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First blog post

I’m trying this again, a fan fiction site separate from the one I use on AO3. For now I’m not widely advertising it while I see what I do with it.

I’m posting a work in progress that takes place after Star Trek Beyond, called Where My Demons Hide.

I’ll probably post photos and stuff that inspire me. Right now I’m fixated on a picture of Zachary Quinto in the snow that I just have to use for Spock.


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The Babysitter (Friday’s Flash)

“Okay. Did you wash your hands?”


“Hold them up. Let me see.”

The little dark haired boy with the not quite bowl cut and the pointy ears held up his hands for Jim to inspect.

“Hm. Keep them up. Might as well practice. Do the ta’al so we can surprise your Sa-Mekh with what you learned.”

The boy made a face. He used one tiny hand to move the fingers apart on the other tiny hand.

Jim tried not to laugh. “Better. You’ll get there.” He resisted, barely, ruffling the hair of Surak. Spock had taken a bit of flak for naming his son after the most famous Vulcan, but as was typical Spock, he didn’t pay them much attention.

“Okay. So. Now, your Sa-Mekh left you in my care for the night. Did he tell you that you can have pizza?”


Jim nodded. “Did he tell you that you can’t have pizza?”


“Hmm. Well, that’s too bad. How can I be a terrible influence then? All right, sit at the table.”

Surak, who was all of four years old, dutifully scurried over to Jim’s dining room table and crawled into a seat. He didn’t need a booster seat anymore but it was a near thing.

Jim went to the kitchen and opened the box for the pizza meant for Surak and took out two slices. He took out two slices of his own pizza too, and went to the table with both.

“Yours has a cauliflower crust and vegan cheese.”

Surak wrinkled his nose. “Yuck.”

Jim laughed. “I’m totally kidding. It’s a regular crust, tomato sauce and regular cheese. You’re vegetarian not vegan.”

Surak picked up a slice and took a bite, chewing happily. He eyed Jim’s piece. “That looks good.”

“Oh it is. But it’s got pepperoni on it and your Sa-Mekh would be very angry with me if I let you have it. He wouldn’t leave you with me anymore.”

Surak agreed with a nod and continued to eat his pizza. He also got sauce all over his little face.

“You’re supposed to eat it not wear it,” Jim admonished, but not too severely. “You want more?”

“No. Maybe for breakfast.”

“Ha, fat chance on that. Your Sa-Mekh wouldn’t let you eat pizza for breakfast.” Jim got up and went into his kitchen for a wet wipe and returned, wiping Surak’s face and hands.  “PJ’s?”


He was so darn cute saying please. Just like a little adult. None of this ‘pease’ other little obnoxious children said.

He took Surak’s hand and walked with him into the bedroom where he’d left the bag that Spock had given him with Surak’s things he was to use for the night. He unzipped it and dug inside, pulling out feety pajamas.

“These are them?” he asked, surprised. They were kind of golden and brown and had a furry looking collar around the throat. “Is it supposed to be a lion?”

Surak said, “Yes. I like lions. Sa-Mekh said we can go look at them at the San Francisco zoo on Saturday. Are you coming?”

“Of course I am.” He removed the boy’s shirt and pants and then helped him into the pajamas, noting the feet were paws. He couldn’t help but smile at the image of Spock picking these out.

With Surak all situated in his absurdly cute lion pajamas, Jim took him back out of the living room.

“Okay, you can watch one program and then it’s off to bed. I promised your Sa-Mekh you’d be put to bed at a reasonable time.”



“You said I could have popcorn.”

“I did? Oh. Yeah. I did. All right.”

“Caramel popcorn,” Surak reminded him.

“Your Sa-Mekh will not thank me for getting you jacked up on sugar.”

But he led Surak into the kitchen to pop the popcorn and melt the caramel. He then mixed the two, threw it in a bowl and went back to the living room with Surak, both of them curling up on sofa to watch the show Surak had picked out for them to watch.

It was a couple of hours later when Jim sort of blinked awake at the sound of someone accessing the apartment door. Surak stayed completely asleep against him.

Spock walked in, arching that picture perfect brow at him.

“How was he?”

