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Rambling of the Week, January 21, 2019

Pausing in my holiday off to write this. Afterwards, I think I’m going to do a bit of cleaning in my bedroom.

So far each day since I put my FIT-BIT on I have reached my goal of 10,000 steps. Pretty cool.

Tried to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon last night but it was too cloudy so we saw nothing, Ah well. I’ve seen pictures today.

Got an update for The Experiment and Didn’t We Almost Have it All up. Have not written the next part of the Flash yet but I still have a few days.

I’d like to get up the next chapter of The Ties That Bind this week too.

Also, for The Experiment, I’d like to ask for opinions. Are you all enjoying it for me to keep chapters going for a little while or is it time to end it? I admit I am enjoying this particular version but if others think it has run its course, I will find a way to wrap it up.

We are going to try to see The Mule again Tuesday. We couldn’t get in last week, so tomorrow we will try again, sigh. That’s about it for now. Thanks for listening.


Ramblings of the Week, January 14, 2019

Oops! I meant to publish this Monday! HA. Oh well

Here we are at the beginning of another week. A full work week, though this coming weekend is a three day one for both of us. Teachers in LA start their strike, too. And it’s supposed to be rainy for the next several days.

I intend to get chapters up for The Experiment. I also intend to, cross your fingers, get the next chapter up for The Mysterious One. I need to get something written for Friday too.

I need to get moving more this year, so we went for a walk Sunday afternoon. It was all right. Because of the rain, that might be it for the week, we will see.

I am getting stuck seeing The Mule on Tuesday (Clint Eastwood). I have no desire whatsoever to see it, but M and his cousin want to see it so I agreed. I will advise how it was.

Ramblings, January 07, 2019

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Okay, so I have officially posted my T’hy’la Bang story, Wonderful Life, on AO3. I think most of you have seen it, but if you haven’t, take a look. I am pretty proud of that story.

This week I hope to get more written on The Experiment in the hopes of concluding it in the not too distant future. I also need something for my Flash Friday. I wanted to have the next part for my guys from the Christmas Flash I wrote a couple of weeks ago but I am stalled on that and them, so I might have to just whip something up fast so I have a Flash for this Friday.

I should be seeing Aquaman tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

Otherwise, this is a full work week for the first time in a while so that is going to suck. We do get MLK off on the 21st but that’s two weeks away. Of course after that we have no holidays until Memorial Day. It is a long stretch. I’ll be dipping in to vacation days for sure.

This time last year I was looking forward to the cruise. I have no such plans this year as I need to pay off some stuff. We shall see.

We had some rainy weather over the weekend, but all the undecorating is officially done and life is, such as it is, back to normal. May you have your version of normalcy.

Ramblings January 03, 2019

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Hello My Friends (don’t you wish you were there at that place above)

I wish you Happy New Year once more.

Things are okay. Mother fell yesterday and had to go to the ER but she didn’t break anything, which is indeed very fortunate. She did give herself a painful, sprained knee so sister has her work cut out for her.

Tomorrow, you will finally get to read my Pinto fic as it will debut here on the blog Friday morning. I think you will enjoy it.

Saturday, we will be going to Sister’s house to finally take down her Christmas decorations. Like most of us, she looks forward to having them up, but then can’t wait to have them back down again once the holidays have passed.

Next Friday (the 11th I think it is) you can expect more from the Jim and Spock from my Christmas Flash on here. You will notice that so far they remain a blog exclusive so if you want to read about them, for now anyway, it will have to be here.

I have been updating The Experiment on AO3 and may continue to do so until it is concluded. We will see.

Next week begins the posting of fics for the T’hy’la Bang. I don’t have a specific day, but you can expect the posting of Wonderful Life sometime then.

That’s it for now!

Ramblings December 26, 2018

Hello friends

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Christmas is over for another year. I, for one, had a lovely time. And I am so grateful that I was not sick this year and did not cut my hand on a bottle. I am also grateful M wasn’t sick. Mom has been but she’s hanging in there, and seems a tiny bit improved today.

This Saturday I will be undecorating our place. We will undecorate the family’s home January 5th or 6th. I already took down the window decorations and bought a few bins for storage.

Up next is First Footing on Friday, which is likely going to be the beginning of a fic someone requested of me, so stay tuned for that.

I haven’t written anything since my Christmas flash of a couple of days ago. I’ll get back to writing soon.

In the meantime, I hope you are all well and hope to see you here on Friday!

Rambling December 16, 2018

candle celebration christmas christmas decoration
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I’m continuing Trashing the Tree here as you all know.

I am also working on a Pinto story that should be posted the first Friday in January.

My next updates, that I will be trying to fit in over the next couple of weeks are Didn’t We Almost Have it All, The Ties That Bind, and My Heart’s a Virgin.

