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Ramblings of the Week, September 18, 2017


So I have this day off of work to spend with M. This is probably the last day available for him to take before his company’s year end stuff hits and there is massive overtime. They are basically told you can’t take any time in October, November and December. Sucks!

I also have October 02 scheduled off but that’s by myself. Later in the year I will some additional time. I also need to save a week for the end of January for our cruise.

Speaking of which, we need to pay the balance on that by the beginning of November.

Weather here has been spectacular. I am loving it. I do think we are supposed to hit 90s by next week for about 3 days or so before it goes back to the weather I have been loving. Autumn. My favorite season for decor and many other things.

My goal this week is to get the next chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All done and posted.  I have no other specific goals so we will see what if anything I can done besides that one.

Tomorrow night we plan to see It.

And that pretty much sums up my rambles for this week.


Some More Ramblings This Week

So recent movies.

I saw The Dark Tower. I didn’t mind it. I thought it was pretty decent, actually. Maybe because I hadn’t read the books, who knows. But I and those that went with me thought it was getting a bad rap. We all liked it fine.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Hilarious. Lots of violence and bad language so if that’s not your thing, skip it. But Samuel and Ryan were funny as hell in it. The one weakness to me was Salma. I’ve liked her in other things but to me her character didn’t work. But otherwise quite good.

Last night we saw Wind River. It was written by the same writer who did Hell or High Water. I’ve come to the conclusion he really thinks the lives of poor people suck bad. And that’s probably true. But it’s hard to have hope in his movies of ever improving that sucky life. It was very well done but very depressing. The murder/assault scene was disturbing, though not really overly graphic. Graphic enough though. It’s a move that I think will stay with me for a while.

It comes next. I am sure none of you will be running out to see that! Ha. I don’t really find clowns that creepy. When I was a kid there was a period of time my mother collected clown related stuff. Statues of Emmett Kelley and paintings and such. She even had some ornaments. I don’t like them myself but I don’t find them really frightening. That being said the previews for It are terrifying! I can’t wait to see it, lol.

We are actually in the 70s today! Can I get a hallelujah?! HA HA

So far this week besides my guest sex chapter, I have updated What Happened to Spock and When I Fall in Love. Unlike last week I will have a flash up on Friday.

Today I had my Health Screening at work. It’s something they do every year to give you credits toward the costs of your benefits. You have to certify you don’t smoke (my company takes my word for it, M’s makes you do a swab!), get a flu shot (something I have done for years due to asthma), have your BMI done, Blood Pressure checked, and your glucose and cholesterol.

My BP was still too high even with the medicine I take at 130/84. But everything else was great. So yay! I can live for a while longer!



Ramblings of the Week, September 11, 2017

Had a pretty nice weekend. The Muppets at the Bowl were fun. Saw a few celebrities including Ty Burrell from Modern Family and composer Paul Williams. He wrote The Rainbow Connection for Muppets (as well as the music for the Muppet’s Christmas Carol) as well as several very well known songs like the Carpenters’ We’ve Only Just Begun.

And then Sunday we met a friend for brunch. Ate way too much. But it was nice.

I did manage to get the conclusion of First Impressions done despite my vow to take a break. Thanks for checking it out as I know most of you did.

I don’t have any idea what I will work on this week as far as writing goes. I need to get a new chapter of What Happened to Spock done but I am stuck on it. It’s one of those works I wish I had never started because I have written myself into a bit of a corner. I tried to write on something today but without any success I guess. I thought it was pretty good, but apparently it was not, so I am feeling very low.

So, I just don’t know. I ended up reading at lunch instead.

Sixteen years ago, of course, our country changed. I remember spending days on end crying after that day. Hearing all the stories about the people who died. And watching all the news coverage. For those of us that experienced it as adults it’s not something we can ever forget.


Ramblings of the Week, September 04th

As most of you know, our AC was out and in the middle of the biggest heat wave we’ve had in a long ass time.

So we got an appointment for someone to come in and fix it and M took the day off, Thursday, to have it fixed.

FYI, Wednesday night was the most miserable night ever.