“Completely perfect and adorable, of course.” Jim shifted and Surak woke up, rubbing his eyes as he did so.

“Look, kiddo, here is your Sa-Mekh!”

Surak scrambled up from Jim’s lap and ran to Spock, hugging his legs. “You are earlier than anticipated.”

Spock leaned down and scooped his son up into his arms. “I am. I finished early and could not wait to return to you.”

“And to Daddy!”

Spock met Jim’s gaze over their son. “And to Daddy.”

Jim leaned over and kissed Spock’s lips. “Welcome home.”

Rambles, February 13, 2019

If you can stand another post from me, here it is!

Of course today I posted a short story called Always Shall Be on AO3. Most of you have already read it. I was contacted on tumblr last night by a reader who follows me there and discovered my secret identity (kidding). Anyway, she asked if I would write something to go with her Spirk art and I agreed. Fortunately she was okay with just a short piece because I just don’t have time for long requests right now.

I finished the next chapter of All I Ever Wanted and I will post that tomorrow to give anyone who wants to read Always Shall Be a chance to focus on that. I’ll probably add the other Valentine story I did to my one-shot collection either tonight or tomorrow as well. The one with the Vulcan card. I swear I can’t even remember what I called it anymore. Ugh, Anyway, I posted it here last Friday!

Long time followers know that me and M aren’t huge huge on V Day. I got him a small present (candy) and he’s making me dinner. But he’s not making it until Friday because we have our WW meeting tomorrow. I requested chicken and mushroom pie (it’s an English thing made with puff pastry) and mashed potatoes. He is also going to make me Pot Au Creme (some fancy creamy custardy lovebird dessert, ha)

I got my one-shot done for Friday and it’s super dupery cute if I do say so myself. Hope you guys will like it.

I may get some garage cleaning done this weekend. We shall see. It’s supposed to rain through Friday and again possibly Sunday, so it’s a small window of opportunity there. We’ve had a rainy season so far. And COLD for us. We’ve had more fires in our fireplace (M’s mistake on NY’s notwithstanding) this year than we’ve had in the last ten, I swear. Tonight I am off to Target and will likely buy a couple more logs.

And that is definitely it for now (well until Friday obviously)

Temporary Bond (sneak preview)

I’m just going to drop this here. Was writing the flash for Friday and this happened. So yeah. New flash coming instead of this because yeah there will be more of this. I’m sorry…Not sorry

Chapter One

Jim stepped into his quarters and stood there in the middle for a moment, uncertain how to feel or what to do.

His gaze raked over the space. Would it have to change? Did he have to get a bigger bed? Make room for someone else’s stuff?

Or would…would Spock even want that? Would he just want to keep everything the same? Him in his quarters and Jim in his. As though nothing at all had changed.

Jim had just been released from the medbay after being there for two days. Bones had said he could have forty-eight more hours. Spock too. Under the circumstances they were docked at Yorktown, because they’d been closest to their location.

And Bones had…well, he’d had to contact Starfleet.

The thing was…this was the fault of the mission. Spock hadn’t wanted this. Jim didn’t even know if he’d wanted it. Sure, he wanted…something with Spock, but, um, well, he hadn’t really had all this in mind.

They’d been stranded. The planet had been strange. Stranger than any Jim had yet encountered and something, somehow, made Spock go into his time. And that time had been irrevocably with Jim.

Thee solid days of sexual claiming. And during that time, their minds had connected, bonded.

When they’d finally been rescued they’d been wrapped up together, still naked, both of them. A tangle of limbs. Spock had been, at first, reluctant to release Jim to the crew, but then reason returned, he recognized Bones and Uhura and the others, and he let go.

Jim had not seen him in person since, but, oh, yes, he felt him. Their minds were interlocked. He got Spock’s thoughts sometimes even and he was sure Spock got his. And he felt the Vulcan’s emotions too. Confusion, irritation, anger. Jim didn’t feel the second two, but yes, he felt the first. And sorrow and fear. Because he was both sad and afraid that this was the last thing Spock would have wanted.

Bones had healed Jim all over. Jim was fine mostly. Nothing more than some scrapes and bruises and soreness. And some of that was from being stranded there and had nothing to do with Pon Farr.

