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Ramblings of the Week, November 20, 2017

Hello Friends

This is a super short week for me work wise. As I am only working today! WOO HOO. Got the rest of the week off. I wanted the whole week but with my cruise taking up forty hours of my PTO it just wasn’t doable. Next year!

Happily the rest of the week is mine. I can’t wait until Friday when I can begin to decorate for Christmas. Sunday the 26th is our annual decorate the family’s house for them. I’m bringing wine! But we are getting an early start that day at 8AM.

I drove in this morning, of course, so at least I don’t have to wait to go home for someone else!

Tomorrow night we will finally be seeing Thor.

So, my friend, Appreciative One wrote a story on AO3, that was her fantasy as she was growing up where she was an officer on the Enterprise who ended up stranded with Spock on a remote planet, and they mated, had a baby, and lived happily ever after.

This was her fantasy until she realized there was Spirk. After writing her fantasy and having me express repeatedly how bad I felt for Jim, she decided to fix it with a story from Jim’s point of view. This story is called Life is But a Dream. I thought I was “helping” her write it but after the first two chapters which we did indeed co-write, she asked me to write the rest of the story, where I found a way for Jim and Spock to be together. After all they are T’hy’la.

So I am doing my best. Trying to get it done this week too because I already have a lot to write as it is. It’s The Original Series and is incredibly sad and angsty and has M/F elements, so you are warned if you check it out.

I’ll also be working on the third chapter of Celebrate Me Home.  I won’t deny it will feel good to work on that story with a very happy and in love Kirk and Spock after the angst of the other one.

Anything else? I don’t know.

I did put up the first chapter of my Regency Pinto tale last week. That one will be fun to work on as I go along.

Since it’s Thanksgiving Week I have specific movies I will be indulging in before the big day. Home for the Holidays which is about a very dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving. I can’t even tell you how much I love Charles Durning and Robert Downey Jr in this movie. Two of my favorite performances ever. Charles Durning was a character actor, chubby with white hair as far as back as I can remember. I’ve loved him in many things but there’s just such a poignant charm about him in this movie. And Robert Downey Jr as the gay brother. I just love love love him.

The other is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A silly, silly movie with John Candy and Steve Martin, and yet there’s also such a sweet poignancy about it as Candy tries to get Martin home for Thanksgiving.

Oh and there’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, too.

That’s about it for me. For my US friends (and I think that’s most of you) Happy Thanksgiving.



Flash Fic Friday, November 17, 2017



Chapter 2

Spock was sitting at his terminal working on a missive to his father when Leonard suddenly appeared in the doorway. His hair was still damp from his recent shower.

“You changed your hair.”

“Yes,” Spock acknowledged. “It was Jim’s idea. He said I should adopt a more casual look.”

“It looks good and all but I gotta say it’s hard to get used to. I’ve only ever known you with that Vulcan cut you all have.”

Spock nodded. “When we get to New Vulcan, I will return to that look.”

“That’s still on, huh?”


“A year here and then a year there.”

“Yes.” Spock leaned back in his chair and observed the doctor. He looked tired and sad. From seeing him only a few months ago, there were new lines upon his face. Perhaps Jim had been wise to invite him. Even if it meant giving up their precious alone time. “Do you have an objection?”

“No.” Leonard entered the room which Jim had declared was their office/game room. Apparently it had been Sam’s old bedroom. “I’ll have to send hypos with Jim, though. For breathing.”

“Naturally. I will make sure with you that he has enough before our departure and I will administer them as needed.”

Leonard glanced around. “What is this room exactly?”

“Jim calls it an office-game room.”

“Games?” He shook his head and then walked over to the replica of the Captain’s chair from the Enterprise Jim had ordered. “What game does he use this for?”

Spock blushed and looked away.

“Oh, geez. Sorry I asked. God, he’s incorrigible.”

“I suspect you have known that all along, doctor.”

“Where is the infant anyway?”

Spock resisted a smile. “He went for a walk.”

Leonard walked over to the window and looked out at the growing darkness with a frown. “Looks cold and dark. Surprised you let him go alone.”

Spock hit send on the message to his father. “There is little danger on our own property.”

“That sounds like something he said.”

