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Hi there!

Well, I lied obviously. The other day I said I would not update My Heart’s a Virgin until Saturday but I got it done and I thought, why not? So I posted it.

In other news, I ordered a new love seat. Ours broke some weeks ago (June when M was in ND) and the spring came out and was sharply sticking out. We desperately needed one but furniture is expensive and for a while we were trying to decide what to get.

Last night I finally just made the decision for us and ordered one. There it is in the picture below. It was originally supposed to come Tuesday but now it says tomorrow, so we will see.


It comes in a box and you have to put it together! But it was cheap.

In yet other news, I lied again, though I didn’t mean to. I was re-reading the Professor Spock series again (PS and Runaway Groom) and realized I had left it at they still hadn’t bonded and it was sort of iffy if they would. So I think I am going to write a very short conclusion to the series for this year’s Halloween. I thought about Christmas, which is where the lie thing came into play, but then I realized the original Professor Spock story began on Halloween…so…that’s where I am at.


Ramblings of the Week, July 22, 2018

The start of another week is upon us.

And being Southern California,  we are in another heat wave. Hundred again. Go us. LOL

I got a lot done last week for writing, or at least I felt like I did. This week I will try to update When I Loved You, Idiots in Love, and Bonding. I’d like to get Anything updated as well but trying not to kill myself.

One of my favorite songs is Exile by Enya

Cold as the northern winds
in December mornings,
Cold is the cry that rings
from this far distand shore.
Winter has come too late
too close beside me.
How can I chase away
all these fears deep inside?
I’ll wait the signs to come.
I’ll find a way
I will wait the time to come.
I’ll find a way home.
My light shall be the moon
and my path – the ocean.
My guide the morning star
as I sail home to you.
I’ll wait the signs to come.
I’ll find a way.
I will wait the time to come.
I’ll find a way home.
Who then can warm my soul?
Who can quell my passion?
Out of these dreams a boat
I will sail home to you.
It haunts me. When I was much younger than I am now I thought about writing this huge epic medieval story set in Ireland. I imagined writing this whole scene during a battle where the main character’s best friend and fellow warrior is killed and this song would be playing in the background, as my hero sees his friend die before him. My hero, Duncan, would fall beside his fallen friend and weep in devastation. It should have been a movie or something. LOL
Anyway as I listen to it now, it could fit Jim, I think. AOS Jim anyway. I think so.
I spent a lot of my youth listening to haunting Enya songs. Even to this day my music choices baffle Milo because he thinks they are all depressing.
Anyway, coming up this weekend is the 92 birthday. Woo. Wonder if I will make it that long.

Rambling Update, July 18, 2018

So what am I working on at present?

Well, I started the next chapter of Nine Lives. I feel like I need to move forward with this story. It’s been fun to write but Spock has been a cat for a long time now and I feel like there needs to be payoff here soon. So that’s where my thoughts are going with that story.

Otherwise I am preparing to begin penning/typing the next chapter of My Devotion. The other day I was looking at my statistics and there are a crazy insane amount of subscribers to that story. I don’t know if all of those people are still reading it but it was great to see the interest there anyway.

Everyone has their favorites and everyone wants those updated faster and next, of course, and I totally get that, so I try to update as in order as I can but also with the idea of current popularity in mind, which is why you saw some frequent updates on Idiots in Love.

As I indicated prior, though, I am coming up on a very busy month for me, August (not to mention expensive), so I will do the best I can. I am going to Solvang, the Hollywood Bowl, and San Diego, one right after the other after the other.

This weekend, I believe anyway, that I have it free. Thankfully! Then beginning with the last weekend of July (mom’s 92 birthday), I go in to the busy period until the end of August.

So anyway, look for Nine Lives coming soon. And we will see after that.

Just Random Stuff


I got the update done on Young and Beautiful, go me.

I’ve posted 2 chapters of Idiots in Love.

I have another part to The Love of a Lifetime coming up Friday.

In other news I signed up for the Old Married Spirk challenge this year. I did it in 2016 but not 2017. I intend to try for The Original Series Spirk as I think that’ mostly the intended though she allows you to write it for others. Would be kind of amusing to do Old Married Spirk Mirror Universe! HA. At this point I have zero ideas but I have until November.

The horrible heat has decreased though it’s still hot. I don’t have much planned for t his weekend coming up and that makes me happy!


