Notice my new title for ramblings. So Exciting. NOT.

This is my super busy time of year. Not going to lie. Probably why it took me a month to update two fics I just posted updates for the last couple of days. I have one more to update that hasn’t been updated since October. That’s You Are the Light That’s Leading Me. I was going to work on it at work today but I discovered it’s not on my Word program there. I think I might have just called it “Stroke” there and I forgot to look for that. Ah well.

I left work a wee bit early today as I am supposed to get a couple of packages which contain Christmas presents and one I am required to sign for. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but that didn’t happen.

My house is decorated and that makes me very happy. I love Christmas. I wish I could write nothing but Christmas fics for the month of December but I feel like I have been too neglectful of my too many stories going as it is. So, that’s not going to happen. Just one this year and that’s the Holiday sequel to The Human Professor.

People are convinced I don’t know what I am talking about when I say I won’t do sequels now because they get no love  and attention. The original story has 1246 Kudos. The sequel so far has 119.I think I know.