Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite fictions written in the Star Trek fandom. Please note I don’t actually know any of these people except through their work and with extremely rare exceptions, they don’t know me either.

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I’m going to start off with Observations.

I cannot say enough about this fic. It was written after the first movie and it’s super long and breathtaking. It’s almost exclusively told from Spock’s point of view. He goes from not liking Jim, to uncertainty, to acceptance, to worship, to love, to a partnership and everywhere in-between. This is how it’s done.

This isn’t the first one I read but it was the one that made me want to write my own. Among my absolute favorite chapters is Chapter 115: First Contact. I felt it in my chest. Let me tell you that is a rare thing for me. I hardly ever feel that when reading something but I felt that.

Her Spock and Jim are perfection.

One minor complaint is she has Chekov as a lieutenant which threw me off every single time I read his rank. But that really is minor.

Takes a while to read, not going to lie, but completely worth it.

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Taste Test 

I just found this one simply adorable.

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I just found this one very well written. I felt it.

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Beam Me Up, Spaceman

You’re going to find a couple of this author’s works on here. I really like her Kirk and Spock. This one was super hot. NSFW

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Per Adua Ad Astra

My absolute favorite Mirror Verse story

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To the Victor

One of my all time favorite Spirk writers and it crushes me she no longer writes for the fandom. But this…wow. So brutally sad but also such love. Please note you have to be a member of AO3 to read her work, she has them locked.

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The Broken Road

I really like this author a lot (although she famously deleted a story I absolutely loved and was following eagerly, yeah it happens). But this is probably my favorite of hers.

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Chess, and Other Aphrodisiacs

This is another by the same author that wrote To the Victor. I have re-read this one multiple times. Please note you have to be a member of AO3 to read her work, she has them locked.

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The Vulcan Heart

Likely one of my favorite Spirk stories ever. I have read it probably ten times. Please note you have to be a member of AO3 to read her work, she has them locked.

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Sotto Voce

Jim sacrifices everything for his crew and those he loves.

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The Marriage of True Minds

First time I had read a fic where Spock and Jim were princes. Her Spock voice is super super Vulcan, I can’t really find any humanity in him whatsoever, but her Jim is adorable and poignant and though I do wish her Spock was a bit softer, I do think you can feel his love for Jim. A good choice if you want a really long fic that’s well written.

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Your Body Drowning in Gravity

Unfortunately in a fit of depression, this author deleted her two amazing, amazing fics. The author’s name was OftheNight. This one was Spock and Jim negativing a new relationship and it’s not going well. I have it, I kept it, so if you ever do want to read it, I can try to send it to you. I have another of hers where Spock comforts Jim after a disastrous mission but I do not remember the name of it or where it is on my computer.

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These two are companion pieces. Jim gets sent to an alternative universe where Vulcans are considered the enemy. That is until  Jim tames one.

Jim has sex with another Spock and Spock has sex with another Jim. So if that’s not your thing, you think they should stick to their own Spock/Jim, this one probably won’t be for you. But there is claiming that is pretty hot.

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How High the Moon

Spock starts out pretty harsh and mean to Jim, I have to warn you. But eventually he becomes pretty much worshipful of Jim.

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Shine Like the Sun

One of my all time favorites. I’ve read many times.

After bonding with Jim,  Spock hits his head and loses his memories of ever thinking well of Jim and he believes he has been tricked. Amazing.

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

TOS and AOS combined and fantastic. Jim starts off with Spock Prime but ends up with Spock.

Okay that was  a lot, but I love a lot. There are even some missing because I couldn’t find the author or the link or something like that, so there’s more. And I did leave a couple off just because I thought the list was getting ridiculous.