“It is,” Spock agreed. He steepled his fingers together. “There are times he seeks solitude and while I am…reluctant to accept it, I can offer no reasonable objection.”

“He ruminates. He’s done that ever since I’ve known him. Gets all wrapped up in his own head.”

“Yes.” Spock rose from behind his desk. “I should check on the dinner.”

Leonard followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Mind if I make some coffee?”

“I do not. Help yourself.”

Leonard smirked as he watched Spock raise the lid off the pot of vegetarian chili and stir it. “You sure are domesticated. Never thought I’d see it.”

“Nor did I,” Spock admitted. “They offered him the position of admiral working in the strategic division of Starfleet in San Francisco, but he turned it down.”

“Yeah, I know. He told me he didn’t want to sit behind a desk.” Leonard switched the coffeemaker on and it began to grind the whole beans he had placed within it. “Gotta admit it would have been strange to see him like that. But this.” He waved. “Is pretty strange too.”

“There have been many times over the last few years where we have both been forced to endure the almost death of each other. And in his case, he did die once.” Spock shook his head. “What he wanted was another command in space, on the Enterprise. Even though he spoke of the continuing dangers.”

“But they wouldn’t give it to him.”

“He has done more than enough for the Federation.”

“You won’t get any argument from me. He deserves this rest, this domesticated life with you. I just wonder how long it will be good enough for him.” Leonard opened cabinets searching for a mug. He found one and took it out. “He gets bored easily.”

Spock certainly knew that.

The back door opened before he could say anything else and Jim reentered the house. He’d only left with a light coat on and as he came inside he was rubbing his hands together and his cheeks were bright red.

“Damn! It’s getting cold out there.”

Jim went immediately over to Spock and pushed himself into Spock’s personal space. “Want to warm me up, honey?”

As usual he felt something flutter in his heart whenever Jim used an endearment for him. He was likely blushing too. He pulled Jim close nevertheless.

“You are frozen, t’hy’la.”

“Hey, don’t forget I’m standing right here,” Leonard said.

“Hey Bones.”

“You need a shave by the way,” Leonard mumbled. “Coffee?”

“Please. And as for a shave? I’m retired. I don’t need to look all polished.”

“Your hairs too long too.”

“Blah blah blah.  Spock thinks I’m hot like this this. Don’t you, Spock?”

“You are very pleasing in appearance.”

“See?” Jim kissed him. Then with a laugh released him to remove his jacket and hang it on the rack. “It’s probably going to snow in a few days or so. Hope you brought some warm clothes, Bones.”

“I wasn’t born yesterday, you know. I know all about that crap.” He handed Jim his coffee, full of cream and sugar just like he knew Jim liked.

“Thanks, Bones.” He glanced at the dining room table. “Come sit with me. You need any help, babe?”

“Negative,” Spock assured him. It would be ready in less than a half hour, so Spock left them to their conversation and returned to the office to do more correspondence.


“I can’t get Bones to talk to me,” Jim told Spock that night as they prepared for bed. “I mean he’s talking, sure, but he won’t talk about the divorce or how he feels or any of that.”

Spock watched in blatant appreciation as his mate pushed his jeans down his legs and to the floor.

“It is no doubt difficult under the circumstances. It has never been easy for Leonard to express himself.”

“Yeah, I know. But still.” Jim shucked his shirt and tossed it to the floor where he’d left his jeans. Spock bent over and picked them up to take them over to the hamper. “I bet she cheated on him.”

“You do not know that as Leonard has not said.”

“I know. But the divorce was his idea and that’s definitely something he wouldn’t tolerate.” Jim sat on the edge of the bed and slid his boxer briefs off rendering him completely, beautifully nude. As well as half-hard.

“You are becoming aroused,” Spock pointed out.

“You’re staring at me. Of course I am.” Jim licked his lips and Spock zeroed in on the gesture. “Get naked already, would you?”

Spock definitely would.

A few moments later, he had Jim on the bed underneath him, thoughts of Leonard and his divorce far away from either of their minds.

“We have to be quiet, by the way,” Jim reminded Spock as Spock went to suck a bruise on his collarbone.

Spock paused. “What?”

“Bones is right down the hall, babe, and you, um, you get kind of loud.”

