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Rambles of the Week, July 24, 2017

55049_pplBaby Pie

Resuming my ramblings of the week post.

This week my boss is off on vacation and all I can say to that is, “Yay.”

I went ahead and posted Primal Lust but it is most definitely NSFW.

This weekend I also finished Dating a Vulcan. It felt so good to get a story finished.

I have not yet begun the next chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All but I do know what happens in the next chapter because I have played it through me head.

Last week of July already. I swear I will be posting about Labor Day and Halloween in no time. I haven’t yet decided if I will do any Halloween themed Spirk stories. Right now I am leaning toward no, unless inspiration hits me.

In a surprise move to all, I think, my next chapter of Tonight may have a little top Jim, but don’t get used to it. For this story I just want them to go at each other every which way they can.

Speaking of July, for us the temperatures are pretty average for July. I dread August though. Supposed to be in the low 90s all week, which as I said, is fairly average for us.

And finally, I read a story on AO3 posted right after mine that is incredibly hot and very well done. It’s NSFW either but man….It’s called Animal and it’s way out doing MY story in popularity but it is Jim/Spock only so that’s probably helping. Check it out if you haven’t already.

To Post or Not to Post

My friend, Appreciative One, asked me to write her a story for her birthday. She is a huge fan of Spock Prime and young Jim. It’s her guilty pleasure too.


But she wanted me to take it one step further.

See in her opinion, because Spock 1 and Spock 2 share the exact same DNA, they are the same person at different stages in their lives age wise and experience wise. But still.


So she challenged me to write her a very very explicit story where Jim is the filling between two Spock pieces of bread. They sex him up often and repeatedly, without any regrets.

Though her birthday has passed, I am still writing on this story. Basically I add to it whenever I feel like it. It most definitely will not be for everyone. It is very graphic.

So, my question here, is should I post it at some point on AO3? What say you?


More Videos for the Spirk Lover

Probably my personal favorite version with Somebody to Die For

This one is new to me but it’s “Star Trek” rather than Spirk

One of my favorites of that include this song, Somebody to Die For, doesn’t appear to be available anymore on Youtube. Bummer, good thing I saved it.

I like this one mostly because I like the song from Hamilton

This is where my title for my T’hy’la Bang story came from

Another one where I love the song

Of course everyone loves this one


Spirk Videos for the Depressed

Feeling down so I turn to my Spirk videos. I am sharing some of my favorites here but you’ve likely seen most or all of them. I have hundreds of times.

Classic of course


Short but oh so hurty

A favorite


This one combines both

I have three different versions of Spirk videos with this song!

An oldie but a goodie

Love this one cause she uses so much of their parents

This one is Jim focused but it’s one of my all time favorites. And as we know, I am Jim focused too

Flash Fiction Friday (early) July 21

So my friend AO gave me the prompt for this week. She wanted Jim to speak to Spock about his bedside manner. As per the below scene in the movie. Of course since Jim “dies” before he could have that conversation, I decided to have it in the hospital. And well, I couldn’t just leave it at that.

Also, you will note that rather than wait until Friday I am posting it today. I’ll be working on the new chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All so went ahead and posted this.

James T. Kirk: [Kirk’s HUD breaks midway through his space-jump] Spock my display is down, I’m flying blind.

Spock: Captain, without your display compass hitting your target destination is mathematically impossible.

James T. Kirk: Spock, if I get back, we really need to talk about your bedside manner.



Image result for chris pine star trek hospital


“Spock’s here again.”

Jim looked at Bones as he scanned him. “Yeah?”

Bones nodded. “Waiting outside. I’ll send him in as soon as I’m done checking on you.”

Jim smiled a little and glanced toward the door. Bones had told him Spock had visited every day while he was in a coma. The day Bones had brought him out of it, Spock had been there. And every day since he’d awakened. Off and on, anyway.

He’d had other visitors, too. Scotty, Sulu, Chekov. Even Uhura had come by the day before yesterday with Spock.

