his fingers together. “There are times he seeks solitude and while I am…reluctant to accept it, I can offer no reasonable objection.”

“He ruminates. He’s done that ever since I’ve known him. Gets all wrapped up in his own head.”

“Yes.” Spock rose from behind his desk. “I should check on the dinner.”

Leonard followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Mind if I make some coffee?”

“I do not. Help yourself.”

Leonard smirked as he watched Spock raise the lid off the pot of vegetarian chili and stir it. “You sure are domesticated. Never thought I’d see it.”

“Nor did I,” Spock admitted. “They offered him the position of admiral working in the strategic division of Starfleet in San Francisco, but he turned it down.”

“Yeah, I know. He told me he didn’t want to sit behind a desk.” Leonard switched the coffeemaker on and it began to grind the whole beans he had placed within it. “Gotta admit it would have been strange to see him like that. But this.” He waved. “Is pretty strange too.”

“There have been many times over the last few years where we have both been forced to endure the almost death of each other. And in his case, he did die once.” Spock shook his head. “What he wanted was another command in space, on the Enterprise. Even though he spoke of the continuing dangers.”

“But they wouldn’t give it to him.”

“He has done more than enough for the Federation.”

“You won’t get any argument from me. He deserves this rest, this domesticated life with you. I just wonder how long it will be good enough for him.” Leonard opened cabinets searching for a mug. He found one and took it out. “He gets bored easily.”

Spock certainly knew that.

The back door opened before he could say anything else and Jim reentered the house. He’d only left with a light coat on and as he came inside he was rubbing his hands together and his cheeks were bright red.

“Damn! It’s getting cold out there.”

Jim went immediately over to Spock and pushed himself into Spock’s personal space. “Want to warm me up, honey?”

As usual he felt something flutter in his heart whenever Jim used an endearment for him. He was likely blushing too. He pulled Jim close nevertheless.

“You are frozen, t’hy’la.”

“Hey, don’t forget I’m standing right here,” Leonard said.

“Hey Bones.”

“You need a shave by the way,” Leonard mumbled. “Coffee?”

“Please. And as for a shave? I’m retired. I don’t need to look all polished.”

“Your hairs too long too.”

“Blah blah blah.  Spock thinks I’m hot like this this. Don’t you, Spock?”

“You are very pleasing in appearance.”

“See?” Jim kissed him. Then with a laugh released him to remove his jacket and hang it on the rack. “It’s probably going to snow in a few days or so. Hope you brought some warm clothes, Bones.”

“I wasn’t born yesterday, you know. I know all about that crap.” He handed Jim his coffee, full of cream and sugar just like he knew Jim liked.

“Thanks, Bones.” He glanced at the dining room table. “Come sit with me. You need any help, babe?”

“Negative,” Spock assured him. It would be ready in less than a half hour, so Spock left them to their conversation and returned to the office to do more correspondence.


“I can’t get Bones to talk to me,” Jim told Spock that night as they prepared for bed. “I mean he’s talking, sure, but he won’t talk about the divorce or how he feels or any of that.”

Spock watched in blatant appreciation as his mate pushed his jeans down his legs and to the floor.

“It is no doubt difficult under the circumstances. It has never been easy for Leonard to express himself.”

“Yeah, I know. But still.” Jim shucked his shirt and tossed it to the floor where he’d left his jeans. Spock bent over and picked them up to take them over to the hamper. “I bet she cheated on him.”

“You do not know that as Leonard has not said.”

“I know. But the divorce was his idea and that’s definitely something he wouldn’t tolerate.” Jim sat on the edge of the bed and slid his boxer briefs off rendering him completely, beautifully nude. As well as half-hard.

“You are becoming aroused,” Spock pointed out.

“You’re staring at me. Of course I am.” Jim licked his lips and Spock zeroed in on the gesture. “Get naked already, would you?”

Spock definitely would.

A few moments later, he had Jim on the bed underneath him, thoughts of Leonard and his divorce far away from either of their minds.

“We have to be quiet, by the way,” Jim reminded Spock as Spock went to suck a bruise on his collarbone.

Spock paused. “What?”

“Bones is right down the hall, babe, and you, um, you get kind of loud.”

“I do not,” Spock denied.

“Do so,” Jim returned with a teasing grin. “Now shut the hell up and fuck me.”

Spock slipped generously lubed fingers inside his mate, pushing them in deeply to thoroughly coat Jim’s channel.

Jim moaned.