Thinking the words made his quarters hot and heavy somehow. Oppressive. He tugged at his T-shirt. He hadn’t bothered with his uniform just yet as there was no need. Bones himself had fetched these clothes for him as he’d worn a medbay gown while he’d been there.

“Bridge to Captain Kirk.”

Uhura’s voice had him wincing. She and Spock hadn’t been together anymore, Jim knew that, but still she had to have feelings over his sudden shotgun wedding with Spock. And as Bones and M’Benga had advised, in the laws of Vulcan and the Federation, they were married now.

He strolled over to his terminal and sat down. He was glad he could without any residual discomfort. “Kirk here.”

She appeared on his screen, her expression one of perfect professionalism. “Sorry to disturb you, Captain. Admiral Freemont for you.”

Jim nodded. “Put him through, Lieutenant.”

Freemont appeared on his screen, his one blind on looking clouded in his scarred, battered face. “Jim, how are you feeling, son?’

“Good, sir. Much better.”

“Of course we have your CMO’s full report on what happened on Beta Ceti 8.”

Jim waited.

“Everything’s in order on our end.”


“Everything’s been filed for your new…relationship with Commander Spock. We’ve been in touch with the Vulcan High Council as well. Now, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, Jim, that the Vulcans take this bonding thing very seriously.”

“No, sir. I know.”

“And consequently, they expect you to remain bonded with Commander Spock.” Freemont leaned back in his chair. “However, that being said, circumstances being what they were, you had little choice in the matter on Beta Ceti 8, and therefore, if you’d prefer to initiate a dissolution of your bond with Commander Spock, given those unfortunate circumstances, Starfleet will acquiesce to your wishes.”

“I understand.”

“What would you like to do, Jim?”

“Uh. I really don’t know, sir. I don’t think I have an objection to being bonded to Spock, but to be honest I’m still not even sure what it all means or entails. We, uh, haven’t had much time to talk since we were rescued.” Jim shook his head. “And it’s not only up to me, obviously. Spock didn’t have much choice either and I’m guessing he might not be fully onboard with this idea.”

“You think he wants to dissolve the bond?”

“I think it’s called sever or something,” Jim replied. “And maybe. He might. I sense anger in him to be honest. I don’t think this is the result he would have chosen for himself if we hadn’t been stranded on Beta Ceti 8.”

“Surveys are still being done for Beta Ceti 8 but for now, we’re calling it off limits to other Federation ships. We’re not yet sure what caused Commander Spock to enter into his, er, unmentionable time.”

Jim’s lips twitched, though it really wasn’t funny. But the old admiral was clearly uncomfortable with the details of Spock’s time.     

“I think Spock was just as surprised as anyone.”

“For now, you’re to stay docked at Yorktown for the next two days, Jim. We’ll reevaluate at the end of those days. Obviously if this bond interferes in your command team as it is, we’ll have to reassess that too.”

“I don’t think it will, sir. We’re well aware of our duties, Admiral.”

“I have no doubt of that, Jim. You two are exemplary examples of our finest officers. We’ll be speaking with Commander Spock as well. For now, Freemont out.”

The thing was, Jim most definitely had been interested in sex with Spock before the whole ‘Okay, we gotta’ happened. But he hadn’t acted on it. And really, he wasn’t sure he ever would. Because while he wanted Spock more than anyone, respected Spock more than anyone, loved Spock more than anyone, if he were honest, Jim didn’t have a lot of friends, not that he could trust and rely on like he could Spock and Bones, and he hadn’t wanted to lose that, lose Spock, with sexual and romantic nonsense that could and would only complicate things.

Besides, up until Beta Ceti 8, Jim had been sure that any feelings Spock had for him were most certainly platonic in nature. He’d never given Jim one reason to think otherwise. Until obviously Jim was lying under him with Spock’s tongue in his mouth and um, well, other parts in other parts. But he shouldn’t be thinking like that. Should he?

Jim had never thought he’d commit to anyone. Because obviously the person, Vulcan, being, whatever, he loved could never be his. But now, he was. But it was probably only temporary, right? Why would Spock want to be permanently bonded with him?