Bones turned off his scanner and stood back. “You’re doing well. Great even.  Better than I expected.”

“Super blood?”

“I need to run some more tests, but yeah, I think so. For someone who was mostly dead, it’s pretty remarkable.”

“When can I get out of here then?”

Bones shook his head. “Not until I run a whole battery of tests. Things look good now, but in a day or so, it could go bad.”

“You and your damn caution,” Jim muttered. “I feel great. And I hate being in this bed.”

“Yeah I know you do. I’ll send a nurse in later after Spock leaves to help you take a shower.” Bones waggled his brows. “A beautiful brunette.”

Jim smiled. “Send Spock in, will you? There’s something I need to talk to him about.”

“He sure seems fond of you,” Bones said, staring down at him. “I gotta say I’m surprised.”

“Why are you surprised?”

“I thought you’d finally found someone you couldn’t charm,” Bones said. “But apparently that old Kirk charm even works on Vulcans.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Just send him in, will you?”

Less than a minute later, Spock appeared by his hospital bed. He was dressed in the gray dress uniform he’d worn when Jim had first awakened. He held his hat in his hands.

“Hey Spock. How’s it going?”

“I have been to meetings in headquarters and—”

Jim waved that away. “No, not about work. You doing okay?”

Spock blinked at him but did not reply.

Jim shook his head bemusedly. “There’s something we need to discuss, Spock.”

His first officer straightened and gave a very tiny sigh. “Yes. I…yes. I do believe it is important for us to discuss matters as they stand now as well.”

“Then you know what I want to talk to you about?”

Spock nodded. “Yes. I have suspected you would want us to discuss it.”

“Good.” Jim indicated the edge of the bed. “Was there something you wanted to say first?”

“No. I will wait for you.”

Jim nodded. “Seriously, Spock. You need help.”


“Your bedside manner.”


Jim laughed. “Remember? When I was flying over to Marcus’ ship with Khan?”

Spock stared at him. “I recall that moment.”

“Well, then don’t you remember? I said if I made it back we’d have to discuss your bedside manner.” Jim gestured to himself and the hospital room. “Well, here I am. Granted my making it back is up for interpretation. But I’m definitely here.”

Spock’s lips thinned. “I…see.”

“You should see your face right now,” Jim said, shaking his head. “But really. I’m out there flying blind, fully aware it’s likely I won’t make it, and instead of words of comfort you have to tell me the odds I’ll survive.” Jim chuckled. “You’re one in a million, Spock.”

“It was logical to provide you with factual information during an important mission.”

“Yeah. I know.” He smiled. There was something a little off in the way Spock held himself. Maybe Vulcans didn’t appreciate being teased. “Anyway, that was all.”

“Of course, Captain.”

Definitely something off.

“Did you…was there something else you wanted to talk about?” He seemed to have surprised Spock so maybe there had been something else weighing on Spock’s mind. He certainly hoped he didn’t want to tell Jim he was leaving.

Spock hesitated slightly, then shook his head. “No, Captain. There is nothing else.”

Jim searched Spock’s face. There was definitely tension there. Perhaps he thought Jim was reprimanding him. “Spock, you know, I was just joking, right?”


“About your bedside manner. I just wanted to give you a hard time. I was kidding. Trying to lighten things up.”

Spock nodded very slightly. “I am aware it was not a serious reprimand, Captain.”

“Well.” Jim licked his lips. “Good then.”

“If you will excuse me, I—”

Jim frowned. His chest tightened thinking of Spock leaving. “You’re going already? I thought-I thought you’d stay.” Whenever Spock was there, staying in the hospital wasn’t so bad.

“Unfortunately not. I only stopped by to ascertain your welfare. Since you seem to be doing well, I will be on my way,” Spock said coolly.

“You have things to do then?”


“Oh.” Jim looked away and nodded. “Okay. Um, thanks then.”

“You are welcome.”

