So I saw this on tumblr and decided to put a post on here with my thoughts on it.

OTP – Obvious isn’t it? Kirk/Spock

Favorite canon pairing: I think this is supposed to be an “actual’ pairing in fandom, not a created one, so if that’s the case I’d go with Arwen/Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But if that isn’t what it means, I say Kirk/Spock again.

Worst Pairing Ever: Spock/Uhura, duh, just so wrong,  although for me a close second is Spock/Bones

Guilty Pleasure Pairing: Kirk/Spock Prime

A Pairing I want to see more of: Always Kirk/Spock, to me there aren’t enough

That pair that everyone likes but you’re like “no, lol”: Kirk/McCoy

Favorite Non-Romantic Pair: Kirk/McCoy