“Bridge to Captain Kirk.”

Uhura again. She sounded a bit harried this time.

Jim frowned. “Kirk here.”

“Captain, there’s a Vulcan priestess asking for permission to come onboard.”

“To see Spock?”

“No, Captain. To see you.”


“Yes, sir.” She cleared her throat. “Something about giving you pointers on being bonded to a Vulcan.”

Jim’s mouth hung open. “What?”

Uhura shrugged. “She happened to be on Yorktown and heard about it. She feels you could benefit from her instructions.”

Jim pinched the bridge of his nose. “Swell.”

“Should I tell her to take a flying leap?”

“Yes.” Jim sighed. “But probably shouldn’t. Let her onboard.”


There are stories I want to write. Besides the one I showed you the other day called ‘Time for Leaving’, I also want to write the second part of Hello Darkness. It will be set about 6 years in the future. I am thinking of combining it with a previous idea I had with the song ‘Dancing on My Own’, so that when Jim becomes the captain of the Enterprise after not seeing Spock all these years, he finds Spock is with Uhura. I haven’t fully decided on this yet because at the end of Hello Darkness Spock does call Jim his T’hy’la. Men, as we know, are stupid though, so we will see. I also said I would take up ‘The Thought of You is Consuming Me’ again, which was my Regency/Victorian set Pinto story I deleted. I also want to write the one that began in First Footing that was requested by a reader. And others, too. My head is spinning with ideas.

But I can’t write any of those until I give my readers and myself some relief on current stories. I just hope the ideas and mojo doesn’t leave for those unwritten stories.

My plan is to have The Experiment finished in the not too distant future. Perhaps only a few more chapters more. I’m also thinking of ending My Heart’s a Virgin sooner rather than later. Nine Lives will be done, hopefully, before the summer and, perhaps, Bitter Frost, as well. That’s the potential of 4 stories (If I know how to count, ha)

I also need to finish The Love of a Lifetime.

As for, Didn’t We Have it All. Well. On the one hand the guys are together, finally, but I don’t know if I am at the point where I want to say goodbye to them.

Anyway, so I plan to get some of that stuff done before tackling on another. I also have Revealing to finish here, but I will be honest, it won’t be this week. I am sorry. I’ll have something else up on Friday. I know…I suck.

Work is crazy too right now, so I am busy busy here. Anyway, that’s it for now!

The Time for Leaving

This is just a short sneak peak for a very very angsty piece I am thinking of writing. Will I really do it? I guess it depends on what reaction is and how I feel about it. But anyway, I leave this here.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

Jim wasn’t sure how long he sat on the park bench afterward. It was hours surely. It had been late morning when he’d wandered there, numb. People came and went around him and still he didn’t move. The sun changed positions in the sky, but Jim did not.

Eventually the temperature dropped, but Jim wondered if he would ever feel anything again. And if he did, did it even matter?

“I’m afraid it’s incurable, Jim.”

The words played in his head over and over again like a movie on repeat. The sad face of the doctor giving him the prognosis. The sinking feeling in his stomach. The urge to weep at first for the loss of…everything really. And then the numbness.


He’d walked right from the doctor’s office to HQ. He recalled the sad face of Admiral Komack as he’d given him the news, and his resignation. He was supposed to captain another five year mission, but that wouldn’t be possible now.

The symptoms began not long after he’d left Yorktown for Earth, the ship taking a little longer to be built than Jim wanted to spend on Yorktown.

At first, he’d ignored the tickly cough. Coughs could come from anywhere and he’d had allergies most of his life.  Then the tightness in his chest had started but he’d ignored that too. Until he coughed up blood.

The doctor told him it probably wouldn’t have mattered if he’d gone in earlier, but Jim wasn’t sure if that was a platitude to make him feel better or the truth.

He’d heard something about the radiation poisoning he’d gotten when saving the ship had never really gone away and it had weakened him and a bunch of other shit he had stopped listening to, really.

He hadn’t contacted anyone from his crew. Not Bones, not Spock, no one. Eventually they would know he wasn’t going to be coming back as their captain. But Jim didn’t want to tell them the truth. Didn’t want to see their sad faces along with the doctor’s and Komack’s.

