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Rambling Update, July 18, 2018

So what am I working on at present?

Well, I started the next chapter of Nine Lives. I feel like I need to move forward with this story. It’s been fun to write but Spock has been a cat for a long time now and I feel like there needs to be payoff here soon. So that’s where my thoughts are going with that story.

Otherwise I am preparing to begin penning/typing the next chapter of My Devotion. The other day I was looking at my statistics and there are a crazy insane amount of subscribers to that story. I don’t know if all of those people are still reading it but it was great to see the interest there anyway.

Everyone has their favorites and everyone wants those updated faster and next, of course, and I totally get that, so I try to update as in order as I can but also with the idea of current popularity in mind, which is why you saw some frequent updates on Idiots in Love.

As I indicated prior, though, I am coming up on a very busy month for me, August (not to mention expensive), so I will do the best I can. I am going to Solvang, the Hollywood Bowl, and San Diego, one right after the other after the other.

This weekend, I believe anyway, that I have it free. Thankfully! Then beginning with the last weekend of July (mom’s 92 birthday), I go in to the busy period until the end of August.

So anyway, look for Nine Lives coming soon. And we will see after that.


My thoughts July 17, 2018

First, I saw some poor guy on a motorcycle get hit by a car this morning on the way to work. It was AWFUL. Still shaken up by it. The guy was sitting up when someone went to him, so that was good. But it was just so horrible. I still can’t believe how close the car that hit him was following him. I witnessed it and I still can’t fathom how that asshole hit him. It looked almost deliberate.

Second, a note about canon. I’m going to lock this post from comments because I don’t want to get into any arguments with anyone and this is MY opinion on what is canon and I cannot be dissuaded from it.

To me what the original creator created is canon. So in this case of the characters of Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, etc, created by Gene, as created by Gene, are canon. As he created TNG this would be the same for those characters. Those behind DS9, Voyager and Enterprise created that.

In the case of the new movies, no Spock and Uhura being together is NOT canon. Gene did not create them as a couple. He created t’hy’la to describe the relationship between Spock and Kirk, whether you believe it was platonic or not. In much the same way, George T can claim Sulu being gay is not canon, because that’s not what Gene created, I submit the same for Spock and Uhura. No, not canon.

JJ changed it just like any fanfiction author has over the years. We can change what we want to suit our purposes too, but that doesn’t make it canon.

And frankly, I feel the same about Michael Burnham from Discovery. Canonly, she is NOT Spock’s adopted sister. While the original cast was still active in the show and the movies, Gene never created this scenario/storyline for Spock. In fact, Leonard Nimoy had already passed away and had absolutely nothing to be able to say in this. So, just like the other, I think the Discovery writers who decided to add her as Spock’s “adopted sister” is just the same as fanfiction and non-canon.

What prompted this? Well stuff on tumblr of course. I enjoy many aspects of tumblr but there is much to really dislike.

Anyway, thanks for listening, or not.

Friday’s Musings (07/13/2018)

Friday, I finished Unbonded. This story was started at the end of May 2017, but it’s finally complete. I think this was another idea that came out of a one-shot idea that ended up being not a one-shot. I still closed it at under 20,000 words because try as I might, I am not particularly wordy.

That leaves me with the following WIPS:

My Devotion

All I Ever Wanted

The Sight

Young and Beautiful

Idiots in Love

The Love of a Lifetime

Where My Demons Hide

Didn’t We Almost Have It All

What Happened to Spock

Nine Lives


When I Loved You

The Experiment

Some of those were started quite recently and others have been around for quite a while. In the coming months (July-August) I anticipate having Anything finished and likely Idiots in Love.

This all doesn’t count Bitter Frost, which is still on hiatus and I am unclear if I will ever finish it. I started off with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for that story but it has quite frankly died. I can’t even say why. So we will see.

When all of these are finished, if I haven’t started yet another story, which you never know about me, I will have to decide if I will continue writing Star Trek fanfiction. I have been at it since 2013 and that’s a long time. I dearly love Star Trek and Kirk and Spock specifically, so it would be hard for me to quit it all together. I can’t keep up with my brain these days. I’m always thinking of new ideas and unable to write them in a timely manner, which has absolutely, clearly, lost me some readership. I’ve seen readers come and go over the years, which I think is normal for this type of thing, but I also know there are those still on the site that have given up on reading my work. I may be fooling myself, but I don’t think it’s that my quality has gone down, but rather they don’t want to follow ongoing stories. I do understand that. And you never know if someone will disappear without ever finishing a story you’ve spent months investing reading in only to have them give up or die or whatever. I get it. I do.

