Warning: This chapter contains explicit same-sex “Daddy Kink” Dom/sub sex

“You look quite pleasing like this.”

“Do you think so?”

Spock’s grasped his shoulders and moved him to stand in front of the mirror.

Jim stared at himself. At the dark brown hair cut in the traditional bowl cut they seemed so fond of. His ears were pointed, even more so than Spock’s were, but then of course they would be. As he was fully Vulcan. And the eyes. Instead of blue eyes, brown eyes stared back at him under slanty brows.

“I must admit,” Jim said softly, “I look fascinating.”

“Indeed,” Spock murmured. “Purging all that was human in you was definitely the right thing to do.”

Purging the human.

“When the child is born,” Spock continued, his hands moving to Jim’s swollen stomach, “he will be three quarters Vulcan and we cannot allow that.”

“We cannot?”

“No. We must purge the quarter of him that is human.”

“Yes,” Jim agreed with a nod. “It is only logical.”

He turned toward Spock.

“What of you? When will you purge your human half?”

“I am to undergo the purging today. My appointment in the chamber is in ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes, Spock? You must endeavor to be more accurate. It is ten minutes, fourteen seconds.”

Spock bowed his head. “You are correct. This is proof that I must purge my inferior side the sooner the better.”


Jim woke up shouting, “Don’t! No! Don’t go into the chamber!”


His eyes wide, Jim stared at Spock, who was sitting on the edge of his bed and had his hands on Jim’s chest.


“Yes. You were dreaming. You must calm down.”

“You-you didn’t go into the chamber?”

Spock’s brows furrowed. “I do not know of what you speak.”

“My eyes. What do they look like? Spock, what do they look like?”

“Your heart rate is very fast. If you do not calm yourself I will be forced to call the doctor.”

Jim exhaled. His breath came out choppy. Spock’s hands were still on his chest. Not holding him down exactly but definitely holding him in place.

Spock said nothing, just watched Jim as he tried to get his breathing back to normal. He put his hand up to his ear and felt roundness.

“Are my eyes blue?”

“Remarkably so.”

Jim laughed a little. “O-Okay.”

Then he placed his hand on his flat stomach and felt further relieved. Now that was one hell of a bad dream.

“How long have you been here?” he asked Spock when he could form a coherent thought.

“I have been working at your desk for several hours,” Spock replied. “You were sleeping and I did not wish to disturb you, but there were additional tasks I had to see to.”

Jim nodded and licked his dry lips. He was further surprised when Spock reached over to the table next to his bed and retrieved a glass of water, which he handed to Jim.


“Drink all of it,” Spock told him. “You have a tendency toward dehydration.”

Jim frowned but took a large swallow of the water. “Taking that a bit far, aren’t you?”

“To what do you refer?”

“You know. The, uh, the daddy thing.”

Spock arched an impervious brow. “I do not.”

“Do not what?”

“Think I am taking it too far. I was correct when I said you need a daddy.”

Jim felt his face heat. “That’s way hotter than it should be. Does that make me twisted? It totally does, doesn’t it?”

“You are babbling, Drink.”

Jim took another drink but was sort of irritated that he did. “I thought you might be embarrassed.”


“Saying you were my daddy.”

“Why would I be?” Spock gestured for him to take another drink. “What we choose to participate in the privacy of our quarters is no one’s business but our own.”

“So you weren’t avoiding me?”

“I had work to do, Jim. The duties of your science officer and first officer are quite extensive.”

“Are you overworked?”


Jim finished the water and handed over the empty glass when Spock reached for it. “I didn’t know Vulcans had kinks.”


“Yeah. The daddy thing. It’s a kink.”

Spock tilted his head. “Is it?”

“Oh yeah. So if you continue to insist you are, um, –”

“Your daddy.”

“That.” Jim’s cock rose painfully hard in his sleep shorts. Apparently Spock wasn’t the only one with the daddy kink. “It makes you kinky.”

Spock’s gaze went to the bulge in Jim’s pants. “You like it when I am your daddy.”

“Oh, shit. Why is it so fucking hot when you say that word?”

Spock’s lips quirked in a tiny show of amusement. He moved his hand to between Jim’s legs and squeezed Jim’s crotch. “Shall I tell you what to do as your daddy?”

Jim was pretty sure his brain just completely shorted out in favor of all things being concentrated in his aching cock.

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Yes, what?”

His eyes widened and his lungs seized. “Yes, daddy.”

“Remove your shirt and then lie on your back,” Spock ordered.