“I do not,” Spock denied.

“Do so,” Jim returned with a teasing grin. “Now shut the hell up and fuck me.”

Spock slipped generously lubed fingers inside his mate, pushing them in deeply to thoroughly coat Jim’s channel.

Jim moaned.

“Shh,” Spock said with a raised eyebrow. He pressed his lips onto Jim’s, who hungrily returned the kiss. Jim was always a desperate kisser. Kissing like he was unsure if he would ever get the chance to do so again, so he would make the most of it. His kisses were intense and all-consuming and they always did illogical things to Spock.

He was achingly hard and throbbing and needy for Jim. Wanting to join their bodies, to mate, to take him, this Human who belonged to him.

He put his hand to Jim’s face. “T’hy’la,” he begged.

“Yes, do it,” Jim replied, pushing up against Spock.

He slipped into Jim’s mind just as he slipped into his body, pushing in deep and past the loosening ring of muscle.

“Fuck, Spock,” Jim groaned.

He rubbed against the bristle of whiskers on Jim’s jaw and then ran his tongue along them to Jim’s rounded ear as he began to pump slow and deep into this mate’s ass.

Since they had retired from Starfleet not a day went by when they didn’t copulate. Spock was usually as eager as Jim to indulge. In the shower, in the bed, on the kitchen table, in the captain’s chair replica in the game room, once on the stairs, over the couch, outside in the field before the weather turned too cold, in the upper loft of the barn. Wherever and whenever. And if that made him hedonistic, well, then that was what he was.

With McCoy here, they would have to restrict themselves to the bed and shower, but Spock could live with that…for now.

He grabbed Jim’s hand with the hand that was not joined to Jim’s mind and brought both of their hands to Jim’s erection. Together they slid down the hard length, over and over until Jim could not stop the needy, heady whimper.

“Yes,” Spock cried. “Give me everything, ashaya.”

Jim shifted, tilting his pelvis in a way that allowed Spock to thrust deeper into him and Spock groaned, closing his eyes against the near overwhelming ecstasy. The bed rocked with their movements, hitting the wall, and though Spock supposed he should care, he did not. He pushed harder, thrust deeper and faster, rubbed Jim’s slicked, hard cock, until he drew out a throaty mewl not unlike a cat’s.

“Taluhk nash-veh k’dular,” he yelled, as he could hold back his orgasm no more, pouring himself into Jim’s clenching channel. Jim pulsed in his hand and then ropes of cum splattered out over his hand and onto the bed.

For a long time afterward, even after he withdrew from Jim’s body, he kept their meld, and just lay there holding and kissing his t’hy’la. Their joined minds hummed warm and content within each other, glowing with love and happiness Spock never expected to experience before he bonded with Jim.

It was Jim who eventually rose and went to the bathroom for a warm, damp cloth with which to clean the dried cum from them. Then he got back into bed next to Spock, fastening his lips to Spock’s in soft, sweet kiss that actually curled Spock’s toes.

“Love you,” Jim whispered.

He threaded his fingers through Jim’s hair. “And I you.”


When they went downstairs the next morning, Bones was already in the kitchen, Jim noted. And he had made coffee. But he would absolutely not look at the two of them.

“Oh my God, I love you,” Jim said, as Bones thrust a mug of coffee into his hands.

Bones mumbled.


“I said, the two of you need to soundproof your bedroom.” Bones blushed profusely.

Jim burst out laughing. Shook his head and took a sip of his coffee.

Then he noticed Spock going back upstairs.  He gave Bones a puzzled look.

“Think I offended him?”

“Spock? Vulcans don’t get offended,” Jim said.

“Then where’d he go?”

“Beats me. Sorry, Bones. We have a very healthy sex life.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Apparently. Maybe I should sleep on the sofa downstairs.”

“I think you’ll live,” Jim said dryly.

They turned as they heard Spock coming back down the stairs.

“Everything okay, honey?” he asked his husband.

“Indeed.” He walked over to the Bones. “Hold out your hand, doctor.”

Bones did and as Jim watched Spock placed something in Bones’ hand.

Jim scrunched up his face, trying to get a look. “What is it?”

Bones actually chuckled. “Earplugs.”