They would contact him. He knew they would. Bones would demand answers. Probably Spock too. Uhura, Scotty. They’d want to know.  

What would Jim tell them?


Walk With Me


Went for my walk this morning. Here’s a shot of my area as I approach the park. See how it’s partly cloudy? More about that later!

Wash by House

I don’t know if you folks in other areas called it the same thing, but we call these things “washes”. This one is right by the park and with the rain we’ve been having it’s so full of water parts of it have become waterfalls. This is from the bridge you take over it to get through the park and to the houses.


Years and years ago M and I lived at these apartments you see over the wall.


Uh oh the clouds are becoming more threatening! Is it going to rain again?

Yep, it started raining shortly after I took this picture. If you are on my walk with me, I hope you brought your umbrella. I did not! ha

My Favorite House in the Area

Think they’d let me buy it for $10,000. No? Damn, Wait, Where would I get $10,000 from anyway? Bummer.

And now I head home as it begins to rain on my poor little head.

Flash Fiction Friday, 02/08/2019

Since Valentine’s Day comes on a Thursday you are getting this Valentine’s Day flash this week.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

“Should I send chocolate to Jo?”

“Huh?” Jim’s steps faltered in the grocery store where he walked beside Bones.

“You know. For Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh. Um. Sure, I guess. Does she like chocolate?”

Bones smirked. “Doesn’t every kid?” He stopped before a display of brightly colored heart shaped boxes. He eyed Jim. “What about you?”

“Me? Since when have we exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts?”

“Not with me, genius. Aren’t you…well whatever…?”

“Involved in a sexual relationship? Yes.”

“So, there’s like no feelings there or anything.”

Jim eyed the glittery boxes with a baleful stale. “None worth these monstrosities.”

“A romantic to the end, our Jim.”

“Well. It’s not, um, you know. Not like that.” He felt himself turning hot and red, probably to match the candy boxes. But really.

“I see.”

“Well, it’s not like we have, you know, conversations and stuff. Candlelight dinners.”

“So, it’s just bend over and take it?’ Bones chortled and Jim turned redder. His friend held up his hands. “Kidding. You know what? I just don’t care that much about whatever goes on between you guys.” He made a face. “Maybe chocolate is a bad idea. A toy? Like a doll? Or maybe jewelry.”

“Or maybe a gift card and let her pick out her own gift.”

“That’s no fun. And not much thought into it.”

Jim shrugged.

“I know, look who I’m talking to.”

“You know my family isn’t much into gift giving and celebrations.”

“I know. That would mean you’d actually have to see each other.”

“Exactly. And God knows why we’d want to do that.” Jim picked up a large pink, sequined box. “How about this one?”

“Yeah, that one’s nice. I’ll go with that.”

They walked away from the display.

Bones suddenly grabbed Jim’s arm. “Look who’s here.”

They watched the tall, slender Vulcan enter the story and briefly pause in the doorway as he surveyed the store.

Jim opened his mouth to call out to him but Bones elbowed him in the stomach. He gave Bones a look.

“Let’s see what he does,” Bones whispered, drawing Jim away to the next aisle.

They watched as the Vulcan, Spock, stepped over to the display of heart shaped chocolate boxes. Jim frowned but Bones grinned.

“Isn’t that too sweet?”

“Shut up,” Jim whispered furiously.

Spock chose a big red heart with a ribbon bow and then walked up to the front of the store to the register. He quickly paid and left the store.

“Well?” Bones said.

“Well, er, what?”

“Come on, Jim. You have to get him something now.”

Jim bit his lip. He was so sure Spock wouldn’t be into Valentine’s Day. It was so unlike him. They’d even talked about it before and how stupid it was. It made no sense.

“I can’t get him chocolate, Bones.”

“Get him something else then.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, do I?” Bones laughed suddenly. “Sexy underwear.”



On Valentine’s Day, Jim went to Spock’s apartment. After a particularly vigorous sex session, Spock said he would get them takeout for dinner, and that Jim could take his time getting out of bed and getting dressed.

