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Throw Back Thursday 05/17/2018

On July 18, 2014 I posted my first chapter in My Spirk One-Shot Collection Part 1

Miss Me

“Are you gonna miss me?” Jim asked Spock as they lay in the afterglow of love making. He was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, though Spock didn’t seem particularly sweaty, damn the Vulcan.

“You will be gone three days and only two nights,” Spock replied.

“I’ll miss you.”

Spock did not have a response for that and Jim sighed. His head had been lying on Spock’s chest but now he rose up and lay on his side facing Spock, who still lay on his back.

Jim reached for Spock’s fingers with his and stroked them together. “You won’t miss me?”

“I did not say that.”

“You didn’t say you would either.” Jim sighed. “I wish you were coming with me.”

“Both the captain and the first officer are not required.”

“I know, Spock. It’s just…never mind.”

Spock opened his mouth as though to speak, but Jim feigned a yawn.

“Wow, I’m super tired all of a sudden.” He leaned over and placed a kiss on Spock’s lips. “Night, Spock.” He turned to face away from Spock and closed his eyes, trying not to be disappointed.


Jim was dead tired when he beamed on board the Enterprise from the three day meeting he’d had on Starbase 9. God Admirals and dignitaries could talk forever.

He stepped off the transporter pad and managed a weary smile for the chief behind the controls. He was back a couple of hours earlier than originally anticipated, so instead of heading for the bridge, Jim went to his quarters.

A check with the computer indicated Spock was on the bridge, so Jim discarded his clothes and got into the shower. He planned on drinking coffee when he was finished, so he could face the rest of his shift. What he really wanted was about three days straight of sleep, but that wasn’t going to happen.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and exited the bathroom.

Spock stood in his quarters, hands behind his back. For a moment, a fleeting one, Jim was annoyed Spock had entered his quarters without his permission. They had only been…well whatever they were…for a couple of weeks. Spock shouldn’t just think he could enter without asking, should he? But then Jim realized normally he wouldn’t care. He was just still smarting from Spock not telling Jim he would miss him.

“Hey, Spock. Everything okay?” Jim smiled. ”I got back a little early so I figured I had time for a shower.”

But Spock only stared at him.


Spock moved suddenly, so fast Jim gave a yelp of surprise as he was shoved against the bulkhead. The Vulcan slammed his hands on either side of Jim’s head, trapping Jim there.

“What?” Jim asked, his eyes wide with surprise.

Spock crushed Jim’s lips under his, ferocious and bruising. Jim moaned and threw his arms around Spock’s neck, pressing into the kiss, into Spock.

When Jim finally had to come up for air, he blinked hazily at Spock. “What was that?”

“I missed you.”

“Oh.” Jim smiled. “Oh.”

“Is that all you can say?” Spock asked, his pupils blown wide, as his gaze went to Jim’s swollen lips.

Jim went in for another kiss. “I missed you, too.”


100 Words Continuation, 05/15/2018


The condo was dark and silent.

Spock realized he was clenching his fists and he forced himself to release them.


He glanced toward the rain-splattered windows overlooking the city, trying to use the little bit of light coming in to see if the condo was truly empty.

Then he heard just the slightest snuffle and he could breathe again.

Spock set aside his traveler’s bag and moved forward in the darkness. Turning on the lights might be preferable but first Spock had to be sure the brightness would not be unwelcome.

He stepped toward the windows lining the one wall of the front room.

Ramblings, May 14, 2018


I’ve updated What Happened to Spock today but AO3 has been a major pain for the last couple of days so who knows if you will ever get to read it!

I’ve also got a good jump on the next chapter of Nine Lives.

Once that has been finished, I’ll tackle When I Loved You. When last I left it, Jim and young Jim were being threatened by a tiger-like creature on a strange planet.

There will be an update of 100 words tomorrow and Friday.

Not sure what comes after When I Loved You because I can’t get into AO3 to see, but I think it “may” be Anything. In any event, I may update something that or something else if the opportunity comes.

In August 2012, I visited this area of Hawaii where Kilauea is currently erupting. It is an area that is always active but not to the extent it has been lately. We stood at the Park overlooking Kilauea that year, amazed at nature at work. It was pointed out to me yesterday that it was 2012, whereas, it seems to me like it could have been yesterday. What a tragedy to befall the residents there. Like anywhere where natural disaster can hit (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, etc) you always know it “CAN” happen but you never quite think it will until it does. Hawaii is such a beautiful place but much of its beauty has been shaped by volcanoes and the like, just like many other places.

Anyway, I thought it was sort of interesting to have been to that place in the past. Probably only to me! HA.

Just a Little Mother’s Day short



Winona looked up from the bowl she was mixing pancakes in surprise. “Jim?”

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Oh my God! Jim!” She ran at him, throwing her arms around him. She started crying, because she simply could not help it. She had no idea he was going to show up. And here he was, her beautiful son. “How? I thought—”

“We got some leave when we were near Earth.”

She squeezed him. “I can’t believe it. And in Riverside.” She started crying harder.

“Hey.” He pulled back and gave her a quizzical smile. “I thought you’d be happy.”

“I am!” She wiped her eyes. “How long can you stay?”

“Just three days.”

She put her hands to her heart. “Three whole days?” She hugged him again. “You want some pancakes?”

Jim laughed. “Yeah, I’ll have some. But maybe I should make them for you.”

“Don’t be silly.” Then for the first time she noticed Jim’s first officer was standing just inside the side door. She’d never met him, though she knew who he was of course.  “Oh.”

