So I posted another new story. Yeah I know. I honestly thought it would be 3 chapters now already it’s 4 and someone said they could see it becoming more. It’s called Dating a Vulcan. If you subscribe to me you might have gotten the notice that it posted as AO3 is screwing up again.

Tomorrow begins the month of the Old Married Spirk challenge. My entry is complete and is called Every Hour Has Come to This. It’s not much plot, just a day in the life of Kirk and Spock, Space Husbands. It’s TOS rather than AOS but you can probably see touches of my AOS Kirk in there because you know, that’s just what I write. I really did try to make him more Shatner than Pine, though.

You know me I can’t wait for shit, so it may be up as soon as November 01. I’m ridiculous.

Today you get a Pinto pic. Enjoy

Total classic