“See you tomorrow?” Jim asked hopefully.

“I do not believe I can make it tomorrow.”

“Oh. All right.” He tried a smile, but it hurt to make his lips move like that. There was a ball of ice in the pit of his stomach.

Spock nodded, turned and left.

Jim closed his eyes,



It was another week before Bones would release him and Spock had insisted Jim stay at his temporary apartment for at least the first week he was out. Bones had agreed with Spock and therefore Jim had gone along with it. If it meant getting out, it was worth it.

Whatever he’d said that day to Spock though had changed things between them. That last week in the hospital, Spock had barely come to visit him and when he had, it had been all business. He’d been surprised when Spock insisted Jim stay with him.

And now as he went into Spock’s kitchen to get a glass of water, he saw Spock standing outside on his patio talking to Uhura. They were standing very close and Uhura had her hands up on Spock’s shoulders.

A lump formed in his throat before he could prevent it. What the hell was he even doing here? Later, he’d probably hear them having sex in Spock’s bedroom. And he-he’d just wish he died after all.

He hated all this. Hated feeling like he did.

One thing that had definitely changed since he woke up from being dead. His emotions were all over the fucking place and just now he felt the prick of tears.

God, he was damn pathetic.

The patio door opened and Jim wiped frantically at his eyes.

“Captain? Are you all right?” Spock hurried into the kitchen.

Jim turned away. “Yeah.”

“Are you in pain?”

“No. I just…” And the stupid tears started rolling down his cheeks.

Spock seized his arms and turned Jim to face him. “Captain? Jim? What is wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m fine,” Jim insisted.

“Please.” Spock suddenly looked stricken. “Your crying disturbs me.”

Jim pushed away. “Well, I can’t help it, okay? Don’t watch then.”

“That is not what I meant,” Spock said softly, though he allowed Jim to free himself. “Your well-being is important to me.”

Jim snorted. “Because of your duty.”


Jim chanced a look at him. He couldn’t read anything in Spock’s expression.

“I am aware that you do not share my regard and perhaps even find it a burden but—”

“Your…wait. What? Your regard?” Jim’s jaw dropped open.

“I wish to ensure your safety and well-being at all times,” Spock said softly.

Jim drew in a shaky breath and then stepped closer. “When-when you say regard, just…what do you mean?”


“Spock, don’t-don’t ‘captain’ me right now. Do you share my feelings or not?”

“Share?” Spock stared at him dumbfounded.

“God, you are the most infuriating—”

Spock cut off his tirade by reaching for Jim, grasping his arms and pulling him up against him. “There is something we need to discuss.” With a shaky hand, Spock touched Jim’s cheek.

“Later.” Jim pressed his lips to Spock’s, whose mouth softened and opened under his with a slight hitch of breath. “Take me to bed.”

“Has Doctor McCoy cleared you for strenuous sexual activity?”

“Strenuous, huh?” Jim smiled against Spock’s mouth. “That sounds pretty good.”


“But if you”re worried, how about you just fuck me real slow?”

Flash Fic Friday, July 14, 2017

My prompt this week was “Irritation”.


The air was heavy in their quarters when Jim stepped inside. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but there was something a little off about his husband.

And it was also unbearably hot.

He immediately tugged at the collar of his uniform.

“Computer lower temperature twenty degrees,” Jim called out.

Spock, who was at the terminal, glanced up at Jim, his dark eyes stormy.

“Uh, sorry. It’s really hot in here.” He paused to take in the cold look of his husband. “Are you mad at me?”

“Vulcans do not get angry,” Spock returned coolly.

Normally, Jim might have teased Spock and said that it was his human side that was mad then, but he had a feeling that wouldn’t go over well, so he just smiled and removed his tunic.

“Did you eat?” Jim asked as he tossed it on the bed.

Spock rose, walked around the desk, and snatched up Jim’s tunic. “Is that where this goes?”

“No.” A smile. “Did you eat?”

