I spent this past weekend in Mammoth. If you don’t know what Mammoth is you should google it. Mammoth Lakes. It’s beautiful. It was a long drive there Friday night after work and we didn’t get there until about 1 AM. Anyway we had a great time though it was cold and as we were leaving Sunday morning snow was on all the mountains and hills around us.

While I was there I got an idea for a new fic. I intend to start it today but don’t know when I will begin posting it. No details as yet because I want it to be a surprise.

I have to wonder at celebs sometimes. Why would you adopt a dog right before going away on a week long road trip with your buddies?

I’m having a little get-together this coming Sunday. I intended to serve hot tea and coffee but since they are now predicting it is going to be about 85 I guess I will be serving iced tea. I am ready for it to be cool. I got spoiled in Mammoth where I was freezing. I really don’t know how you people who live on the East coast do the snow every damn day thing in the winter. Brrrrr

Edit: I took out my complaint. It was clear to me it didn’t work as I intended it to and probably made ME look bad.