August is a crazy busy month for me though, especially weekends, so I will do my best to keep updates coming as regularly as I can manage them and my sanity.

Weatherwise, in my neck of the woods, we are having typical July weather, 90s. We are having a little atypical humidity too but it’s manageable. At least, so far, knock on wood, my AC still works. You may or may not recall the horror of the dead AC last year during a beastly heatwave. It cost $500 to fix and the AC dude said that our AC was old and would only last another couple of years.

I have already bought a Christmas decoration. Yes, I know. But it was a Christmas in July sale and he was this really cool snowman. I’m not usually fond of those AT ALL but this one was cool and is battery operated and lights up, etc. I am looking forward to showing him off come Christmas. Which reminds me! I also have the Christmas story I am working on as well as the Old Married Spirk. Oiye. Only one Christmas story this year though. It’s shaping up to be a story with only Jim and Spock as the characters, so that’s kind of nice.



Ramblings of the Week, July 07, 2018

This weekend we are having a heatwave on Vulcan. Wish us luck that we survive it. Hopefully I will still be alive by the time you read this after it posts, LOL.

I finished How to Seduce Your First Officer. As I said I would. Didn’t want another WIP. There was a scene for it I had intended to write but it just wasn’t working for that story so I hope to add it to When I Loved You, when the time is right. So stay tuned for that.

For updates, I have Young and Beautiful and All I Ever Wanted coming up. I think given the heat though I want to work on my Christmas story (oh the irony) so I likely won’t start the updates of those stories until the work week starts. This means no updates for me for the weekend and possibly Monday. We will see. The Sight comes up after that. I’ve also started to think about the next chapter of Nine Lives.

So in August, besides our weekend in Solvang, we have now planned a weekend in San Diego with friends (frienemies) the weekend of August 18-20. We’re staying at the Handlery there and will be going to the zoo and wild life park. These places in San Diego are world famous and among the best zoos in the world. During the summer the zoo has zoo nights until Labor Day, which is apparently why we are going at this time when it will likely be a million degrees. Love the zoos but ugh the heat.

This week coming up we will finally see The Incredibles 2. Then next week will be the dinos. After that Mission Impossible and Skyscraper. Not sure if there’s anything after that we want to see. Hotel Transylvania 3 probably. But Mama Mia 2? Um, no thanks.



Ramblings, July 02, 2019

First, a few photos from Vegas. A view of the pool from our room. And some of the extravagant glass lights from the hotel/casino.


And here’s just a picture my fantastic dinner last night, M made me.


Posted a birthday ficlet on AO3 for Yaoichan  yesterday.

I am still working on the one-shot, though I posted the first of the three chapters, and Where My Demons Hide but of course this is a weird week with the holiday and busy get-togethers. I will do my best to get them finished.


Ramblings June 26, 2018

I’m very pleased to have finished You’re in My Veins. Like most stories involving my boys, I probably could have gone on forever, or at least a few years. But I felt I had come to a place where I at least could end it.

That leaves only The Experiment left for my current WIPS for the Professor-Cadet series which is now up to like 21 stories. I am sure I will think of more because honestly those stories, set in the Academy, are my wheelhouse. I love the idea of getting them together at this point.

Not sure if I will get the next part of OMS ready for Friday but I will try.

Next up on updates is Where My Demons Hide. I left it at a very dark place and that’s going to continue but next chapter is going to be very much Spock/Kirk centered. I’ve started it, in fact started it not long after finishing the last chapter, but it’s not ready by any means, nor will it be until next week.

I have an idea for a one-shot too that I hope to start in the not too distant future but I am determined that it will be a one-shot and not go on forever and ever. LOL

Hard to believe next week is the 4th of July already. As I think I mentioned, on the evening of the 3rd we go to M’s cousin who lives in a city that does their fireworks on the 3rd. Weird, but true, and they have done that for years and years. Back in the old days it was free to get into the park near where they let them off and so we often attended with a group of friends. We’d bring blankets and KFC. It was fun. So many years ago now, really, that one of my friends who we used to go with passed away over ten years ago now, so yeah, long time we used to do that. They never put on the best show ever, but it was good. And free at a time where my own city was not (they are now). Then they began to charge and oddly enough it got busier than when it was free. It became such a hassle to get in there and get out that we all sort of mutually decided not to go.