“Shh,” Spock said with a raised eyebrow. He pressed his lips onto Jim’s, who hungrily returned the kiss. Jim was always a desperate kisser. Kissing like he was unsure if he would ever get the chance to do so again, so he would make the most of it. His kisses were intense and all-consuming and they always did illogical things to Spock.

He was achingly hard and throbbing and needy for Jim. Wanting to join their bodies, to mate, to take him, this Human who belonged to him.

He put his hand to Jim’s face. “T’hy’la,” he begged.

“Yes, do it,” Jim replied, pushing up against Spock.

He slipped into Jim’s mind just as he slipped into his body, pushing in deep and past the loosening ring of muscle.

“Fuck, Spock,” Jim groaned.

He rubbed against the bristle of whiskers on Jim’s jaw and then ran his tongue along them to Jim’s rounded ear as he began to pump slow and deep into this mate’s ass.

Since they had retired from Starfleet not a day went by when they didn’t copulate. Spock was usually as eager as Jim to indulge. In the shower, in the bed, on the kitchen table, in the captain’s chair replica in the game room, once on the stairs, over the couch, outside in the field before the weather turned too cold, in the upper loft of the barn. Wherever and whenever. And if that made him hedonistic, well, then that was what he was.

With McCoy here, they would have to restrict themselves to the bed and shower, but Spock could live with that…for now.

He grabbed Jim’s hand with the hand that was not joined to Jim’s mind and brought both of their hands to Jim’s erection. Together they slid down the hard length, over and over until Jim could not stop the needy, heady whimper.

“Yes,” Spock cried. “Give me everything, ashaya.”

Jim shifted, tilting his pelvis in a way that allowed Spock to thrust deeper into him and Spock groaned, closing his eyes against the near overwhelming ecstasy. The bed rocked with their movements, hitting the wall, and though Spock supposed he should care, he did not. He pushed harder, thrust deeper and faster, rubbed Jim’s slicked, hard cock, until he drew out a throaty mewl not unlike a cat’s.

“Taluhk nash-veh k’dular,” he yelled, as he could hold back his orgasm no more, pouring himself into Jim’s clenching channel. Jim pulsed in his hand and then ropes of cum splattered out over his hand and onto the bed.

For a long time afterward, even after he withdrew from Jim’s body, he kept their meld, and just lay there holding and kissing his t’hy’la. Their joined minds hummed warm and content within each other, glowing with love and happiness Spock never expected to experience before he bonded with Jim.

It was Jim who eventually rose and went to the bathroom for a warm, damp cloth with which to clean the dried cum from them. Then he got back into bed next to Spock, fastening his lips to Spock’s in soft, sweet kiss that actually curled Spock’s toes.

“Love you,” Jim whispered.

He threaded his fingers through Jim’s hair. “And I you.”


When they went downstairs the next morning, Bones was already in the kitchen, Jim noted. And he had made coffee. But he would absolutely not look at the two of them.

“Oh my God, I love you,” Jim said, as Bones thrust a mug of coffee into his hands.

Bones mumbled.


“I said, the two of you need to soundproof your bedroom.” Bones blushed profusely.

Jim burst out laughing. Shook his head and took a sip of his coffee.

Then he noticed Spock going back upstairs.  He gave Bones a puzzled look.

“Think I offended him?”

“Spock? Vulcans don’t get offended,” Jim said.

“Then where’d he go?”

“Beats me. Sorry, Bones. We have a very healthy sex life.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Apparently. Maybe I should sleep on the sofa downstairs.”

“I think you’ll live,” Jim said dryly.

They turned as they heard Spock coming back down the stairs.

“Everything okay, honey?” he asked his husband.

“Indeed.” He walked over to the Bones. “Hold out your hand, doctor.”

Bones did and as Jim watched Spock placed something in Bones’ hand.

Jim scrunched up his face, trying to get a look. “What is it?”

Bones actually chuckled. “Earplugs.”

Jim doubled over, laughing, and Spock went to make his tea.



Jim, Chapter 1 preview

Those few of you that read my blog are lucky enough to get a full preview of the first chapter of my Winter story, that I have decided to call simply, Jim.

This story will debut on AO3 in January.


“Hey! Are you okay? Hello. Can you hear me? Oh, man. You must be freezing.”

Spock blinked rapidly and his vision began to clear. Someone was rubbing him frantically, his frozen limbs, and he had to admit it felt good.

A man leaned over him and Spock’s breath caught in his throat.


Startled blue eyes stared down at him. “How’d you know my name?’

Spock shook his head.