Jim doubled over, laughing, and Spock went to make his tea.



Jim, Chapter 1 preview

Those few of you that read my blog are lucky enough to get a full preview of the first chapter of my Winter story, that I have decided to call simply, Jim.

This story will debut on AO3 in January.


“Hey! Are you okay? Hello. Can you hear me? Oh, man. You must be freezing.”

Spock blinked rapidly and his vision began to clear. Someone was rubbing him frantically, his frozen limbs, and he had to admit it felt good.

A man leaned over him and Spock’s breath caught in his throat.


Startled blue eyes stared down at him. “How’d you know my name?’

Spock shook his head.

“Never mind.” Jim glanced to the side and then back to Spock. “We should get you up and out of here. Can you walk?”

It had taken a moment for Spock’s universal translator, carefully hidden amongst his clothing, to kick in. English. American English.

“Yes, I believe I am capable,” Spock replied carefully.

Jim reached down and helped Spock up from the snow bank. “Bad place for you to pass out. Have you been drinking?”

He had an accent, Spock noted. Eastern United States. New England. That made sense since that was where the Enterprise had advised Spock should go. He had prepared as best he could, wearing appropriate attire for the time period, and a woolen cap upon his head to hide his pointed ears.

“I do not drink.”

Jim stepped close enough to Spock that he could smell a spicy sort of aftershave. He was sniffing Spock. “All right. Sure. I don’t smell anything. Anyway, we’d better get you inside.”

As Jim linked his arm through Spock’s and around his waist, Spock was able to tell that this Jim was perhaps an inch or two shorter than the James T Kirk he knew on the Enterprise. But otherwise, he could have been Spock’s Jim. Not that Jim had belonged to Spock. He’d wanted that, yes, but it was so very complicated.

Jim led him up a cobbled twisted path to the front door of a small house, more of a cottage, really. Jim fished into the pants he wore and then pulled out what looked to be an old key. He opened the door and then pulled Spock inside, flicking a switch on the wall that illuminated the room in light.

“You’re lucky you passed out where you did,” Jim was saying as he removed his heavy black overcoat. “A few feet to the left and you’d have fallen in the water. Probably drowned.”

It was true that Spock had not been sure where exactly he would arrive in Jim’s small New England town. He had not intended to find himself lying in a frozen heap of wet white stuff.

Jim hung up his coat and then removed his own wool hat. He placed both of them on a wooden pole with arms. He wore jeans and a blue flannel shirt that set off his extremely blue eyes even more. He was absolutely stunning.

“I’m Jim, by the way. Jim Kirk.” He frowned. “Did you know my name?”

“Someone mentioned you in town,” Spock said. “I am Spock.”

“Spock? Kind of a strange name. What’s your full name?”

“Just Spock.”

Jim smiled a little. “Well. Okay. We should get you out of those clothes and into something warmer. I have a robe you can wear I guess while your clothes dry. Not sure I have like pants and things to fit you.”

Apparently this Jim was something of a babbler, Spock noted. Jim left him standing in the front hall as he disappeared toward the bedrooms.

Spock glanced around. It was a simple layout with just a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, and a breakfast nook. The corridor Jim had gone through was short and led to what appeared to be three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Jim reappeared holding what Spock recalled was a terrycloth robe. It was a dark burgundy color. “My sister gave me this for last Christmas. Anyway, the bathroom’s there, so why don’t you take those off and put this on.” He thrust it at Spock, who took it. “I have some bean soup I’ll heat up. You want some coffee or something?”

“If you have tea, I would be appreciative.”

“Sure, I have tea. I even have hot chocolate if that’s your preference.”

“Not tonight, thank you.”

He took the robe and went into the bathroom, removing the cold, wet clothing. The robe smelled a little like the spicy aftershave Jim wore. He surveyed the bathroom cabinets and discovered a bottle of what was called, Old Spice.

Spock eyed himself in the mirror and decided except for his ears, he passed easily for a human here. He would be forced to leave on the cold, wet woolen cap on so as not to startle Jim.

Spock had to be very careful. He did not know exactly what date the computer had chosen for him. He had instructed the computer to make sure that it would be well in advance of the day he came to prevent.