Anyway, so they were supposed to come at 10:30 on Thursday but apparently two teenaged boys arrived, according to reports! LOL.

They had no idea what they were doing I guess and ended up leaving without doing squat. The access onto the roof is in a neighbor’s yard and their ladder wouldn’t reach otherwise.

We then spent like an hour and a half driving all over looking for a portable AC but with the heatwave everyone was sold out!

So Thursday evening the neighbor contacted us and said of course they can go in. So we made ANOTHER appointment for Friday. From 2 to 5 and since I was getting off early for the holiday weekend we took the appointment.

I went on Amazon and ordered a portable for our bedroom anyway.  Paid for it to be delivered Saturday because I was taking NO CHANCES.

Dude didn’t show up Friday until almost 6 but he was an adult and knew what he was doing! Yay. Fixed it (needed a starter) and we had the best night sleep we’d had all week. Plus I now have a back up if anything goes wrong

This week is a short work week. On Saturday night we head to the Hollywood Bowl for The Muppets Take the Bowl and Firework Finale. Should be fun. We love the Bowl.

I hope to get a few things updated this week but I won’t say what so that no one blames me if their favorite didn’t make it!



Ramblings of the Week, August 21, 2017

So on Saturday, we went to Channel Islands Harbor for the Chowder Fest. It was fun tasting the different chowders and a little wine, too, but it was kind of warm even by the water to be tasting hot soup. Afterward, we went back to my friend’s house and had some wine while sitting out in his front yard. Then we went to a Cajun place for dinner. It was a long day for me.

This week, I am itching to get a new chapter of You are the Light That’s Leading Me done but I have to be a certain mindset for that because of uber angst. So we will see. I’d like to get First Impressions finished and maybe a new chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All. It’s going to be a tight week for me though so we will see.

This weekend coming up is my wonderful getaway to Morro Bay


I cannot wait. I will be gone Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It’s more money than I should be spending, not going to lie, but I am going anyway and I know I will have a fantastic time.

But it also means a little less updating. I’ll get done what I can get done. Not going to worry about it.

We are only supposed to get a partial eclipse Monday between 9 and 11ish I think I read on the LA Times site. I’ll probably head outside to see what the sky looks like. And yes, I know not to go blind, *SMH* You are NEVER supposed to look at the sun people. They really think we are all idiots. Updated to add a picture of what we saw here in Southern California. A Co-worker’s photo



Hope everyone has a decent week.

Ramblings of the Week, August 14, 2017


Channel Islands Harbor above

This past weekend, on Sunday, we had a barbecue at the family’s house. Hard to believe August is about half over already. While I won’t be sorry to see the heat go (and yes it will still be hot here in September), I will miss the daylight as it begins to get darker earlier.

This coming weekend on the 19th, I am going to the Chowder Fest in Oxnard (Channel Islands) with friends. The cost is $25 an includes different chowders, wine and beer.

In case you missed it, this week I updated Broken, My Devotion, and Anything. I ended up posting Broken on AO3, but changed the name.

Anyway, be that as it may, my plans for the week are to get a new chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All and Where My Demons Hide up this week.  Possibly the conclusion of Broken, too, which is now called First Impressions. That’s it, though.

For anyone who has a tumblr, I now have one. I don’t do a huge amount with it because I am a bit lost, but it’s there. Ivan’s tumblr


Ramblings of the Week, August 07, 2017


In my continuing saga of my work computer, it is supposed to be replaced today. Will it? Only the shadow knows. Wish me luck.

As you all know, it’s finally happened. My muse has taken a holiday or a vacation, whatever. My Devotion has not been updated in three months. As a reader, I would find this disappointing and discouraging. Whether I wanted to feel that way or not or feel it was fair. I followed stories in the past that it was torture to wait for and some even ultimately never got updated and were abandoned. I’ve never wanted to be that writer, I assure you.

It is my intention to slog through it and get it updated sometime this week. I need luck for that too. I also have half of the next chapter of Broken written.

Mother ended up in the ER yesterday. She’s 91 so she gets watched pretty closely. She was feeling dizzy. They couldn’t really find anything wrong so they allowed her to go home even though they recommended she stay overnight just in case. She didn’t want to so she went home.