Then M’s cousin started renting a place in the hills of the city and she had the perfect view of the fireworks the city lets off without all the hassle of the crowds. We could cook our own food, drink, play with the doggy she has. All in all a way better experience. We’ve been doing it there ever since.

On the 4th, we will have a bbq at the sister’s house in our own city. Sometimes we walk down to the park that they have the fireworks at and sometimes we watch from her house. Not sure what we will do this year. But the show is one of the best you’ve ever seen. A few years back they had a disaster involving exploding fireworks (no one was killed or maimed or anything) but they had to cancel as we were all sitting there waiting. It was something because as we were walking back to her house the news helicopters were everywhere.

Anyway, I’m blathering. It’s probably my favorite part of summer. Once that passes I am always eager for my favorite time to arrive, Autumn and the holidays! Alas, summer continues merrily burning on! HA

Last week I was talked into seeing Solo. It was okay. Better than I expected and pretty decent if I pretended he had nothing to do with Harrison Ford’s character, ha ha. I liked it better than Rogue One which I hated. This week we will be seeing Ocean’s 8.

Finally finished reading Needful Things. One of Stephen King’s long novels. It’s really sad how the people turn on each other and murder each other in a mob frenzy. I was glad to see some of my favorites in the story actually survived but some of the deaths and some of what went on, just terrible. You’d like to think people are better than that, but in today’s modern times, I can’t think that anymore.

That will be all until next week (unless OMS is updated Friday). Take care everyone and please be careful out there.

Rambles, June 22, 2018

Okay, so let’s see what I managed to get done this week.

Updated When I Loved You, Anything, and Nine Lives. I also wrote the piece, Immigrants. I didn’t get an update done on the OMS story so that was a miss but the rest were good on me.

Coming up next is Didn’t We Almost Have it All. After that is You’re in My Veins. I doubt I will get much more than those done, as I am going to Vegas later in the week. That will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Staying downtown at the Golden Nugget.

If you’ve never been there, Fremont Street, downtown is something else. You see old men wearing pink bikinis, lots of street performers dressed as Elvis and other things, artists, musicians, beggars, you name it Fremont has it. Along the street are various hotels and casinos. It’s not as glitzy as the Strip and usually the actual gambling is better downtown which is why you tend to see more locals there instead of at the flashy Strip hotels and casinos.

Anyway, I anticipate a quiet weekend right now working on some writing, watching some stuff, maybe a bit of cleaning, laundry, and coloring my gray hair!

It’s supposed to be in the 80s this weekend which all in all is a pretty decent June for us. I dread August because last year it was just so beastly. The first weekend in August we’ll be hitting Solvang overnight as M’s favorite restaurant, Root246, is there. We haven’t been there for a while and this is an early birthday present for him. We’ll stay over night so we can have some drinks at the restaurant. We can walk from our little Inn, so that works. Anyway, getting ahead of myself LOL.


Ramblings of the Week, June 17, 2018


As you know, I finished Stay and updated What Happened to Spock this past weekend.

My lonely days and nights are over as my sweetie came home late Saturday night. Yay!

Tuesday will be the latest update on my Old Married Spirk story.

I intend to get to When I Loved You and Anything this week. Possibly also Nine Lives and/or The Sight.

Coming up at the end of the month we’re off to Vegas for the sister’s birthday. We’ll be gone the 28-30. Then it will be about time for the 4th of July. It’s on a Wednesday which makes for a little more of a challenging celebration. We’ve already been invited to the cousin’s on the 3rd as her city always does their fireworks a day early. She has a great location up on a hill to see them. We’ve gone the last like 3 years there so I am pretty sure this will be our 4th year doing that. We’ll have food and drink first. The 4th will be at the sister’s house, and then it’s back to work the next day. Boo.

I think that’s about all I have to say now.

Ramblings of the Week, June 11, 2018


IMG_0733My days off work are almost over and I am sad I have to go back tomorrow. At least that means it’s less days until M comes home on Saturday night.

So far I’ve managed to watch seven movies and several episodes of Criminal Intent. I’ll watch a few more today and then after work probably some as well.

I’ve been working on my academy fic here and will likely update that again soon. Tomorrow will be another 100 words or so of my OMS story.

Up next on AO3 is What Happened to Spock, but I don’t really feel like working on that story right now. Maybe after the academy story is finished.

At the end of the month I have another couple of days off to go to Vegas for sister’s birthday. Something to look forward to. Before you know it we’ll be celebrating Independence Day.

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