He was here to make sure that this human, his captain’s ancestor, was not murdered.

Spock emerged from the bathroom to the scent of beans, onions, carrots and celery. With Jim heating vegetarian soup he did not yet have to explain he did not eat meat. He was certain that time would come, however, as his research of the time period indicated there’d be very few Humans who would have his preferences.

His heart skipped in his side at the sight of this different Jim standing in the kitchen, stirring a pot of soup. He’d only recently come to the realization that he’d fallen in love with his captain, that he’d fallen in love with James Kirk. And now as he came to save Jim, both his captain, and this man who looked so much like him—

“Oh hey,” Jim greeted him with a smile as he turned from the stove, noticing Spock standing there. “You should get rid of your hat. I’m sure it’s wet.”

“I have a physical deformity that would likely startle you,” Spock said neutrally.

Jim snorted at that. “Doubtful. I’m not that easily startled. Go ahead. You’re going to want it to dry too.”

Reluctantly, Spock removed the cap, waiting for Jim’s reaction to his pointed ears. For a moment, Jim puckered his lips. Spock had no idea what biases the Jim of this time would have. This was long ago in Earth’s history.

“Well, okay. You probably need to wear your cap outside and around town,” Jim said. “The people around here aren’t the most open-minded bunch. Don’t really like anyone who’s different, if you know what I mean.”


“But here it’s fine. There’s no reason to hide yourself around me, Spock.”

“Very well,” Spock agreed, somewhat relieved at Jim’s non-reaction. He set aside the cap on another surface for it to dry.

“Sit on down there at the table and I’ll bring you a bowl of soup, yeah?”

Spock did as Jim said. He had an usual way of speaking. He supposed it was that New England accent he was unused to. It was not unpleasant, but a little odd coming from Jim. He had to keep reminding himself that this was not his Jim. Not that he had Jim. But Spock hoped. If he could fix this.

He watched as Jim spooned soup into two cobalt blue bowls that kind of reminded Spock of this Jim’s eyes. They were, somehow, a slightly richer, darker shade of blue. His overall appearance was stunning, just as his captain’s was.

“Here you are. Good, yeah?” Jim said as he set the bowls down. One in front of Spock and the other in front of the seat Spock supposed Jim would take. “I’ve got some warm rolls. That’ll do the trick.”

Spock watched him as he walked back into the kitchen. Though his jeans were somewhat baggier than the trousers his captain normally wore, there was no mistaking the rounded cheeks within. He distracted himself by spooning a large bite of soup and promptly burned his tongue.

Jim laughed. “Easy there. Now you’ve gone and burned it, yeah? The bread and butter help.”

He took his seat and pushed a basket full of steaming rolls toward Spock.

“Where are you from?” Jim asked. “Not from here, right?”

“No. It is a little West from here.”

Jim nodded. “I thought so. You don’t sound like a local. Where are you staying?”

“Nowhere at present. I only just arrived in town.”

Jim fell silent as they both turned to the soup. Spock felt Jim’s eyes on him and when he looked over Jim smiled. “Good, yeah?”

“It is unexpectedly appealing.”

He laughed at that. “I’ll try not to be terribly insulted at your doubting my cooking. You’ve got a job?”

“No,” Spock admitted.

At that Jim shook his head. “No job and no place to stay? You’re running from some place, I’d say. Or someone. Are you in trouble, Spock?”

“My current circumstances necessitated coming here.”

The laugh again. “That’s about as vague a response as I’ve ever heard.” He picked up his cup of tea and eyed Spock over the rim of the cup. “I guess you can stay here for now. You have any weapons?”

“I do not.”

“I didn’t feel any when I helped you in the house,” Jim said with a nod. “All right, the bedroom across from the bathroom is yours for as long as you need it.”

“That is very generous of you, Mr. Kirk.”

“No such formality here. I’m just Jim. It would be nice if you could help around the house a bit when you get the chance. Dishes, a little cooking if you can, that kind of thing. I have a radio if you like to listen. And lots of books if you’re into reading. I’m afraid I don’t lead a very sophisticated life.”

“It is fine.”

The thing about this Jim is he should never have been a victim. He did not live dangerously. At all. Spock had researched him so he knew everything there was to know about this Jim before this point. And he also knew everything there was to know about him if history had not been changed and he’d been murdered.