Jim scrambled to obey and then paused briefly to wonder what that said about him. Spock’s eyes narrowed at him and considering he had his hand on Jim’s leg, Jim suspected the telepath was getting some of his thoughts.

Jim licked his lips and waited for what Spock would do or say next.

Spock’s fingers went into the waistband of Jim’s shorts. Jim was now shaking with need, his stupid dream now long forgotten, and his need to be dominated by his Vulcan overcoming all else.

“Spock, please.”

The shorts were ripped in half and tossed aside, exposing Jim’s leaking cock to Spock’s dark gaze. Jim swore his eyes rolled back into his head.

Spock undid the fasteners of his pants and pulled out his own hard cock, which was slick with the Vulcan’s lubricant.

“Stroke me,” Spock ordered, his voice sounding harsh in the quiet room.

Jim closed his fingers around the double-ridged masterpiece and began sliding his fist along the length. During the week and a half he and Spock had been “experimenting” sexually—Jim’s words, not Spock’s—Spock had always closed his eyes whenever Jim touched him so intimately. But not this time. Those molten chocolate eyes were fixated on Jim in such a show of commanding dominance, the submissive in Jim lowered his gaze.

“Look at me.”

Unable to resist the command, Jim looked at Spock, though still kept his own gaze pure submission.

“You are so beautiful,” Spock said.

He flushed at the compliment. He curled his fist tighter around Spock’s dick which earned him a growl.



“Do not speak.”

Jim closed his mouth. His pulse raced, his heart hammered in his chest. He desperately wanted to stroke his own cock, but he didn’t dare.

“Spread your cheeks for me.”

Jim made a mewling sound before he could stop himself but Spock just arched a brow, obviously waiting for Jim to obey.

Jim slid his hands down to his own ass and grasped each cheek. He spread them apart, exposing his hole to Spock’s gaze.

And that gaze zeroed in. Dark and intense. Jim was shaking.

“Wet your finger and stick in in yourself,” came the next order.

Sucking in a breath, Jim moved a hand to his mouth and thoroughly soaked his fingers with his own saliva. Then he moved it back to his ass and slowly stuck his index finger into his puckered hole. He let out a low moan,


Jim bit his lip against the sting but pushed it in further up his ass.

“Add another.”

Jim swallowed heavily but stuck in a second finger. “Can-Can we please?”

“Can we please what?”

“I want you to-to fuck me.”

For a moment, Spock just stared at him. Then he reached over and pulled Jim’s fingers out. He hadn’t bothered to remove his clothes, so it was just Spock’s dick sticking out from his pants and somehow that was dirtier still

“Who am I?” Spock asked, as he took his excruciatingly slow time pushing into Jim.


“Wrong answer.” He slapped Jim’s thigh. “Who am I?”

His mouth so dry, he felt like he couldn’t get any saliva at all, Jim groaned out, “My-my daddy.”

“Yes, your daddy.”

Spock thrust in fully, deeply, his fingers digging into Jim as he yanked Jim’s ass off the bed to be flush against him.

“Can I-Can I—?”

“Yes,” Spock ground out.

Jim’s hand grasped his leaking cock, desperately pumping himself, as he felt Spock pound his ass. If the bed survived intact, Jim would be surprised.

“Jim!” Spock shouted, pouring into him as Jim’s ass muscles clenched around him.

“God, oh, God,” Jim gasped over and over as he splurted out all over himself and the bed, Spock still moving within him. His vision went out for a few seconds and then Spock was withdrawing and petting his head. He collapsed in a heap.

A little while later, he felt a cool damp cloth being run over his body.


“Who else?”

He heard the amusement in Spock’s voice. It was a subtle thing. Most didn’t know when Spock was amused. Jim always did though.

“You don’t have to do that,” Jim said softly. “I can get in the shower.”



“You will stay in bed and rest. When I have deemed your rest sufficient, then you can rise, eat something, and shower. We will make orbit for Tambian 3 in three hours.”

Jim grimaced but he didn’t move. “I’m still the captain.” He paused. “Daddy.”

That earned him a stinging slap to his bare buttocks.

Jim refrained from saying ‘ouch’ only because that would satisfy Spock.


“Yes, Captain?”

“Would you-Would you rather I was a-a woman?” He buried his flaming hot face in the pillow.

Spock paused in his wipe down of Jim’s back. “No.”

Jim relaxed a little.

“Now be silent.”

All right. Perhaps he could give up command in his quarters. Sometimes anyway.