Jim turned to Spock with a smile and held out his hand toward him. “Mom, this is Spock. My husband.”

Winona’s eyes widened and she gasped. “Husband!”


Spock stepped forward holding Jim’s hand. “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Her heart bursting, Winona smiled. “Pancakes for all of us, then.”

It was a good day. The best.

100 Words Continuation, 05/11/2018


He’d never meant to be so long.

He’d struggled between rushing up the stairs and taking the lift. The lift might be a little faster if he timed it right and so he rushed over to that. His heart pounded hard in his side.

As  long as the apartment was not empty, Spock could handle anything else. Had handled it ever since the first time they’d met with him.

Spock ran down the corridor toward the door. He waved his hand over the entry lock.

Please. Please do not be empty. Please be there. Waiting.

The door opened and Spock walked in.  

End of Weekish Ramblings, 05/10/2018

You get a very very very pretty Chris Picture today!


Last rambling update for the week, I promise!

Got The Experiment update done and up. I am a little insanely in love with this Jim. Chapter update was almost 3,000 words. Go me!

I thought I might have to wait to post an update to My Devotion but I am moving right along with writing it so I anticipate getting it up tomorrow. Just hit the 60,000 word mark which is super exciting for someone who is not a long writer like me! This one might surpass Going Boldly as my longest.

Tomorrow is the next part of my 100 Words story here on the blog.

Sunday is a Mother’s Day BBQ here for us. Saturday I expect to chill but I may do some work on the holiday story just to keep plugging along with it. Hard to believe it’s approaching the middle of May already. It will be summer before you know it. We’re dropping down into the 70s for the next week or so which is extremely welcome May weather for us.

Thank you for those of you who continue to support my stories by reading them. I wouldn’t be doing it anymore, probably, if it wasn’t for you, and I thank you most sincerely.


Updating Stories, May 09, 2018


Okay, well.

I had actually planned on having a little hiatus on here but the 100 Words Story I posted the first part of yesterday would not go away so I changed my mind. I honestly don’t think it will be as long as the last one but we shall see.

Yesterday I updated both Nine Lives and Unbonded. I actually planned on only updating Unbonded but then I managed to get Nine Lives done first. I could have waited to post Unbonded today but what the hell. It was done and those following it shouldn’t have to wait. I think I have about three chapters left on that story. Especially since after Tuesday’s update to it, they are, indeed, BONDED. LOL.

I am plugging right along. Next update will be The Experiment, but I will probably not get that up until sometime Thursday, I think. My Devotion comes after that but with Mother’s Day this weekend and family obligations that will get pushed to next week for sure. Following that is What Happened to Spock. And probably another Nine Lives Chapter. These are some intense stories so 2-3 updates a week is about all I can handle. I am trying to keep up with as much as I can though these days, so thank you for all your support and continuing to read.


New 100 Words Continuation 05/08/2018


Spock was much later getting back than he had intended. Meeting with the elders had taken longer than anticipated and then one of them had suggested a meal and before Spock gave it very much thought, he was agreeing.

Vulcans could be quite the talkers when they had like-minded sorts around them and the dinner had taken hours at a vegetarian restaurant much farther away than Spock had realized.

By the time the hover taxi pulled up in front of the condo building, the rain was coming down hard and twilight had come and gone. Spock was very anxious.

The Love Confession Conclusion (100 Words Continuing Story)

This is most definitely more than 100 words, but here is the conclusion of The Love Confession as I have titled it.



“Should probably clean up,” Jim murmured lazily.

“Later. We can shower together.”

He smiled. “Love the sound of that. Bones is right.”

“I find that hard to process. About what?”

“I really am an idiot.”

“Perhaps,” Spock acknowledged. “But you are my idiot.”

“Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“If you had allow me to speak—”

“Yeah, I know. But it was taking you a long time and I—”

“You are doing it again. I can hardly get a word in.”

“Well.” Jim huffed a laugh. “Anyway. I meant what I said.”

“Which part?”

Jim sighed. “You know.”

“I do not. You will have to tell me.”

“I love you,” Jim mumbled.

“What? I cannot hear you.”

“You have superior hearing. You can hear me!”

“What did you say, Jim?”

Jim was pretty sure Spock was laughing at him.

“I’m in love with you.”

Okay it still hurt a little somewhere deep inside to say it. Your name wasn’t Jim Kirk if you gave your love so freely. It hurt deep. You felt deeper.

Spock turned him in his arms and leaned over Jim as he fastened his lips to Jim’s. “And you are my life.”

Jim eyed him. “Does that mean you love me or not?”

Spock nodded.

“You will have to tell me,” Jim returned.

Spock’s lips quirked. “I am most emphatically—”

“Emphatically is a good word.” Jim grinned. “Maybe you should use that word every time you—”


“Does that mean love?”

“It most certainly does not.”

Jim rubbed his thumb across Spock’s bottom lip. “You’ve made me the happiest of men.”

“You have made me happy as well.”

“Yeah? Because making a Vulcan happy is quite a feat, you know.”

“Indeed. And in case it was not clear before—”

“Oh it was clear.”

Spock sighed. He actually sighed. “I love you.”

Jim opened his mouth and Spock put his hand over it.

“No more. You try my patience.” Spock released him and then stood, pulling Jim up with him. “Shower.”

Jim nodded and put his arms around Spock’s neck. “Best day ever.”

Spock closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Jim’s. “And more best days to come.”

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