“Never mind.” Jim glanced to the side and then back to Spock. “We should get you up and out of here. Can you walk?”

It had taken a moment for Spock’s universal translator, carefully hidden amongst his clothing, to kick in. English. American English.

“Yes, I believe I am capable,” Spock replied carefully.

Jim reached down and helped Spock up from the snow bank. “Bad place for you to pass out. Have you been drinking?”

He had an accent, Spock noted. Eastern United States. New England. That made sense since that was where the Enterprise had advised Spock should go. He had prepared as best he could, wearing appropriate attire for the time period, and a woolen cap upon his head to hide his pointed ears.

“I do not drink.”

Jim stepped close enough to Spock that he could smell a spicy sort of aftershave. He was sniffing Spock. “All right. Sure. I don’t smell anything. Anyway, we’d better get you inside.”

As Jim linked his arm through Spock’s and around his waist, Spock was able to tell that this Jim was perhaps an inch or two shorter than the James T Kirk he knew on the Enterprise. But otherwise, he could have been Spock’s Jim. Not that Jim had belonged to Spock. He’d wanted that, yes, but it was so very complicated.

Jim led him up a cobbled twisted path to the front door of a small house, more of a cottage, really. Jim fished into the pants he wore and then pulled out what looked to be an old key. He opened the door and then pulled Spock inside, flicking a switch on the wall that illuminated the room in light.

“You’re lucky you passed out where you did,” Jim was saying as he removed his heavy black overcoat. “A few feet to the left and you’d have fallen in the water. Probably drowned.”

It was true that Spock had not been sure where exactly he would arrive in Jim’s small New England town. He had not intended to find himself lying in a frozen heap of wet white stuff.

Jim hung up his coat and then removed his own wool hat. He placed both of them on a wooden pole with arms. He wore jeans and a blue flannel shirt that set off his extremely blue eyes even more. He was absolutely stunning.

“I’m Jim, by the way. Jim Kirk.” He frowned. “Did you know my name?”

“Someone mentioned you in town,” Spock said. “I am Spock.”

“Spock? Kind of a strange name. What’s your full name?”

“Just Spock.”

Jim smiled a little. “Well. Okay. We should get you out of those clothes and into something warmer. I have a robe you can wear I guess while your clothes dry. Not sure I have like pants and things to fit you.”

Apparently this Jim was something of a babbler, Spock noted. Jim left him standing in the front hall as he disappeared toward the bedrooms.

Spock glanced around. It was a simple layout with just a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, and a breakfast nook. The corridor Jim had gone through was short and led to what appeared to be three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Jim reappeared holding what Spock recalled was a terrycloth robe. It was a dark burgundy color. “My sister gave me this for last Christmas. Anyway, the bathroom’s there, so why don’t you take those off and put this on.” He thrust it at Spock, who took it. “I have some bean soup I’ll heat up. You want some coffee or something?”

“If you have tea, I would be appreciative.”

“Sure, I have tea. I even have hot chocolate if that’s your preference.”

“Not tonight, thank you.”

He took the robe and went into the bathroom, removing the cold, wet clothing. The robe smelled a little like the spicy aftershave Jim wore. He surveyed the bathroom cabinets and discovered a bottle of what was called, Old Spice.

Spock eyed himself in the mirror and decided except for his ears, he passed easily for a human here. He would be forced to leave on the cold, wet woolen cap on so as not to startle Jim.

Spock had to be very careful. He did not know exactly what date the computer had chosen for him. He had instructed the computer to make sure that it would be well in advance of the day he came to prevent.

He was here to make sure that this human, his captain’s ancestor, was not murdered.

Spock emerged from the bathroom to the scent of beans, onions, carrots and celery. With Jim heating vegetarian soup he did not yet have to explain he did not eat meat. He was certain that time would come, however, as his research of the time period indicated there’d be very few Humans who would have his preferences.

His heart skipped in his side at the sight of this different Jim standing in the kitchen, stirring a pot of soup. He’d only recently come to the realization that he’d fallen in love with his captain, that he’d fallen in love with James Kirk. And now as he came to save Jim, both his captain, and this man who looked so much like him—

“Oh hey,” Jim greeted him with a smile as he turned from the stove, noticing Spock standing there. “You should get rid of your hat. I’m sure it’s wet.”

“I have a physical deformity that would likely startle you,” Spock said neutrally.

Jim snorted at that. “Doubtful. I’m not that easily startled. Go ahead. You’re going to want it to dry too.”

