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More Ramblings, April 25, 2018


Went and saw Rampage last night with a group of friends. This is the one with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. I have to say I found it quite entertaining. But I really like him. He’s really nice to look at and very funny and charming. He had some great lines in this too. Like, “of course the wolf flies”. LOL.

This weekend is my great niece’s second birthday party which will be held at a Shakey’s Pizza. It’s two hours away, which is too far, really, but you do what you gotta do.

On the very upside I think during weigh in tomorrow at WW I will have lost 18 pounds. Go me.

As I indicated earlier, I updated Didn’t We Almost Have it All on Monday. Check it out if you didn’t get a chance because it’s pretty intense. On Tuesday, I updated You are the Light That’s Leading Me.  My goal now for the rest of this week is to maybe get this one finally done. It would be nice to have one of the ones I started in 2016 concluded.

I’ll be honest. Once I finish my WIPs I am considering not writing anymore. I haven’t made up my mind 100% but that’s where I am leaning. No need to worry, I have plenty still going for now but recent events have been discouraging and I just don’t know that I have it in me to keep at this for any length of time. We will see how it goes.


Sort of Weekly Ramblings, April 23, 2018


So last week I was gone most of the week but I still managed to update Where My Demons Hide and Anything. Not bad.

This week my concentration is on two, Didn’t We Almost Have it All and You are the Light That’s Leading Me. I think I am almost at the end of You are the Light. We shall see but that’s how I am feeling.

I don’t know if I will update anything else, I’d like to play it by ear. There may be more or a one shot or just about anything, really. Maybe nothing but those above I mentioned.

As for the 100 words continuation, I have the next four parts written and scheduled and all I can say is that things will begin to look up for our Captain soon! Once it’s all finished, I will likely post it on the archive as a one-shot but you all got to see it here first.

I just managed to pass another birthday. Time marches on as they say.

I have no other trips planned until the end of June. However, M is going to visit family for a week and a half in earlier June, so that’s a week and a half by myself.

I did take the Friday before Memorial Day off just to have a four day weekend.

Anyway, that’s neither here or there I guess.

Thanks for checking me out.

100 Words Continuation April 22, 2018



“No. Spock, no. I admit that my…confession…was ill-advised. I’m really sorry I made you uncomfortable in any way. That’s not how I want to behave professionally as your captain and personally as your friend.” Jim tried a smile. It felt bad. “I’d like us to move past that and frankly pretend it never happened.”

“I see,” Spock said neutrally.

“But it did get me to thinking how I hadn’t been very fair to you about New Vulcan. And maybe, if you don’t want to leave entirely, we can consider a leave of absence for you.”

“A leave of absence.”

“For however long you need. I’d approve it.”

100 Words Continuation April 20, 2018


“I do not understand,” Spock said after staring at Jim blankly.

“Yeah you do. Or I think you do.” Jim looked at his own clenched hands rather than at Spock. Maybe it would be easier. “Before you wanted to go to New Vulcan and I think, I don’t know, that you didn’t go because you felt like maybe Uhura and I needed you to stay. I can’t speak for her but I think from my point of view, if you think it would benefit the Vulcan race to—”

“You intend to send me a way because I did not react the way you had hoped when you confessed feelings for me.”

100 Words Continuation April 15, 2018


Jim decided to sit on the arm of the couch rather than next to Spock. It put distance between them and it was distance he felt they needed.

“I wanted to talk to you about your career with Starfleet.”

The only sign that Spock was surprised was the rapid blinking of his eyes, but he soon got that under control as well. “Captain?”

“Specifically whether it should continue.”

“I am at a loss to explain on what grounds you seek my dismissal.”

Jim shook his head. “That’s not what this is about, Spock.”

“Then what?”

“New Vulcan.”

100 Words Continuation April 13, 2018


For a second, Jim thought Spock planned to stand out in the corridor but after the slightest hesitation, he stepped inside and the door closed automatically behind him.

“You requested my presence, Captain?”

“Yeah, I did, Mister Spock. Have a seat.” Jim indicated the couch and waited as Spock walked stiffly over to it. Jim wondered, curiously, why that one hunk of hair was messy. It looked like Spock had been pulling it or running his fingers through. Something.

Spock sat and Jim came over to where he was. This was no social visit so he didn’t offer a beverage.



Some News/Updates

Okay, so despite a very shaky start to the week, things are improving, I think.

As you probably know by now I updated The Experiment, finished Pawn to Queen’s Knight 4, and updated My Devotion.

You don’t know this yet, but I also wrote and scheduled the next four parts of my 100 Words Story (I really need to find a title), as I said I might do. So I won’t need to worry about that until after April 22.

Next up for the week is What Happened to Spock, which I should post either tomorrow or Friday, depending on my progress on it.

Likely this will be it until I return home from my trip, but I think this is pretty darn good.

For anyone that might be interested I have started a new tumblr with an extra dose of caution for who and what I follow but there it is.  I am already following some of you if I could remember your tumblr. I’ve had it for a week or so and have no followers so kind of boring but it is what it is! HA

Next up when I am able to update again will be: Anything, Where My Demons Hide, and Didn’t We Almost Have It All. All three will be challenging but hopefully worth it.

Thank you for your generous spirits.



Updates to Come

Today I updated The Experiment.

My next plan is to finish Pawn

I will then move on to What Happened to Spock, followed by My Devotion. Not sure how soon I will have those done but that is the plan.

I also plan to write the next two parts of my 100 words story so they are all set to go. I may write the next four so I am well ahead.

I will be gone from April 15-April 19 so there will be no updates of any kind during that period.

Hope your day brings peace.

An Important Question

Would you rather I deleted every single one of my current Works in Progress on AO3 and never finish them and only post a story if it is completed otherwise not bother or would you rather I continue to write at my own pace and finish those stories you have been reading or following? Or are you truly not following stories like My Devotion and Where My Demons Hide because I am just not worth it as I have been told?

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