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Ramblings of the Week June 17, 2019

As followers of my updates on AO3 know, Stranded 2: The Sequel is now live and up to two of three chapters. I *should* be posting chapter 3 Monday. I should also advise that eventually, in the not too distant future, I will be attempting Stranded 3: The Conclusion.

Up this week besides the final chapter of Stranded 2 is All I Ever Wanted and Nine Lives. And if there is time, Transfer Request. That will bring all updates into the month of June as those three were last updated at the end of May.

You can also expect a new flash on Friday, though admittedly I do not remember what I wrote for this coming week! For shame.

Supposed to be in the low 80s all week so not bad! I’ll take it.

We are seeing Men in Black: International on Tuesday. What cracks me up is that Hemsworth was quoted as saying ST 4’s story had issues but, um, he does things like MIB and Ghostbusters and the National Lampoon Vacation thing. So sorry, Hemmy, I am not buying it. Anyway, he looks cute, so I’m on board. Surely nothing could be as rotten as Godzilla.

I think that’s it for reporting for the beginning of this week.


Rambles of the Week, June 03, 2019

So this past week I got ahead on my Flashes, as I told you, and I updated Nine Lives, Transfer Request, and The Sight. Not bad!

Coming up to be updated next are: The Mysterious One, My Devotion and Didn’t We Almost Have it All.

If I can get all that done, I’ll be very happy indeed.

However, Tuesday is going to be a super long day for me. We’re going out to another city where a friend lives after work and seeing Rocketman with a few friends. Not our normal movie night in other words. So, I expect not to get home until quite late. That day probably won’t be very productive, I’ll be honest now.

Tomorrow is a fast day. One good thing is I have found my love of flavored fizzy waters, so that should help some. I have had Grapefruit, Dark Cherry, Tangerine, Peach, Coconut, Lemon, Strawberry and Apricot. All no sugar or sweetener of any kind, thankfully because I hate the sweet ones that are out there.

Yes to these

Super no to these

I’ll warn you all again closer to the time but on June 30, 2019 I will be on vacation. June 30-July 03 out of town for sister’s 60th. The rest of that week for Independence Day activities and helping someone move. You can expect a birthday flash that week and one on Friday, but that is likely it for me that week.

And for now, I think that’s it.

Ramblings, May 28, 2019

I got just a little lazy and though my intentions were to finish Incompatible over the long weekend I didn’t quite manage it. Hope to finish it today.

Next update after that will be Transfer Request and then I intend to start working on some July Flashes. The Sight comes up after that.

Our upcoming weather isn’t too bad. High 70s, low 80s. I’ll take that because before long we’ll no doubt get hot.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say right now. So I’ll keep this very brief.

Enjoy your week. Have a pretty picture.

Upcoming Long Weekend

Hello my friends

This weekend is Memorial Day of course. Besides Friday’s Flash, I wrote a special one for Memorial Day. I hope that you will like it.

In the mad glee to be happy for a three-day holiday weekend, I sometimes don’t pay enough homage to those who have fallen giving their lives for freedom over the many years of wars and military actions. So, though, it’s just a short piece, I have tried.

In our continuing Bizarro Weather 2019, it’s supposed to be cloudy, drizzly and cool over the three day weekend (cool for us, mind). Can’t recall when the last time we had such weather for the end of May.

Sunday is the day I’ll be headed to the family for the annual Memorial Weekend Barbecue. Usually we sit out on the patio and enjoy the sun and warm weather. Ha. We may be indoors this year.

I’ve capped Incompatible at 10 chapters, so that’s 4 to go as of this writing. Once that’s done, I move to Transfer Request. I left that story with someone grabbing Jim as he left the bar.

I came close to deleting Not Too Few Regrets yesterday (aka the cheating story) and I might still until I decide for sure whether to delete it or continue it. I am thinking of getting rid of it from AO3 until it is fully written and then posting the whole thing when it’s done. So we shall see. That’s what I am leaning toward right now.

Fasting day is over for the week. I did it Tuesday this week and I almost died. Not really. But it was hard, not going to lie. I have started drinking flavored sparkling water(zero calorie) though and that helps.

Finally finished the first season of Discovery and quite liked it. I’ll be excited to start season two soon as everyone says it’s quite a bit better and I really liked the first one. I don’t agree with those who say it’s not “Star Trek”. Screw them. They say the same thing about Star Trek AOS movies. And I think I have read that they have been saying that since TNG was announced all those years ago, with the internet they are just louder and more obnoxious. Is it perfect? Heck no. Star Trek isn’t in any iteration. But it’s good. Quite. So as a former possible naysayer, I have changed.

Today I leave you with pictures of M’s garden and the little individual pizza he made for me on Sunday! Yum.