Reluctantly, Spock removed the cap, waiting for Jim’s reaction to his pointed ears. For a moment, Jim puckered his lips. Spock had no idea what biases the Jim of this time would have. This was long ago in Earth’s history.

“Well, okay. You probably need to wear your cap outside and around town,” Jim said. “The people around here aren’t the most open-minded bunch. Don’t really like anyone who’s different, if you know what I mean.”


“But here it’s fine. There’s no reason to hide yourself around me, Spock.”

“Very well,” Spock agreed, somewhat relieved at Jim’s non-reaction. He set aside the cap on another surface for it to dry.

“Sit on down there at the table and I’ll bring you a bowl of soup, yeah?”

Spock did as Jim said. He had an usual way of speaking. He supposed it was that New England accent he was unused to. It was not unpleasant, but a little odd coming from Jim. He had to keep reminding himself that this was not his Jim. Not that he had Jim. But Spock hoped. If he could fix this.

He watched as Jim spooned soup into two cobalt blue bowls that kind of reminded Spock of this Jim’s eyes. They were, somehow, a slightly richer, darker shade of blue. His overall appearance was stunning, just as his captain’s was.

“Here you are. Good, yeah?” Jim said as he set the bowls down. One in front of Spock and the other in front of the seat Spock supposed Jim would take. “I’ve got some warm rolls. That’ll do the trick.”

Spock watched him as he walked back into the kitchen. Though his jeans were somewhat baggier than the trousers his captain normally wore, there was no mistaking the rounded cheeks within. He distracted himself by spooning a large bite of soup and promptly burned his tongue.

Jim laughed. “Easy there. Now you’ve gone and burned it, yeah? The bread and butter help.”

He took his seat and pushed a basket full of steaming rolls toward Spock.

“Where are you from?” Jim asked. “Not from here, right?”

“No. It is a little West from here.”

Jim nodded. “I thought so. You don’t sound like a local. Where are you staying?”

“Nowhere at present. I only just arrived in town.”

Jim fell silent as they both turned to the soup. Spock felt Jim’s eyes on him and when he looked over Jim smiled. “Good, yeah?”

“It is unexpectedly appealing.”

He laughed at that. “I’ll try not to be terribly insulted at your doubting my cooking. You’ve got a job?”

“No,” Spock admitted.

At that Jim shook his head. “No job and no place to stay? You’re running from some place, I’d say. Or someone. Are you in trouble, Spock?”

“My current circumstances necessitated coming here.”

The laugh again. “That’s about as vague a response as I’ve ever heard.” He picked up his cup of tea and eyed Spock over the rim of the cup. “I guess you can stay here for now. You have any weapons?”

“I do not.”

“I didn’t feel any when I helped you in the house,” Jim said with a nod. “All right, the bedroom across from the bathroom is yours for as long as you need it.”

“That is very generous of you, Mr. Kirk.”

“No such formality here. I’m just Jim. It would be nice if you could help around the house a bit when you get the chance. Dishes, a little cooking if you can, that kind of thing. I have a radio if you like to listen. And lots of books if you’re into reading. I’m afraid I don’t lead a very sophisticated life.”

“It is fine.”

The thing about this Jim is he should never have been a victim. He did not live dangerously. At all. Spock had researched him so he knew everything there was to know about this Jim before this point. And he also knew everything there was to know about him if history had not been changed and he’d been murdered.

He was not, as crime experts would say, a high risk individual. In fact, quite the opposite. In approximately two years, he should meet a woman named Sadie Carstairs, who would eventually become Sadie Kirk. Jim and Sadie Kirk had five children. Sadie died at the age of seventy-nine. Jim outlived her by six years and died in his eighties.

Or he had until the Marconians had changed everything.

It was Spock’s sworn duty to change it back. To make sure that the Jim Kirk sitting across from him, looking every bit like his captain, except for the darker blue eyes and the height difference, lived to fall in love with Sadie Carstairs.

And not Spock.

Of course not.

Spirky Song Love

I’m feeling all Spirky as I prepare to work on the holiday story, the winter story and possibly a second chapter of Will You Have Sex With Me? this weekend

This means videos and music that put me in a great Spirky Mood

One of those is Be Still by the Fray

Be Still

Another is  Looking for You Again by Matthew Perryman Jone

Looking for You Again

And another is I Hate U I Love U by Gnash

I hate u I Love U 

And finally this gives me achy Spirk feels for what these boys have been through separately that brings them together

Shot in the Dark by Within Temptation

Shot in the Dark





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