“Considering you have been gone for hours, I would have thought you would not expect me to wait for you.”

Jim kept his smile. “Good point.”

Spock sniffed. “You are inebriated.”

“I had a few drinks with Bones,” he said easily.

“You spend too much time with him.” His voice was low and almost a growl. Spock turned away and placed Jim’s tunic in the laundry chute.

Jim decided to let that go. He went into the bathroom, stripping out of his undershirt as he did so. Even twenty degrees cooler, it was far too hot in their quarters. Spock usually kept the temperature down for Jim’s comfort. Apparently that was not the case tonight.

He splashed water on his face and then rubbed soap in, washing away the day’s dirt. He really did smell like alcohol, which he knew Spock found unpleasant, so he brushed his teeth too.

Spock stood on the edge of the bathroom watching him. “Water is everywhere,” he admonished.

“Uh.” Jim looked at the sink. “Sorry. I’ll—”

“I will clean it up,” Spock said, pushing him aside. “You will just spread it around.”

Jim tamped down his own irritation with effort and reached for a towel to dry his hands. “Spock, are you—” He put his hands on Spock’s upper arms.

“Your hands are wet,” Spock snapped, pulling out of Jim’s grip. “I have never understood how a brilliant starship captain is incapable of drying his hands properly.”

“Sorry,” Jim mumbled. He went to pick up his undershirt, but Spock had already scooped it up. Jim turned and left the bathroom. He took off his boots and pants, putting the boots in the closet, and the pants in the laundry chute, even before Spock came out of the bathroom. He slipped out of his briefs next and reached for his sleeping shorts.

When he turned around, Spock was standing just inside their quarters staring intently at him. He tried another smile.



Jim didn’t push it. Instead, he pulled on a tank top, and went over to the replicator.

“You are going to eat now?”

“Yeah. I’m hungry. Didn’t eat before.”

Spock said nothing to that though Jim could definitely feel his disapproval through their bond. Which, by the way, was thrumming with irritation. Jim decided, for the moment, to ignore it. Whatever had his husband in a tizzy, he imagined Spock would get around to telling him eventually.

He chose a chicken sandwich because it would be easier to eat at his desk, so with the plated sandwich, he headed to the desk and the terminal.

“You are not going to bed?” Spock asked.

Jim resisted the urge to say since he intended to eat, obviously not. Instead, he practiced his smile once more. “I have a report that has to be done tonight.”

“You had a report you knew had to be finished tonight and yet you continued spending hours drinking excessively with Doctor McCoy.”

The smile became just a little harder to form. “It was not excessive. I had a couple of drinks.”

Spock said nothing to that. Just sort of glowered.

“Did you meditate tonight, Sweetheart?” Jim asked then as he pulled up the report he had to finish.


When Spock did not elaborate further, Jim picked up his sandwich, took a bite, and then began to work.  After a few minutes, he realized Spock had moved quite a bit closer to the desk and was now sitting on the edge, staring at Jim with heated eyes.

“Hi,” he said softly.

Spock did not reply but his gaze lowered to Jim’s lips and then down to Jim’s body. Even though Jim wore a tank top and shorts he suddenly felt very naked.


“Yes, Jim?”

“You’re not angry with me?”

“I am not.”

“Yet you are acting—”

Spock scooted closer.

Jim licked his lips.

Spock grabbed his wrist and pulled it from the keyboard.

“Hey! Spock, what are you—”

“You will cease working and come to bed,” Spock ordered.

“What? Who do you think…?”  Jim’s stomach suddenly dropped. “Oh, fuck. You’re-you’re–”

He was pulled to his feet. Then the room lurched as Spock picked him up and slung Jim over his shoulder.

“Wait! Spock. I have to notify Bones and—”

He was slapped on the ass.

“O-okay. You notify Bones then.”

He found himself thrown on the bed as he watched a very flushed Vulcan pull out a communicator. “Doctor, we will be busy for approximately three point five days. Do not interfere.”