Woo. That’s enough to make anyone sweat. Fortunately I did finish my T’hy’la Bang story.

This week on Thursday is our work Christmas Party and Potluck as well as Gift Exchange. I am doing a salad.

Next weekend is another busy one. The Christmas holiday is approaching and I have family get togethers and all around cheer. And five days off of work in a row (ha ha, that includes weekends, of course) Once Friday the 21st passes I don’t have to return until December 27th.

Anyway, you can expect much writing over the next few weeks. I am crazed, I know. Good thing I am done with shopping!

Ramblings, December 10, 2018

I have been to Disneyland, as you can see from the above pictures. Fine time was had by all. And it’s so cool getting in for free. It’s well over $100 to get in these days. We never would have gone except for the cousin working for Disney and getting us tickets so that was awesome.

Didn’t do any writing over the weekend. Busy busy. Today I am going to be working on adding stuff to my Wonderful Life fic. As you know my Christmas story had been published. I don’t remember if the Mirror Christmas story is Friday or if the Cadet Christmas story is Friday. HA. We shall see, I guess.

Then it’s back to the T’hy’la story. I think I am behind at this point though it doesn’t get posted until January, so hopefully I am okay.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Ramblings for December 06, 2018


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Tonight our power will be turned off and isn’t supposed to come back on until about 4AM. Sigh. I guess it will definitely be dark for sleeping.

Looks like Disneyland on Sunday is happening as we have scheduled the time for leaving and everything. I suppose I will still be skeptical until I walk through the gate! HA.

Tomorrow will be another Flash Fic Friday. So you have that to look forward to.

You all know I finished Where My Demons Hide. It’s a relief to have it over. That leaves me with only 11 current WIPs. I say “only” because I have had at one time or another more than 15.

My plan right now is not to post any more WIPs. If I have something finished, like the Christmas story, I will post it, but once those WIPs are completed, I won’t be posting any more. It’s very possible I won’t be writing any more fan fics at all once those are done. I think I’m getting close to saying all I have to say about Kirk and Spock. I am definitely repeating stories and ideas.

That may or may not be what you want to hear, but that’s where I am coming from.

The thing is I do have other ideas, like the one that goes with ‘Dancing on My Own’, but I am not sure at this point that I am ever going to write it.

Writing has always been my therapy. Anyway, that’s something you can hopefully look forward to in 2019, the conclusion of those 11 stories. My strategy might change on how I work on them. It might be that I will just pick a story and write on it until its done, and then so on with each story, we shall see.

December has begun its busy busy business. I have something planned for every weekend this month and many things during the week. Hopefully I will maintain my sanity as well as my physical health.

I’m tweaking one story for the Flash that I think needs more added and I am also working on the T’hy’la story. That’s it for this year, I think. Too busy and overwhelmed for much of anything else. I’d like to enjoy my holidays. I still have several movies to watch too.

You’ll notice I am using the free photos from WordPress for my blog lately, lol. Too lazy to upload new ones of my own, etc.


Weekly Rambling, December 03, 2018

adult beverage breakfast celebration
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I’m not very enthusiastic today. I fully admit. I have no explanation for my attitude but it is there.

That Glorious Song of Old is ready to post any time I feel like posting it.  I feel like it is a bit early, unless I do spread out the posting of it. Part of me would like to do that because I tend to build up more of a readership if I don’t post it all at once.  What does everyone think? Should I post the prologue by itself and then follow with the first chapter a few days later?”

Decorated the sister’s house yesterday. She decided to go “Christmas Light” so not as many decorations went up. She paid us though so that was very cool.

Had a couple of Baileys and coffees while I was there but they didn’t settle well with me and it gave me a stomachache later.

My Devotion is next in updating but since I am working on the T’hy’la story it has to be on hold for the time being.

It’s cold here at work today so I am having to wear my coat in the office. It’s supposed to rain here on Wednesday and Thursday. Our electric company, Edison, has decided to shut our power off Thursday night overnight to work on some equipment in the area. It’s supposed to go off at 9 and not come back on until 4AM Friday morning, so swell.

Milo’s cousin who supposedly works for Disney is supposed to be getting us in this coming Sunday to Disneyland. We are skeptical because she tends to make up stories. We shall see if it happens! HA.

I have finished every last bit of Christmas shopping and even did a lot of wrapping this past weekend. I got a few things watched too, so it’s been nice. The nicest part is not being sick this year! I am very much hoping it stays that way. Last year I was so sick I ended up having seizures. I also broke a bottle and gave my hand a very nasty cut. It’s a scar now. For months afterward the scar tissue hurt, but surprisingly, it doesn’t anymore. So far, everything has been better this year, so I am crossing my fingers and toes.





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