He was not, as crime experts would say, a high risk individual. In fact, quite the opposite. In approximately two years, he should meet a woman named Sadie Carstairs, who would eventually become Sadie Kirk. Jim and Sadie Kirk had five children. Sadie died at the age of seventy-nine. Jim outlived her by six years and died in his eighties.

Or he had until the Marconians had changed everything.

It was Spock’s sworn duty to change it back. To make sure that the Jim Kirk sitting across from him, looking every bit like his captain, except for the darker blue eyes and the height difference, lived to fall in love with Sadie Carstairs.

And not Spock.

Of course not.

Ramblings of the Week, November 13, 2017


See that picture? Last year we had an Autumn tea and this was one of our tables. Yes, I am too cute. You can admit it.

I posted my holiday story #1, Celebrate Me Home. It’s not getting a lot of love, unfortunately. Lucky you, you get to see the chapters on Fridays and the three people reading it on AO3 will see them Sundays until the end of the year.

My other holiday story will be posted all at once when it’s finished, sometime in December.

This week I will be working on Tonight I’m F**king You, so be prepared for sex. HA. After that comes Who’s the Daddy and Young and Beautiful. If I get to all of that. No guarantees.

M has begun his overtime so I am driving myself into work this week except for Tuesday when we go to the movies. I believe we are seeing Murder on the Orient Express. Gas prices are outrageous right now, so that kind of sucks.

It’s supposed to get into the high 70s here for the next couple of weeks. I was hoping for cooler but it was not to be!

Saturday was a bad bad bad asthma day for me. It lingers in my lungs when I get a cold so that’s what was happening. I had less issues Sunday but I still had coughing fit episodes.

Otherwise I am fairly unexciting right now, I am sorry to say.

Flash Fic Friday November 10, 2017

Eventually I will have to come up with a title for this fic as I will soon be publishing the first part to AO3.

Anyway, my prompt this week was: alcohol


Spock had come to appreciate Leonard. By the time their two five-year missions had ended, he considered Leonard a friend. And he knew Leonard reciprocated.

Spock had three humans in his life that he counted as very close to him. Leonard was one, Nyota was another and, of course, Jim. Jim surpassed all, as he naturally would, being so much a part of Spock’s very existence. And he would do anything for Jim.

Including allowing their new found solitude to end in favor of Leonard coming to their home for an extended stay.

At the end of their mission—their last one by mutual agreement between them and Starfleet—there had been much discussion of where Spock and his mate would settle. Jim wanted to renovate and live in his family’s old farmhouse in Riverside and Spock had wanted to go to New Vulcan. They spent more than a month at a standstill.

Nyota had reminded Spock that he would never truly feel at home anywhere Jim was not and that had caused Spock to go to Jim and tell him that he would accept Riverside. For Nyota had been right. He would not be parted from Jim.

In the end they’d compromised. A year in Riverside. A year on New Vulcan. After that, they’d see what they wanted. Where they belonged. Spock was only sure of one thing. He belonged with Jim, wherever his mate chose.

They’d only finished the renovations in October, near the middle of the month. They’d settled into their new home. Spock had been worried at first it would bring Jim too many unpleasant memories but it had not. Jim assured him that there were enough changes that it was like a new home and anyway, the place itself had never been at fault for what happened in the past.

Spock felt that they’d barely had time to find their way here when Jim had invited Leonard to come stay. And though it was illogical, he resented it some. After all these years he finally had Jim alone but not nearly long enough.

While he understood the reasons, the open-ended invitation to stay with them was not something Spock particularly appreciated. But Jim had made the decision without him. As though Jim was still captain and made all the command decisions. Definitely something he would need to discuss with his husband at some point.

But just now he followed Jim down their newly rebuilt staircase leading to the ground floor. When Jim stopped at the bottom, he shot Spock a grin that made the tips of Spock’s ears warm.

“Jim, now is not the time—”

A loud knock rapped on the door.

Spock moved past Jim and down the hallway toward their front door. It had also been replaced. Jim had insisted on replacing it with a door that included an elaborate stained glassed window of the Enterprise flying through space.

