Today during my writing time I feel I need to return to my Old Married Spirk story. I plan to upload it fairly soon in November, maybe even the first because as most of you know, that’s how I roll. I can hardly wait to post stuff once I write it. This story is so full of fluffiness it’s unreal! HA. There’s probably a reason I don’t regularly write TOS.

Also writing on OMS will prevent me from posting on AO3 today which I definitely need a break from.

I seriously need to conclude something though because Christmas is coming and so is THE WINTER STORY. I need less works in progress. Somebody stop me!

I was posting chapters of Where My Demons Hide on here but I think it might be a bit too graphic for wordpress, so if you are out there and were reading it on wordpress, here’s the link for it on AO3/WMDH so it can be read there.

I may at times post some sort of fluffiness here. Maybe even some Kirk/Spock Prime. Those tend to get porny though so we will see.

In other news, I saw yesterday that Chris adopted a dog. Made me love him even more though I admit to being somewhat surprised since he seemed to indicate before not a lot of time to take care of a pet since he is away so much. But maybe he has enough free time he thought he could do it right now. Anyway the dog and Chris are both cuties.