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Old Married Spirk


This turned out a little more sorrowful than I originally intended and I almost just deleted it thinking it was too sad. But what the hell. Here it is.


Jim found him tending his garden, knelt in the dirt, fingers in the soil. His shoulders were slightly stooped, but really that was almost the only sign of his age. That and the black hair now liberally streaked with gray.


He looked up at the darkening sky. It was not quite four but this time of the year it got dark far too early. Plus Jim was fairly sure a storm was coming.

Spock looked up from the garden he tended. His lips quirked just slightly when he took in that Jim had bundled himself into his warmest coat. “You should have stayed inside, t’hy’la. It is cold out here. I will be in soon.”

“To think I used to be always hot,” Jim replied. “While I’m grateful for the extra time I got from that super blood, it would have been nice to have a few other perks.”

“The fact that you are still with me is all that I need. I will warm you up later.”

Jim smiled. “Is that a promise?”

“Of course.”

Jim looked down at what Spock was growing. “Your onions are doing great.”

“Indeed. I will be harvesting them tomorrow and most everything else, too. The weather is turning too cold to grow much of anything much longer.”

He sounded wistful and Jim hated that. He should have let them move to a climate better suited for Spock’s wanting to grow things.

“Speaking of onions,” Jim said instead. “I’m making potato leek soup and we’ll have hot fresh baked rolls with it.”

“I look forward to it.”

There didn’t seem much else to say and Jim really was cold.

“Okay, I’ll see you inside.”

“Yes, t’hy’la.”

Jim bit his lip and turned to go back into the farmhouse. He paused on the porch to look back. The thing he feared most, more than any other in this lifetime, was that he would outlive Spock. He would ensure that it would not be for long, should that happen, but it still plagued him. In the other universe, Spock had died saving the Enterprise, he knew that. And the other him had endured it. Somehow. And in the end he’d made sure Spock lived once more. Yet, that Spock had died alone without Jim, anyway.

He watched as Spock stood with still a great amount of grace. He wiped the dirt off his robe and turned toward the path to return to the farmhouse himself.

Spock arched his brow when he saw that Jim still stood on the porch.

Jim pulled him up the stairs and wrapped his arms around his Vulcan.

“I am still covered in dirt, ashayam.”

“I don’t care.”

Spock leaned his head against Jim’s. “You did not return to the warmth of the house.”

“I know. It’s not warm without you.”

“You are most—”

“Illogical. Yeah.” Jim pulled back and smiled at the Vulcan that was everything. “I love being your illogical human.”

Spock’s hand came up to caress Jim’s cheek. “You do it so well.”

He laughed then and soundly kissed his husband. “I love you. So much.”

“And I worship and adore you.”

Jim took Spock’s hand and led him inside the farmhouse.

And it was indeed…warm.


Old Married Spirk is Here

Every Hour Has Come to This is live on AO3


Ramblings of the Week 10/31

So I posted another new story. Yeah I know. I honestly thought it would be 3 chapters now already it’s 4 and someone said they could see it becoming more. It’s called Dating a Vulcan. If you subscribe to me you might have gotten the notice that it posted as AO3 is screwing up again.

Tomorrow begins the month of the Old Married Spirk challenge. My entry is complete and is called Every Hour Has Come to This. It’s not much plot, just a day in the life of Kirk and Spock, Space Husbands. It’s TOS rather than AOS but you can probably see touches of my AOS Kirk in there because you know, that’s just what I write. I really did try to make him more Shatner than Pine, though.

You know me I can’t wait for shit, so it may be up as soon as November 01. I’m ridiculous.

Today you get a Pinto pic. Enjoy

Total classic





Today during my writing time I feel I need to return to my Old Married Spirk story. I plan to upload it fairly soon in November, maybe even the first because as most of you know, that’s how I roll. I can hardly wait to post stuff once I write it. This story is so full of fluffiness it’s unreal! HA. There’s probably a reason I don’t regularly write TOS.

Also writing on OMS will prevent me from posting on AO3 today which I definitely need a break from.

I seriously need to conclude something though because Christmas is coming and so is THE WINTER STORY. I need less works in progress. Somebody stop me!

I was posting chapters of Where My Demons Hide on here but I think it might be a bit too graphic for wordpress, so if you are out there and were reading it on wordpress, here’s the link for it on AO3/WMDH so it can be read there.

I may at times post some sort of fluffiness here. Maybe even some Kirk/Spock Prime. Those tend to get porny though so we will see.

In other news, I saw yesterday that Chris adopted a dog. Made me love him even more though I admit to being somewhat surprised since he seemed to indicate before not a lot of time to take care of a pet since he is away so much. But maybe he has enough free time he thought he could do it right now. Anyway the dog and Chris are both cuties.

Ramblings of the Week 09/26

I admit I saw this gif on tumblr and couldn’t resist adding it to my site. It’s pretty cool.

So I spent the last three days wining and dining in San Diego. It was beastly hot this weekend even though it is fall and I cannot wait for at least reasonable weather. I think it’s supposed to be reasonable beginning in October. I hope so!

I need to continue working on my old married Spirk story so I can have it ready for November. And I have told myself I will not begin writing THE WINTER STORY (notice all the caps there, which is what it’s known as until a title occurs) until the old married spirk story is finished.

I am also hoping to get some closure on a couple of other stories soon. I have too many WIPs going and soon I will want to write holiday stories. Anyway those are today’s and this week’s ramblings!

Old Married Spirk Challenge

In November I will be posting my entry into the Old Married Spirk Challenge on AO3.

I don’t have a title yet but basically it’s married life at their farmhouse in Riverside. I am calling it Original Series for purposes of the challenge, but really I think it could be read as AOS too.

In any case, here are the OS boys


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