Important Story Question

old kirkShould I stop posting my 100 word story? Is it too depressing for Spirk? Too reality? I admit I wanted to address Alzheimers and senility with age for personal reasons, and I thought Jim as a fully human being would be more susceptible to it than Spock and I loved the idea of hurt/comfort from Spock to Jim in old age. This is a Jim who lived longer than his counterpart did. And I will confess right now that this is the Jim and Spock from my Bond Between Them Series which will later involve their son, Suvoc, whom they adopted, if you will recall.

But  it occurs to me that this isn’t going to be a happy ending in the sense that suddenly Jim doesn’t have these issues, and so with that in mind, is it too much? Should I not be going there? What do you think?

100 Words Continuation, May 25, 2018


“Why am I on the floor?”

Spock shook his head. “Let me help you up.” He stood and reached down to pull Jim up and into his arms. “That is much better, is it not?”

Jim sighed and leaned against him. “Yes. Much. Spock.”


“It-it happened again, didn’t it?”

Spock swallowed heavily. “To what do you refer?”

“You know. I-I lost it again.”

Jim’s voice was soft and filled with pain. It made Spock ache.

“It is my fault, darling. My meetings took longer than I realized. And I allowed them to talk me into dining with them.”

100 Words Continuation April 20, 2018


“I do not understand,” Spock said after staring at Jim blankly.

“Yeah you do. Or I think you do.” Jim looked at his own clenched hands rather than at Spock. Maybe it would be easier. “Before you wanted to go to New Vulcan and I think, I don’t know, that you didn’t go because you felt like maybe Uhura and I needed you to stay. I can’t speak for her but I think from my point of view, if you think it would benefit the Vulcan race to—”

“You intend to send me a way because I did not react the way you had hoped when you confessed feelings for me.”

100 Words Continuation, April 01, 2018


He wanted Spock to be happy above all else and if helping Vulcans to reestablish the species was the way to make Spock happy then it was wrong of Jim to do anything to prevent that.

It was up to him as both Spock’s friend and commanding officer to ensure that Spock’s needs in that regard took priority over Jim’s own personal needs.

He erased what he typed out and re-typed out,

We need to talk. My quarters at your convenience.

This time he did hit send.

And now the only thing he could do was to wait.

When I Loved You, Chapter 2

Jim used to look forward to shore leave, but this one had been a struggle. At the last minute he had tried to back out of going himself, but Bones went on about his mental health and needing to recharge and all that so Jim had gone.

He’d spent three days and night with a beautiful red-head who’d reminded him of Gaila from his academy days. She hadn’t been Orion or anything but she’d had the same care-free attitude. She’d been fun and a good sexual partner, so in the end, Jim guessed he had enjoyed his shore leave.

He ran into Bones as they both prepared to return to the ship.

“There you are,” Bones greeted him. “How’d it go?”


“Just fine? I saw you with that girl. What was her name?”

“Rita,” Jim supplied. “She’s a commander from the Excelsior.”

Bones stepped up onto the transport pad next to Jim. “But just fine, huh?”

Jim nodded.

They reappeared on the Enterprise and Jim stepped off the transporter.

“Welcome aboard, Captain,” Scotty said from behind the controls.

“Status report?”

“Everything’s normal, sir. Mister Spock returned a few hours ago and is on the bridge.”

“Thank you, Mister Scott.”

Bones followed him out of the transporter room. “You know you’re due for—”


“Okay, fine, I’ll put it off. Next month though.”

With a weary nod, Jim got into the turbolift and made his way to the officers’ deck. When he reached his quarters, he noticed Uhura by the door of her own and she looked like she had been crying. Quite the contrast of a few days before on Valentine’s Day. He wondered if he should ask her if she was okay or if he should mind his own business. He watched as she attempted to punch in her access code twice without success.

Jim mentally sighed and walked down the corridor. “Are you okay, Lieutenant?”

For several heartbeats she didn’t look at him, but then she did, her eyes shiny. “I’ll be all right, Captain.”

“If there’s anything I can do…” He let the sentence trail off and then turned to return to his own door.



“I’m-I’m considering asking for a transfer.”

“What?” Jim frowned and walked back closer to her. “Why? Are you unhappy here?”

“No.” She shook her head. “At least I wasn’t.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest defensively and leaned against the wall. “I may as well tell you as I am sure it will be all over the ship in no time. Spock and I broke up on shore leave.”

Jim opened his mouth then shut it.

“For good this time,” she said softly, her voice cracking just a little. “We want different things. We each see a different future and they don’t go together.”

“I’m really sorry,” Jim told her. “But I’d hate to lose you. Can you give it some time? See how you feel after, I don’t know, a few weeks?”

“Maybe,” she replied. “I’ll think about it.”