In just over two weeks, I am going to my favorite locale of Morro Bay for M’s birthday weekend (last weekend of August). Lately we’ve been staying only overnight but this time we are spending two nights there and we are so looking forward to it. A romantic weekend for two.

I will try to get another chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All done this week but with the other two taking priority, we will see how it goes. I *should* have a flash fic up on Friday.

Our temps are typical August, high eighties and up to mid to high 90s. based on accuweather reports right now, I don’t see any 100s coming up but of course that could change. Last couple of nights I have been able to sleep with window open and no fan on, so I consider that a success!

Ramblings of the Week, July 31, 2017

As we head into a new week, I find myself discouraged by plenty of things around me.

I’m not going to go into too many details but suffice it to say the amount of intolerance I see out of a great deal of Jesus’ followers is astounding if not appalling. I don’t generally get into that here, too much anyway, but I made the mistake of checking out the page of one of my relative’s friends and not only did she imply that McCain got brain cancer because he “threw down” with Liberals but she also said questioning your gender identity comes not from “God” but from “Satan”.*


What would Jesus say and do? I am pretty sure I can say 100% it would not be what she did.

It’s times like this that I seriously question humanity and how long we do and should have left on this planet. I have to say, if I were God, I would not be impressed.

In other happenings, I did have a lovely family dinner Saturday for a birthday of 91 years. I had two glasses of white wine, and then one glass of port.

I need to find a way to make a couple of million dollars so I can quit my job and pay off all my debts. I know, we all want that.

As far as what to work on this week, I don’t know. I think I won’t post anything else today. I did post a new chapter of Primal Lust. I am sure I will work on writing at lunch and it’s likely either going to be on Didn’t We Almost Have it All or For the First Time in My Life I was Happy.

I hope the week brings more peace to me and I stop reading about and listening to the haters. Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off comes to mind.

*I am well aware there are plenty of people who do not think like she does. Fortunately.

Me Being Random

My current song obsession that I think goes marvelously with Jim is Believer by Imagine Dragons. Check it out for the full experience but here are some of my favorite lyrics.

 I was broken from a young age
Taking my soul into the masses
Write down my poems for the few
That looked at me took to me, shook to me, feeling me
Singing from heart ache from the pain
Take up my message from the veins
Speaking my lesson from the brain


I was choking in the crowd
Living my brain up in the cloud
Falling like ashes to the ground
Hoping my feelings, they would drown
But they never did, ever lived, ebbing and flowing
Inhibited, limited
Till it broke up and it rained down

I love music that inspires me to write.  I have a whole long playlist for Star Trek.

It’s like 90 something degrees and my co-worker is wearing knee high leather boots like it’s fucking January.

Sometimes I wish I could control myself and not write fifty million Spirk stories. And I still want to write that Winter story I’ve been talking about.

Neighbor came over yesterday to say they’d had a massive leak and flood and since we share a wall we should check that wall for drywall damage. Sigh.

My plans for a beautiful romantic weekend at the end of August in Morro Bay may or may not be ruined. I have booked it but now the sister wants to visit. Grrr.

Recent movies I’ve seen and liked: Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, Spiderman.

Movies I’ve seen and didn’t like: I Saw the Light. I love Tom Hiddleston but this movie sucked. Sorry, Tom. Maybe it was the subject matter (Hank Williams).

Movies I still intend to see this summer: Dunkirk and The Dark Tower

I was supposed to get a new computer at work yesterday. The one I have is ancient and unbelievably slow. They set me up to get a new one more than a month ago on yesterday’s date. The one tech copied my stuff to transfer to the new one. And then…he sent me a message saying my computer was missing. I heard nothing else the rest of the day. I emailed him this morning to ask for an update. He responded just now that they still haven’t found it and that he basically has not ETA for me to get my new computer now. Unbelievable.

No writing update today. And I am going to lunch with my co-worker so I won’t even be working on anything. Tomorrow I will have a flash fic up but I warn you, it is short. (and sweet).

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