As the title says there, I am sort of in limbo about what’s coming next in the updates. I am working on the next chapter of My Devotion, You are the Light That’s Leading Me, the One-Shot and Young and Beautiful. None are finished. Not sure if I will have anything finished but my goal is to get something finished and updated on Friday.

I’m still working on my Old Married Spirk story but I have all of November to post that, though like I said before I intend to post it sooner rather than later.

I’ll be away all weekend so there won’t be any updates. In fact that’s sort of going to be a pattern going forward through the end of the year. This is my busy time with parties, plans, family, friends, and holidays.Through October I have plans every weekend and into November as well. I expect December to be likewise busy, so just expect me to take most weekends off posting wise.

Because my plate is super full (got one story finished thankfully) and Christmas stories will be coming up soon, I expect THE WINTER STORY not to get going before January. It’s going to have angsty sad elements for sure. I am hoping to get a story or two completed before I get working on that too much.

Because he’s beautiful, I must conclude with a Chris picture. Oh look, Zach got in there too.