Jim got up, grabbed his clothes and went to go into the bathroom when he saw the big red heart box Spock had got for him. With a smile, he walked over to it. He’d left the wrapped package of the red silk boxers he’d bought for Spock in his book bag when he’d first got there as it had felt a little weird to give it straight away to him.

His smile widened when he spotted the tag Spock had included.  He flipped over the heart shaped tag.

“To: Nyota, From: Spock.”

Jim dropped the tag and backed away, disappointment coursing through him.

Of course it hadn’t been for him. What had he been thinking, anyway?

Nyota was just a friend. That much Jim had known. So he knew there wasn’t any grand romantic gesture on Spock’s part in giving her the candy. Likely, his mom had told him to or someone like that.

His disappointment didn’t come from romantic jealousy. But from his own foolishness at thinking he was getting a present. Gifts were for suckers. Jim’s family had taught him that. And expectations were for fools.

He went to his book bag, took out the package and stuffed it into the back of Spock’s sock drawer. Then he texted Spock.

“Oh, hey. Can’t stay for dinner after all. Sorry. I’ll be in touch.”

Jim hit send before he chickened out.

He was on his way out when he spotted a white envelop on the coffee table. He stopped. From where he stood he could see his name in Spock’s ridiculously neat handwriting.

Jim bit his lip, walked over, and picked up the unsealed envelope. Inside was a card.

It was a rather artistic drawing of a Vulcan with a pulsing heart at his side, beating, or the drawing was meant to imply a beating heart anyway. Inside were the words,

I want you to live long and prosper…with me.

Just then the door to Spock’s apartment opened and Spock stepped inside holding two bags of takeout. He stared at Jim.

“You are still here. I received your note and—”

Jim rushed over to Spock and threw his arms around the Vulcan, kissing him hard.  Spock seemed startled a moment, but then returned the kiss with equal fervor.

“Bones is right. I am an idiot.”

“I do not understand.”

“I know. But I swear, from now on, I’m going to be better.”

“About what?” Spock asked cautiously.

“About everything.”

“Then…are you staying?”

“I’m staying. And there’s something else.”


“I’ve been practicing this. Um.” He leaned in and whispered in Spock’s ear.

Spock’s arms tightened around him.

“Did I say it right?”

“What were you trying to say, Jim?”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you, in Vulcan.”

Spock’s lips twitched but his eyes were shining. “I love you as well, however, you did not say Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Jim frowned. “No? What did I say? I got the words from your family and they said—”

“You said that you were mine forever, that you were obedient, that you loved me…”

“Oh.” Jim smiled and nodded. “That’s okay then.”

“And you like to cluck like a chicken.” Spock paused to let Jim laugh.  “Sybok?”

“How did you know?”

Spock shook his head. “An educated guess.”

“We can reheat the food,” Jim said. “I have a present for you in the room. I’m dying to see you wearing it.”

Spock arched a brow, but he hurried after Jim, leaving the food containers on the coffee table as he passed by.   

A Bit of Silly Spirkness

To say Jim was startled when he entered to see Spock already waiting there would be an understatement. It was true that he was a few minutes later than he’d said he’d be. He could chalk that up to Bones, who took ten minutes longer than usual to tell some story Jim had already heard before. It was a funny story though and with Bones latest embellishments, added for purely showing off purposes, it had amused Jim even more.

But he had told Spock they could play chess at 1900 hours and clearly Spock had taken him quite seriously.

It was unusual for Spock to access Jim’s quarters when Jim was not there though.

“Oh. Hi, Spock.”

“Hello, baby.”

Jim blinked. He could not have just heard what he thought he’d heard.

“Uh. Give me a moment, okay? I want to get out of this uniform.”

Jim pulled off his tunic and walked over to the laundry chute. He felt Spock’s gaze on him, and wondered at it. He shook his head and dropped his tunic into the chute. Then reached for the hem of his undershirt.

As he did so, his gaze fell on the open heart-shaped box of chocolates lying on his desk. At least half of the wrappers were empty.

Jim turned quickly to stare at Spock and almost ran into him, for he’d moved a lot closer.

“I can assist you with that,” Spock murmured.

“Spock, have you been eating those?”