“Three point five days? Spock, what are you—”

“Spock out.”

“Wait, you stupid hobgoblin!”

Spock closed his communicator and tossed it across the room.

He pounced on the bed, laying on top of Jim, crushing his mouth over his.

Jim broke the kiss with a huge gulp of air and before Spock could dive back in, he said, breathlessly, “Not that I’m complaining but—”

“You are complaining.”

“Okay.” Jim licked his lips. “But a little more notice would have been ideal.”

“Acknowledged,” Spock said in the softest of voices and for a moment Jim thought, well, maybe it wasn’t what Jim thought after all. But then he saw the wicked, possessive gleam in Spock’s eyes just before he tore the shorts from Jim’s body.

Okay, for sure.

Pon far.





I’m not complaining.

Okay I am.

But lord work is crushing me right now.

I work for a mega corporation. Myself and my two co-workers have the heaviest burden in the company for what we do. There are only the three of us handling literally thousands of what our particular job consists of (yes I am being deliberately vague). And they are all time sensitive.

So what happens?

We take on more work.

Yes the powers that be, decided to give us the work from a couple of other states within the company’s empire. Adding to an already heavy burden.

Then I am taking off for a couple days next week which only makes me more anxious about the work.

And there’s no doubt my writing is suffering from it. My brain is fried. Make no mistake. I hope to have another chapter up tomorrow or at least before I leave.

What this means for you my friends. I may be short with you sometimes, but don’t cut off contact with me. Just have patience though since sometimes I might take a bit before I can respond. But do not feel bad that you are “bothering me”. Sometimes you are the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.




Ramblings of the Week, July 8, Saturday Edition


So yesterday we had some stops to make after work. We needed half and half for our coffee. (random observation, I discovered when talking to someone in Europe that they don’t know what this is there, bizarre). We both drink it with half and half. Years ago I used to drink it with Carnation plain creamer. (off on my first tangent), but one day I taste it and there was a weirdness to it. So I looked at the container and they said “new taste”. I wrote to them and complained. Apparently I was not the only one. They vowed to change it back. It was too late. I had moved on. First to mocha mix (no idea why it was called this because it was just non-dairy creamer) and then eventually to half and half when I decided mocha mix was nasty.


Smart and Final (don’t know where they are at in connection to the rest of the country, but we have  them, they call themselves the faster, smaller food warehouse) has the best price for creamer. $1.69 per quart. The grocery store we go to charges $5.99 for a half gallon unless you can get some mega deal. Anyway, we both drink it.


Which brings me to (tangent 2), M is on this kick where he doesn’t want to use animal products. It’s been to varying degrees of success. He declared one day he would be trying to drink his coffee black. Neither of us uses sugar or other sweeteners. I said okay. I gave him his morning travel mug of coffee black. That evening after we came from work he said, nope. He would not be giving up half and half in his coffee after all. HA

Anyway, we are in the parking lot and we wait for this lady in a red car to pull out and she does. And she’s sitting there for a second gathering her bearings I guess, who knows, and all of a sudden this mini-van comes barreling out of his space, backing up at high speed. There is no way he will miss her. She just sits there looking at him. M is blowing his horn at the moron to stop but he just keeps going, right into her. Put a huge dent in her car and scraped up his own. OMG. PEOPLE.

It’s hot. It’s super hot. We  are having a big time heat wave for this time of year. (Tangent 3) One of the local Catholic Churches, St. Rose, does a yearly summer carnival the second week in July. I swear if I were a member of that church I would be suggesting, Spring. Yes, a lovely Spring Carnival in March. Who in their right mind would go today when it is supposed to be well over 100. I hear all the “Oh but it’s a dry heat.” Go turn on your oven. Go on, I’ll wait. Let it preheat. Now crawl in. Yeah, that’s how it feels (don’t really do this, duh).


Next weekend I am off to Vegas and yes they are a miserable place in the summer. Their low at 11 last night was 108. But you expect that in Vegas and you are mostly indoors anyway.