“Okay. If you need some time off—”

“I don’t,” she said quickly. “Working helps keep my mind off things.”

He nodded. “Let me know if you do need anything.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jim returned to his quarters’ door and entered. He did feel bad for her. He knew how much she had always loved Spock. They’d been trying for years to make things work between them and it never quite did. He was kind of surprised they hadn’t broken up for good before. Bones had told him about their break up just before Altamid.  But in the end they had reconciled and things had seemed okay.

He’d feared…no. That was not right. Stop it, Jim. He’d thought that the little red box on Valentine’s Day was a symbol of greater commitment between them. Apparently not.

Jim removed his shore leave clothes and got into his shower, opting for a really hot water shower to help with his too stiff muscles.

When he got out he dressed in sweats and a soft gray t-shirt as he didn’t have to be on shift until the morning. He got some chicken tenderloins out of the replicator and then picked up his communicator.

“Kirk to Spock.”

“Spock here, Captain.”

“Listen, if you aren’t busy after your shift is through, you want a game of chess or something?” They’d play a few times. Not a lot. But a time or two. Jim wasn’t as good as he once was. He was a bit rusty. But he figured he was good enough to still give Spock a little bit of a run for his money.

Spock did not reply for so long that Jim was certain he was going to reject the invitation and it was on the tip of Jim’s tongue to rescind it before he got the chance.

“Very well,” Spock replied, finally, without a lot of enthusiasm.

“If you’d rather not—”

“I will be there in fifteen minutes,” Spock cut him off. “Spock out.”

He actually made it in fourteen minutes and after Spock secured himself tea, they sat down to play.

Jim wasn’t sure he should ask Spock about Uhura. Spock guarded his private life very carefully. And yet, it felt huge, and like something Jim should discuss with him.

Spock’s gaze rose from the chess set, and he quirked a brow. “You are staring.”

“Uhura said she might transfer,” Jim blurted out.

“Affirmative. She did mention the possibility to me as well.”

Jim licked his lips. “Um. How-how do you feel about that?”

“I hope, of course, that is not necessary,” Spock said.

“Are you, um, you know…” He trailed off again. These kinds of conversations were really not his forte. He grappled for a good term. “Emotionally compromised.”

At Spock’s closed off expression, Jim thought perhaps he had chosen badly. But Spock answered, nevertheless. “I am not.”

He wanted to ask for details, but details were not the kinds of things that Spock would be interested in sharing, Jim knew that much.

“I was somewhat surprised at her dalliance.”

Jim blinked as his heart beat fast in his chest. “Her-her what?”

Spock looked away, spots of color appearing on his cheeks. “I should not speak of this.”

“No. Wait. What? Spock, you can tell me. I won’t say anything.”

“While on shore leave, we had a verbal disagreement and separated for the night. In the morning I discovered Nyota in a compromising position with a female from the planet’s native species,” Spock said quietly. “They had spent the night together.”

Never in a million years had Jim expected to hear that she had-that they had…his mind couldn’t catch up.

“It was then that we mutually decided that our relationship would no longer work.” Spock shook his head. “Forgiveness was immediate. I knew that she had been upset about our discussion the night before. I did not blame her for seeking companionship given that discussion and its ramifications. But finding her with the native led to further discussion about our future and the implausibility of it given how far apart we had grown.”

“I-I see. I’m sorry, Spock.”

Spock inclined his head. “I appreciate the sentiment, Captain. But if you do not mind, I would rather not discuss it further at this point.”

“Of course.”

“I also ask for your discretion as I am certain Nyota would prefer the circumstances not come out to the crew.”

“I understand. And as I said, I won’t say a word.”

“Even to Doctor McCoy.”

Jim nodded. “I get it. And I won’t.”

Privately he wondered if there had been other indiscretions involved in their ongoing relationship but Jim knew he was already pushing his luck and anyway it was absolutely not his business.

He’d heard a rumor once, years ago, that they were not always exclusive, but Jim had ignored it as just silly ship’s gossip. Now, of course, he did wonder. Though such behavior seemed a bit out of character for Spock.

Besides, none of that mattered to his friendship to Spock.

“If you ever need to talk or anything,” Jim said instead, “I’m always here.”

“Appreciated, Captain.”

And that was that.

The conversation lagged then and ten minutes later, Spock declared, “Checkmate.”

Jim did not suggest a second game and Spock left to go to his own quarters. It was then he was beeped with an incoming message from his mother. He really didn’t want to talk to her because he always ended up having a headache afterward. But he sighed and hit accept.

“Hi Mom.”

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