Spock followed Jim’s gaze. “I received them as a gift.”

Jim frowned. “From whom?”

He was not jealous. At all. Because he completely did not have a right. Spock could receive gifts from whomever and Jim had nothing to say about it.

Spock shrugged. “Anonymous.”

“Anonymous,” Jim repeated.

“I suspect that they are from Nyota, however.”

“Wouldn’t she have just put her name on it?”

“There was no name, but they are similar to chocolates she has presented me with in the past.”

“Oh.” Jim turned away and pulled off his undershirt. “I wasn’t aware you guys were, um, you know. Still exchanging gifts for you know, that stupid day.”

“You believe Valentine’s Day is stupid?”

“Pretty much.” Jim dropped his undershirt, so he bent over and picked it up. Spock’s hand landed on his butt. Jim froze. “Commander.”

“Yes, baby?”

Jim laughed, straightened and turned around. “Have you really eaten all those chocolates? I guess you have. Why would Uhura give you those of all people? I mean she has to know.”

Spock nodded. “She does. They are for courage.”

“Courage, huh? Take it from me, Spock, using intoxication for courage is never a good thing.” Jim stepped over to his wardrobe, took out his t-shirt, and pulled it on over his head. Then he went back to where Spock stood. “Baby, huh?”

Spock looked unexpectedly intense and sincere as he stared into Jim’s eyes. “I will use whatever your preferred endearment is.”

Jim smiled. “You don’t need endearments. You know why I keep inviting you over for chess?”

“To improve your obvious lack of finesse in playing?”

He laughed. “No. I don’t even really like it much. I used to play with Sam before he left and before I took up with you, I hadn’t played in years.”

“Then why—”

“To spend time with you,” Jim said, carefully. “Baby.”

Spock straightened a little, but green had splashed across his cheeks. “I apologize for my earlier assault of your person.”


“My accosting of your…derriere.”

“Oh.” Jim nodded. “It’s only assault if I object. And I don’t.”

“That is good to hear.” Spock made an odd sound between a burp and a choke.

“Uh.” Jim stepped back. “I think you might want to sit down, Spock, while I get you a trash can.”

“But I wish to—”

“Yeah, me too.  It’s going to have to wait, though, honey.”

Oh.” Spock’s eyes widened. “I like that better.”

Jim laughed again. “Sit down. I’ll get the trash.”

Spock nodded, staggered toward the bed, suddenly covered his mouth, and with a pained cry, threw up all over the coverlet Jim’s mom had sent him.

“Damn.” Jim eyed the half eaten box of chocolate. “This is definitely going in the trash.” He stepped over to it. “After I try one, of course.” He took a bite and closed his eyes. “Oh, my God. No wonder you ate so many.”

“Jim,” Spock moaned, sagging to the floor next to the bed.

“Oh. Um. Yeah. Sorry.” Jim went over to Spock. “Are you going to barf more?”

Spock shook his head.

“Okay, then, um, let’s get you cleaned up. And the bed obviously, too.”

“I am sorry.”

“No, no, it’s fine.”

“But my declaration—”

Jim smiled. “Was perfect. I’m not a subtle guy, Spock. Patting my ass and calling me baby is the kind of blunt declaration I go for.”

He helped Spock to his feet and started toward the bathroom. “Hang on.” He leaned Spock against the wall and hurried over to the chocolate, popping it into his mouth. “These things are insanely good.”

“I thought you wished to throw them away.”

“Er, yeah. But um, why waste food?” Jim brushed hair out of Spock’s eyes. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“Even with vomit—”

Jim laughed. “Well, not as beautiful.” He rolled his eyes. “Come on, Mr. Romance. Let’s clean you up.”

Rambles, 02/06/2019

It was 28 degrees at my house this morning. That’s way too cold for me. It’s warmed up to 34 at work. Brrr. No clue who this kid is in this picture, it just seemed cold! ha

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

At least the rain seems to have stopped for now. It rained so much my wood garage door was finding itself too heavy to operate as it was too bogged down by water.

No idea what I will update next, so we will see. But I have updated When I Loved You and Didn’t We Have it All, which is what I said I would do. Anything else is extra!

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