My own real picture of Vegas by the way.

This, trust me, is miserable.

Today is going to be a lazy lazy lazy day. Movies, games, hot dogs. No socializing. Sounds splendid.

Flash Fic Friday, July 07, 2017 Prompt

My prompt this week was Jim figures out Spock has a bit of a Turbolift Kink


Now that the time had come, Jim was maybe getting cold feet. It had seemed like a good idea. But now that he thought about it, maybe not so much. It had all started with Uhura.

“You busy?” he asked her as he came upon her sitting by herself in the mess.

“Not really.” She gestured to the chair across from her. “Sit down.”

He handed her a cup of tea and sat down with her coffee.

“What’s up?”

“Any secret to wooing Spock?” Jim asked without bothering with more small talk.

“Like what?” She rolled her eyes. “Other than flashing that smile of yours that melts him into a pile of goo?”

Jim felt himself blush. “Does not. I just want to do something he’s into. Something that might excite him.”

Uhura smiled. “The turbolift.” 

She had gone on to tell Jim that Spock had a turbolift fetish. He so did not want to think about Spock and Uhura getting it on in the turbolift as part of this fetish.

But now he had it all planned out that they’d be in the turbolift and it would break down and—


Jim jumped. “Oh, hey Spock.”

Spock got onto the turbolift and the doors closed. For some reason he thought of that time he’d ridden on a turbolift before when he’d asked Spock if they made a good command team.

Jim folded his arms in front of his chest and didn’t look at his first officer.

Spock reached over and stopped the turbolift.


That was not part of the plan.

“You are tense.”

“Well.” He licked his dry lips. “We probably ought to restart this.” He went to reach for the lever but Spock stopped him.

“What is wrong?” Spock demanded.

“Nothing. Just…” And then suddenly Spock was up in his space, backing him against the bulkhead. Jim sucked in a breath. “It’s-it’s true.”

“What is?” Spock tilted his head in confusion but he did not pull away. If anything he got closer. His lips mere inches from Jim’s.

“You-you do?”


“Kiss me.”

“Is that an order?”


Spock gripped his jaw in his hand and pressed his lips to Jim’s in a kiss far too erotic for the turbolift. Jim moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Spock’s neck.

The boatswain’s whistle whined.

“Scott to Captain Kirk.”

“Uh.” He sighed against Spock. “Kirk here.”

“The turbolift seems to be already stopped, Captain. Did you still want me to—?”

“Never mind that, Scotty. Kirk out.”

Spock arched a brow.

“That. Well. Anyway. I guess it’s true.”

“What is, Captain?”

Jim realized he still had his arms firmly wrapped around Spock’s neck. And Spock didn’t really seem to mind.

“You have a turbolift kink.”

“A turbolift…kink?”

“Yeah. Uhura said—”Jim took in Spock’s clearly puzzled expression. “Hell. Joke’s on me, huh? Son of a bitch.”

“Am I to understand Nyota implied I like to get…intimate…in the turbolift?”

“Yeah.” His jaw tightened. “Guess not.”

“I would prefer we adjourn to you quarters for intimacy.”

“Yeah. Okay but—”


Jim blinked. “What?”

“I mean…now.”

Spock squeezed Jim’s crotch, tearing a needy whine from him. Then he reached to the side of Jim and re-started the turbolift.

Less than twenty seconds later it came to a grinding halt.

“Oh, shit.” Kirk hit the comm. “Scotty, I thought I told you to forget it.”

“Sorry, Captain. Not my doing. Powers off in all the lifts. Working on it.”

“Damn.” Jim ran his fingers through his hair, and then glanced at Spock who was watching him with a shiver inducing intensity. “Uh. Keep me posted. Kirk out. Spock?”

He found himself pushed against the bulkhead as Spock once more squeezed Jim’s dick.

Spock leaned over and whispered in Jim’s ear. “Perhaps I have a kink after all.”

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