He opened the door just as Leonard was about to rap his fist on it once more. He barely missed Spock’s face.

“It’s about time,” Leonard exclaimed. He glared past Spock to where Jim stood. “You too weren’t doing it, were you?”

“We were trying,” Jim retorted. “You got here early.”


“Well. I was into that.”

Leonard rolled his eyes and pushed past Spock. “You’re always into the hobgoblin.”

“Actually usually he’s into—”


Jim laughed. “Come on, Bones. Let me get you settled into your temporary home.”

At least Jim said temporary, Spock thought. He watched as they headed up the staircase, and if his gaze lingered on Jim’s ass, well, who could blame him?

He made himself busy making tea and eyed the coffeemaker wondering if Jim and the doctor would want their favorite beverage.

Before he could set it up, though, he heard the noisy footsteps of the two humans returning downstairs.

Despite Jim being his mate for nearly three years now, every time Jim entered a room Spock was in, his heart rate sped up. He’d tried to figure out why he was so incredibly illogical where Jim was concerned but to no avail. One time he’d even asked his father, thinking there was surely something wrong with him. Sarek had advised that his heart did the same thing whenever Spock’s mother entered a room, so that had been the end of that.

And it was something Jim was well aware of, whether through Spock’s body language or their bond, it did not matter. He went immediately to Spock and produced his two fingers toward Spock, who gratefully met them.

“You two are still at it, I see,” Leonard grumbled.

“We’re happily married, bonded, whatever. Married and bonded.”

“Whatever,” Leonard sassed. “Aren’t you supposed to be over the kissing thing every time you’re apart for more than a minute?”

“Nope.” Jim leaned forward and kissed Spock on the lips. He then turned around and winked at Leonard. “You want something to drink?”

“You got any alcohol?”

The look Jim gave his friend was all sympathy. “Yeah we have. Coming right up.”

Leonard turned red and looked around. “Place looks great. Are we really going to have like turkey and stuffing in a couple weeks?”

“You and I, sure. We’re going to make acorn squash and stuff like that for Spock.” Jim stood on tiptoe to reach the top cabinet in the kitchen. It caused his shirt to ride up exposing his bare back just above the waistband of his jeans. Spock tried and failed not to look.

Leonard shook his head. “You haven’t changed at all, Spock.”


“Still ogling Jim every chance you get. I remember I had a running bet on the Enterprise with—”

“Bones, leave Spock alone.” Jim pulled down two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. “Besides Spock can ogle me whenever he wants to. You don’t want any whiskey, do you, honey?”

“I do not. I have tea.”

Jim handed Leonard a half glass of the amber liquid. He poured one for himself.

“To wedded bliss,” Leonard said with only a touch of sarcasm as he held his glass to Jim’s and clinked. They both took sips.

Jim was staring at Leonard now, even though he had moved to stand very close to Spock. Admittedly, Spock found it quite pleasant that Jim rarely left his side when they were together. They both had come to prefer it that way.

“You okay?” Jim asked, softly.

Leonard sighed and looked into his drink. “I guess I will be. Never thought I’d be divorced twice.”

“She’s a bitch.”

“Jim.” But there was no heat in Leonard’s voice.

“Well, she is. Who wouldn’t love you?” Jim went and gave Leonard a quick hug. “You’ll get through this and all this holiday shit, Bones. You will.”

“I know.” Leonard shrugged. “Are you sure I’m not imposing on the two of you?”

Spock opened his mouth but closed it when Jim nudged the bond just a little.

“Of course you aren’t. We love having you. You’re not a guest. You’re family to us, Bones. We love you.”

Leonard smiled for the first time since he arrived. “Thanks. Both of you. I’m kind of fond of you too. Even you, Spock.”

Spock quirked his brow. “Why thank you, Doctor.”

Leonard held up his glass toward Jim’s glass and Spock’s mug of tea. “To friends.”

“To friends,” Jim and Spock murmured in unison.

Then Jim leaned over toward Spock. “And to really hot husbands.” He kissed Spock.

“Jim, for heaven’s sake—”

Spock kissed Jim back, drawing him closer.

“Spock, not you too.”

Jim set his glass down on the counter and wrapped his arms around Spock’s neck.