Ramblings, May 20, 2019

I’ve been fairly quiet this weekend as I’ve been spending some time with M and also we went to the cousin’s house on Saturday. I got drunk. We watched the second Fantastic Beast movie in the Harry Potter Universe, Crimes of Grindewald or whatever it’s called. It rained so we ended up inside instead of out on the patio with a fire. Anyway, we watched the movie, because the cousin rented it (onDemand). I was far too drunk to understand most of it, not going to lie!

Anyway, Sunday it rained and M and I spent the day together. Was nice. I did take a break to get up a chapter of Incompatible. I hope to get another up Monday. I’d like to just keep updating this story until it’s complete. I’ve gotten some…odd…comments and that’s all I will say about that. Look for me to push that one to finish this week before I get anything else done. After that, it’s on to All I Ever Wanted.

Coming up for Friday’s Flash, I based it off of one of the prompts I got. You’ll see when you read it.

Today (Monday) we are off work and plan to spend the day together again. Those are my favorite times. No movie this week as there isn’t anything out we want to see until upcoming weeks.

Hope you all have good weeks.

Wednesday Ramblings May 15, 2019

Today, I finished and scheduled Flashes through the end of June. And yes, I am insanely happy about that.

It gives my humpty dumpty brain such relief. What I mean, if you don’t understand the reference, is it’s about to crack. So having all this done and scheduled is such a relief.

For July, I need a birthday flash for Jamie, and then the rest of July, which will include a flash with my Regency Pinto guys, and one for the Pre-Surak Reform series. But there is plenty of time to worry about those, and I won’t right now. I’m covered for a while.

Now I can move on to regular updates. Besides getting more done on Incompatible (which should only be a few chapters, since it was supposed to be a flash–insert sticking out tongue Emoji in your imaginations–so look for that), I’ll be skipping over the Cheater one for now, and moving on to updates for All I Ever Wanted and Transfer Request after that. So those are coming up in the next week or so.

This coming weekend is a three-day for me, as M and I decided to take Monday off together. So that will be two three day weekends in a row with Memorial Day the next weekend. Yipee. I definitely need it.

Work has been crazy. Besides working for a large corporation, we are also moving offices in the summer (August I think), so yeah.

We are supposed to get rain tomorrow! Nuts.

Ramblings May 13, 2019

Photo by Pixabay on

Mother’s Day was nice. The restaurant was crowded, but we had reservations so got right in. Had steak and lobster. And wine of course. Cheesecake and Strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Understandably I am fasting today.

Weather wise we are currently experiencing a phenomenon called May Gray. It means the mornings are all overcast and then it burns off in the afternoon. We have the same thing in June but then it’s called June Gloom.

I’m finishing up my Memorial Day flash today and working on a few other things.

This week I hope to post more of Incompatible and also the next chapter of My Hearts a Virgin.

Tomorrow’s movie is Detective Pikachu

Otherwise, nothing terribly exciting.

Ramblings (Best Laid Plans)

Last day of April already and soon we will be into the fifth month of the year.

Last night I fully intended to finish, when I got home from work, a flash fic I had been working on earlier in the day. I even sent it home to myself. Instead, I went up and got in bed and fell asleep. When I finally woke up, I took a shower, and then played a world building game for the rest of the time and never did turn to that fic.

I’ll work on it today at lunch but doubt it will get done. It’s going in the May 17th slot that I originally had another fic in. That flash is either getting moved to June or becoming its own fic because it’s definitely becoming a beast! HA. JJ’s idea was just too inspiring.

I’m seeing Captain Marvel tonight. I didn’t want to see it all that much but everyone else in our movie group did.

Tomorrow is Walk at Lunch Day at work and if you participate you get a free shirt or bag or something, so I think I am going to do that. I walk every day now anyway.

I thought about doing another update on My Devotion this week, but I don’t think I will after all.

That’s it for now!

Photo by Viktor Lundberg on

Ramblings April 28, 2019

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of some barren trees in my neighborhood.

Here they are a few weeks later

Same bunch of trees. Isn’t nature awesome?

This week I am finagling a few things flash ficywise and also working on My Devotion and Didn’t We Almost Have it All.

I didn’t get any writing done this weekend. Just too busy with other things.

This coming Saturday I am having to go to yet another social event. You know the old time tupperware parties? or Princess House? Or any of those? Well, nowadays, they sell wine at one of those. It’s a Wine Party. You try different wines and if you want to buy them you do. It’s a new thing, I guess. Anyway I am going to that on Saturday afternoon into evening. Sigh.

That’s about all I have going right now.! Nice week weatherwise.

Oh and the birthday party was a success!

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