“Oh for corn’s sake. I’m going up to take a shower.”

Spock pushed Jim against the counter, his hands pushing up under Jim’s shirt to spread over his bare skin.

Jim broke the kiss to breathe, his eyes shining. He looked around. “What happened to Bones?”

“I have no idea,” Spock replied.

Thursday Rambling November 09, 2017


So this week I updated, so far, Didn’t We Almost Have it All, Will You Have Sex with Me, and Turning Page. I am currently working on the next chapter for You are the Light That’s Leading Me. It’s a very important chapter so I want to get it exactly right.

I also have, debuting tomorrow morning at the usual 4AM Pac time, the next Flash Fic which is part of my Sorta Old Married Spirk holiday story.

I’ve been busy considering I have been not well AND I went to the movies.

I am getting my wish of having a nice calm weekend. Hopefully I can get some rest and get rid of whatever is ailing me once and for all.

Ramblings of the Week, November 7, 2017


I finally got Didn’t We Almost Have it All updated this week. I have this visual in my head, though it hasn’t made it into the fiction, of Jim saying to Bones. “We almost had it all, didn’t we, Bones?” Of course there was a Whitney song that the title came from, but I still see that scene in my head between Jim and Bones.

I would place that scene in the hospital after Jim wakes up after the shuttle accident and Bones, recovering himself, comes to see him. By this time, Jim knows that Spock and Uhura’s wedding is going to be soon. Chekov is dead. As are the pilot and the security guard obviously.

I think in my mind that Jim is particularly haunted by the guard’s death. Because he thinks here is a person who had hopes and dreams and people that cared about him, who he mattered to, and yet Jim didn’t even consider him when choosing who to save. I think that’s powerful stuff.

Anyway, during this conversation that apparently took place off the pages of my story, during a time when their conversation has lagged, for the first time in years, Bones and Jim aren’t even sure what to say to each other, and Jim finally says, “We almost had it all, didn’t we, Bones?”

Next up for updating is supposed to be Turning Page, my story of Spock and Jim’s shore leave. I got the idea from a song, of course, called Turning Page. I’m not actually working on it though because I am working on my continuing story for the blog that will end up on AO3. My sorta old married Spirk, but not so old. I think on AO3 it might continue into December and be part of my 2017 holiday stories, the other of which is the one I already previewed on here. That’s it for this year. Two.

I have started my second chapter of Will You Have Sex With Me so you can expect that at some point in the not too distant future.

Tonight we are off to see Only the Brave which is the true story of firefighters who die. So I can expect to be depressed.

I have no real plans for this coming weekend either, at least that I know of, at this point. Our weather is firmly in Fall territory now so I am quite pleased with that.

On the reading front I am currently riveted by IT by Stephen King. I loved the movie that was out earlier and am looking forward to the sequel. I’d love to see Chris in it but not sure if that will happen. I am not the only one either as I saw some article who mentioned what that writer’s ideal cast would be for the adults (they were children in the first) in the sequel and Chris was among them.

On the future vacation front, I have now paid off our cruise and also purchased our plane tickets for it at the end of January. Guess it is really going to happen. I still have to pay my property taxes and my car registration and afford Christmas too. Ugh! LOL


The Weekend That Wasn’t


Ah the best laid plans of mice and men.

I got myself a cold and just didn’t have it in me to write ANYTHING this weekend. It was a total bust writing wise. I’ve been struggling with the cold all weekend and I just decided not to fight it. It will get written when it gets written.

I did watch Beyond though. So I guess that’s something. Though I did cringe every time Spock talked about Uhura. Bleh.

I may not have a rambles up until later in the week.




Spirky Song Love

I’m feeling all Spirky as I prepare to work on the holiday story, the winter story and possibly a second chapter of Will You Have Sex With Me? this weekend

This means videos and music that put me in a great Spirky Mood

One of those is Be Still by the Fray

Be Still

Another is  Looking for You Again by Matthew Perryman Jone

Looking for You Again

And another is I Hate U I Love U by Gnash

I hate u I Love U 

And finally this gives me achy Spirk feels for what these boys have been through separately that brings them together

Shot in the Dark by Within Temptation

Shot in the Dark





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